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Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/03 05:54:11

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Despite never having had the urge previously to blog about anything (hey everybody, look at Meeeeeee!), the excellent and inspiring work of others here on Dakka has finally motivated me to do a P&M blog. I'm hoping that by putting my work out there, with some c&c, my painting and modelling might improve. Of course, this will include my current works in progress but I'm hoping to also include pics of older completed works and whole squads together. So far, I only play 40k and only orks (check the signature).

I got hooked on 40k back in the early 90's and painted/played all through high school with a few friends who were also into the hobby. After high school, I took a 20 year hiatus until two years ago when I dusted off my minis to give to my nephew for Christmas. I had a random assortment, and couldn't bring myself to let go of my orks (even though they'd been in a box all that time). I figured I'd give painting another try to see if I still liked it, bought a box of grotz, and now find myself building a new Waaagh! to bring mayhem and ruin to the galaxy. I'm also writing a novel that builds my army's backstory, and after it gets finished and subsequently rejected by the Black Library, perhaps I'll post that on Dakka, too.

So, what can you expect? 1. A fluffy, footsloggin' band of orks (I dunno why, but I'm not into painting big minis or vehicles...yet) led by Gulgog Tuftoof, Defskullz Warlord, Great Ancient God of the Desert, comprised of Skullz and Sunz from the homeplanet and some Freebooterz they met along the way.
2. A slower-than-geological rate of "progress". Disclaimer: regular visitors to this blog (if I get any) may begin to feel as though time is actually moving backwards due to the speed at which I paint/update. RL is hectic, and I don't have much time to devote to the hobby. That being said, the Unofficial Painting Competition here on Dakka has inspired me to finish at least one mini a month, and I've been maintaining that pace pretty consistently for a while now (no way to build a horde army, I know). I'll try to throw in pics of my Oldhammer orks minis periodically to keep it interesting.
3. Obviously, if you've made it this far, you should also be expecting long-winded late night ramblings from yours truly.

After assembling a dozen or so standard boyz in the basic poses, I came across SJM's magnificent P&M blog and vowed that every ork I did from then on would have at least some degree of customization. Kitbashing and converting minis is now more than half the fun for me, and the project that I plan to kick this off with is a squad of custom Tankbustas. Pics to follow...

Enjoy, and c&c are always welcome.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/05 05:26:18

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

As promised, Tankbustas! Tankbusta #1 was for the April painting challenge, "The Relic". I've always liked the old-style marine rocket launchers, so I looted one. They must really be relics (or marines don't use rocket launchers) because there's very few pictures of minis with this style of launcher floating about the web. This one came w/ a shoulder pad/arm/hand built in, so I carved it out and added a bit of plastic above the handle to make room for the much larger ork arm. Here's the unpainted WIP and the final shots:

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/05 05:31:28

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

The idea for these guys was that they came from some long-forgotten backwater planet and had gotten good at harassing the local AM/PDF tank patrols when the Warlord's Waaagh! landed, leveled the place, and scooped up the squad for his own frontlines. In case you thought a tank hammer wasn't primitive enough, here's Tankbusta #2 (aka Donkey Kong):

[Thumb - DonkeyKongFront2_Resized.jpg]
[Thumb - DonkeyKongFront_Resized.jpg]
[Thumb - DonkeyKongRightSide_Resized.jpg]
[Thumb - DonkeyKongBack_Resized.jpg]

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/05 05:43:52

Post by: Warboss_Waaazag

I like the stripey pants.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/06 03:48:30

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

When I decided to do tankbustas, I started researching the history of infantry-based anti-tank warfare and came across the Panzerfaust ("Tank Fist"), a recoilless rifle-type device that fired an explosive shell. I'm going to reshape the business end to look more like the real thing, and add a sight and a cap on the bottom, but here's Tankbusta #3, Ork w/ Panzerfaust and "Can Opener":

There are some really cool images on Wikipedia of these things, among them, this one:

[Thumb - Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-H28150,_Deutsche_Soldaten_mit_Panzerfäusten.jpg]

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/06 05:56:46

Post by: evildrcheese

Very cool. I really like the Donkey Kong inspired tank buster.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/06 13:16:51

Post by: Dysartes

Aye, Donkey Kong is pretty cool. Now for an Ork (or even a grot) in another unit with a cap and a moustache...

What was your intention with the free hand on Tankbusta #1, btw? It looks like one of the hands for cupping a shoota, and seems a touch odd in the current pose.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/13 04:12:35

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

@Dysartes: it is the hand that normally cradles a shoota. I was thinking that maybe his target was just out of range, and he was motioning it towards him while taunting it. Mainly, I didn't want the arm to cover the whole body the way the original space marine arm does.

aaaaaand, I have an update! Panzerfaust is modeled, and I'm reasonably happy with the way it turned out. The body of the shell has a slightly conical shape, and given the chance to do it over, I would have chosen to give it an even more exaggerated angle, but for a first try, it works and it's now ready for primer (his head and other arm are on sticks, ready for primer, too):

[Thumb - Ork w Panzerfaust Ready for Primer.jpg]

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/13 05:55:51

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice work.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/31 04:16:16

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Tankbusta #3 is finally done! Pretty happy w/ the way the painting and the weapon turned out, but I'm still working on my photography technique. Hope you like 'im!


(Panzerfaust detail)


(tank backplate detail)

("da Can Opena!")

I've got another standard boy wiv a rokkit launcha in Skullz colors, so I just need one more to make a squad, and I'm thinking of making a boss nob for the June comp, "Mighty Heros".

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/05/31 08:43:45

Post by: evildrcheese

Looking good dude. I like the 'firecracker' theme on the tip of the rocket. Very cool.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/06/02 04:29:08

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Tankbusta #4, Da Boss Nob! So June's competition theme is Mighty Heros and Nefarious Villains, and appropriately, I need a boss nob for my tankbustas squad. Hero to the orks, nefarious villain to anyone on the wrong end of the rokkit launcha! I was playing around w/ various bitz, and came up with this:

I really like the pose, and the klaw makes him more dynamic, but it sounds like there's no reason in-game to give the boss nob of a tankbustas squad a power klaw, so I think I'll probably end up going w/ this instead:

Obviously, either way I'll have to modify the kombi-launcha to remove the extra hand.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/06/02 05:48:49

Post by: evildrcheese

I prefer the first one with the claw, but as you say it's a bit pointless for the squad build. Suppose it would be a deterrent if anyone considered charging the squad...

Weirdly I didn't even notice the extra hand until you mentioned it :/


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/06/12 06:22:43

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I was beginning to feel like the combi-launcha was a cop-out for my Tankbusta Boss Nob. Sure it has rokkits on it and all, but this is the boss nob of my Tankbustas unit aaaand he's being entered in a competition called "Mighty Heroes and Nefarious Villains", so I felt he needed to be more mighty, and... Nefarious! He is smoking a cigar, after all.
I had originally conceived of shoulder mounting a launcha looted from a tank that he had previously destroyed, but the engineer in me wasn't okay with it unless it was attached to some kind of power source. So I got to work on a "plasticard" battery pack. I saw some bread bag tabs lying around and figured they might work as plasticard. It does score nicely, and glues up just fine, the last test is whether or not paint and primer will stick to it.
I still have to attach some wires from the launch lever in his right hand to the pack, and then more wires from the pack to the rokkit launcha itself, but I like the way it's shaping up, so this will be the final direction I take with this mini. If anyone has advice on making/attaching wires, I'm all ears.

[Thumb - IMG_1342.JPG]

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/06/14 05:25:07

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Wired (16 ga brass), and finally ready to start painting! I'm going to try something a little different; usually, I use white paint-on primer (b.c. I just always have), but I've got some green paint-on primer, so I'm going to start there this time instead. I'm hoping it speeds things up a little, since there is rarely any white on my minis, but there is always a whole lot of green!

[Thumb - IMG_1343.JPG]

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/06/14 05:46:59

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice work on the Tank Buster boss nob. Truly deserving of the title now.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/07/01 03:13:07

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

'Ere We Go! The Nefariously Villainous, Ceegar-Smokin' Tankbusta Boss Nob is finished, and I'm pretty happy with the result, considering this was my first real attempt at scratchbuilding anything. As mentioned previously, the backpack was glued together mostly from bread tabs (they take primer/paint pretty well) and the lightning bolt was a thin piece of plastic glued on which may be my new method to make glyphs. Anyway, I hope you like him, and if so, a vote in the gallery would be greatly appreciated! I've also got a Skullz rokkit boy from a while back which makes 5, so I have an official tankbustas squad. I'll try to post pics of the squad all together soon.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/07/01 05:05:03

Post by: Guildenstern

maaaan dat freehand...

Absolutely LOVE that little tank on the banner thingy. So perfect! He's rockin', hon, you should be very proud!!

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/07/01 05:57:24

Post by: evildrcheese

Looking great dude. Such a neat idea for a rokkit system.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/07/07 04:17:33

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

July's painting comp theme is "Unleash the Beast", and I need to unleash my painting beast in a major way. I'm not going to customize this one much/any despite my earlier vow, because I have modeled an ork big shoota in the past, and all these fiddly little bits take forever to paint as it is. If I started trying to do any major modeling work, the month would be over before I ever got this lad primed. Starting to wonder what I've gotten myself into:

However, I do need another shoota for my boyz squads, since the rokkit launcha boy got promoted to the tankbustas.

p.s., sorry for the blurry phone photo; you get the idea...

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/07/07 05:20:33

Post by: evildrcheese

The idea is a ork with a large gun, yes?

Go, go, go.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/07/20 05:50:24

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I've probably got 60-some orks painted by now, and this is my first Goff ever. Once I picked out the stormboy head, I couldn't see anything else but the black and grey color scheme. The only thing I have left to figure out is the monocle, because I'd like to do it well, but I don't have any clearcoat-type paints.
He is bringin' plenty uv dakka, but I'm stickin' 'im wiv da Freebooterz, 'cause der ain't no place for any of dem prissy Goff boyz in a proppa Skullz mob.
This is basecoated, metallics, and black wash. Ready for assembly + highlights, then done!

[Thumb - Goff Big Shoota Ready for Assembly.jpg]

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/07/24 23:05:37

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I can't believe I actually finished July's competition entry w/ a week to spare! Here's my first-ever Goff ork, as usual, c&c welcome.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/09/06 04:43:18

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I missed the August competition, because I'm just not that into flyers, and never really have been (particularly ork flyers... just doesn't seem right somehow). In the meantime, I'm trying to bring my freebooterz squad to a full 10-man team, and needed 2 more. Here's the first lad:

...and a proof of the second whom I'm calling "the Outlaw" (inspired by one of the themes which didn't get a vote, "the wanderer").

He's painted, and I'll put the complete pics in my next post. He's kind of a weird sculpt (doesn't having nipples make him a mammal ?) and since he's originally a biker boy, and hunched so far over in typical GW ork style, I had to green stuff on the last two abs in his six pack (he only had 4 to begin with).

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Honestly, I'm just way too pleased with the way this guy turned out, and I can't whittle down the photo selection any, so (since it's my blog and all), I'm just gonna plaster this page with 'em:

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/09/06 05:15:22

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice! The 'Out Law' looks awesome love the freehand on his jacket!


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/09/14 05:31:39

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Just so I can claim that this blog is updated at least once a month, here's what I have(n't) been up to hobbywise:
Wanted to join the "Some Kind of Magic" comp, but don't have a proper mini for it. I'm also not a fan of Queen, so every time I see the title, I think of Muse's "Madness" w/ the word madness replaced by magic so that I can get that song stuck in my head instead of the Queen one. I may post the fluff on the Weirdboy in Waaagh Gulgog just to have something to contribute, since it is a cool theme. Also, if I find an Orruk Great Shaman in time, I'd like to paint one of those up 'cause they're my favorite Weirdboy model out right now.

I have been gearing up for an Armies on Parade event at the local G-Dub for next month. I didn't start basing models until about a year or so ago, so everything before that time that I want to enter is getting based. It's a heck of a process un-gluing ork feet from their bases, pinning them properly, basing them, and then re-gluing, but I've done two sets of 5 minis, and so it's on to the next part of the process which is building the board on which to present my army. I won't bore you w/ pics of old minis just because they've been freshly based, but when I get serious about the display board, I'll start posting WIP's and process-related stuff. Ultimately, I'll be posting pics of the bulk of my army on this blog and the Dakka Armies on Parade thread next month before the deadline. Stay tuned!

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/09/14 05:38:25

Post by: insaniak

Fantastic work so far...

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/09/14 05:57:59

Post by: evildrcheese

Cool. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the AoP board.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/10/01 16:56:47

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

September was pretty ridiculously busy for me, so I missed out on entering the monthly challenge (It's a Kind of Magic!). I did however, want to contribute something, so in the absence of a model, here's a bit of fluff - the backstory on the weirdboy in my orks mob:

It was in the Great War on Gork’un where UzWurr earned his current name, UzWurr NaaRun, because he had saved Gulgog’s life. Gulgog was leading a squad of orks that were getting decimated by Blood Axe emplacements, but he was so enthralled by the dakka-dakka-dakka of his big shoota that he stood in an open clearing in the jungle, firing like mad while a Gretchin assistant fed crates worth of ammo through his weapon.

He was so oblivious in fact, that he didn’t notice his entire remaining squad (save UzWurr and the Gretchin) had up and split, while a giant Blood Axe Nob flanked him and raised a cleaver to take off Gulgog’s head. UzWurr let out a furious “Waaaagh!” and threw himself at the Nob, taking the blow from the choppa straight to his own head. The blade lodged into his skull, stopping just below his left eye. Gulgog turned on the Nob and unloaded the last of his ammo at point blank range into the offending ork. This rallied his squad (who had the nerve to seek cover while he was still shootin’), and they began laying down a barrage of covering fire. Realizing he was out of rounds and his friend was wounded, Gulgog shouldered the rifle and dragged UzWurr back to the Skullz encampment.

So many Skullz was getting’ krumped that day that the docs were overwhelmed. The orkish blade was wedged so thoroughly into Uzwurr’s skull that the doc attending to him didn’t dare remove it. However, he was miraculously still alive, and he was obviously favored by the Warlord, so the doc had to do something. The doc bandaged poor UzWurr’s wound as best he could, working around the embedded blade, then surgically removed his one remaining good eye, replacing it with a bionic targeter to compensate for the loss of the other one, just for good measure.

UzWurr ultimately recovered; luckily there wasn’t anything too important in that half of his brain, but the cleaver was now fused to his skull. Gulgog always knew there was something odd about ol’ UzWurr, and the permanent fixture of a cleaver protruding from his head certainly didn’t allay his suspicions any, but his unswerving loyalty clearly saved the Warlord’s life that day.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/10/02 04:19:30

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Finally, some actual hobby progress (woohoo!). Here's my board (literally) for Armies on Parade. It's 12" x 24", and I've cut the hills out of 3/4" pine with a jigsaw. I'm sure foam would have been much easier to work with, but for some reason if there's a hard way to do something, that is what I will gravitate to.

The plan is to flock the horizontal surfaces and paint the angled surfaces on the hills to look like sandstone (or something). Any kind of wood with a halfway decent sanding job looks so nice as it is that now my goal is just to not screw it up. On display will be the warboss, two kannons w/ krew, my Tankbustas, a squad of freeboota shootas w/ kaptin and a squad of Deathskulls shootas w/ boss nob. Wish me luck!

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/10/07 15:52:51

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

...and painted:

I'll update when I get it flocked, hopefully this weekend sometime, since time is running out!

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/10/16 14:57:27

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Here's the final work! The board on it's own didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, but it's not terrible. I didn't have much time to finish it, and this is my first attempt at making terrain; prior to this project, the most of the flocking I've ever used at one time was to base a single mini, and this thing took half a ziplock so there was a bit of a learning curve.
I did make it to my local GW for Armies on Parade. The event was lots of fun, and there were some pretty stellar works on display; I didn't win anything, but those who did definitely deserved it.
The first image is resized to be viewer friendly. Warning: the spoilered images are pretty huge, but I wanted people to be able to zoom in on particular minis for a closer look. If there's one anybody wants a detail of, let me know and I'll post an individual pic.

Whole Army (full size image):

Deffskullz Detail (full size image):

Freebooterz Detail (full size image):

Tankbustaz Detail (full size image):

Grot Artillery Detail (full size image):

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/10/31 00:03:01

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

OhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoy! I just bought my first miniature in a blister pack in 20 years and I can't wait to crack it open. The last one probably looked something like this:

But I got me a Big Mek w/ a Kustom Force Field, and my suggestion (armor) for the monthly unofficial painting challenge got chosen! The title got changed to 'Eavy Metal, which is even more fitting, since this fella is heavy, and made of metal. After a couple month hiatus from the comp (I've been putting in long days and even some weekends at work), I'm super excited to reenter w/ this guy:

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/14 18:19:27

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

The Mek got painted, but not based. Then he fell of a shelf and broke and had to be repaired. Then I got distracted with the idea of sculpting something from scratch, so when he gets based, I'll post better finished-product pics here. There are some pics (taken w/ my phone) of the progress so far in my gallery.

As for this month's challenge (December), it's an open category, so I'm making a bomb squig! I've never sculpted anything from scratch before, but my tankbusta squad does need a mascot, and I've seen enough really impressive sculpts here on Dakka to give it a try. I'd ultimately like to make two, and here's where I'm at so far:
Progress pic # 1

and Progress pic # 2

As always, C&C welcome.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/14 19:44:30

Post by: stonned_astartes

Looking good on that squig sculpt, are you planning to flesh out the body a bit?

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/14 22:09:43

Post by: Rawson

Always fun to try something that challenges you!

I think the feet have come out really well so far, and I like the iron gob idea!

Have you looked at some reference pics? This guy is turning out more insectoid than what I usually think of squigs. They're more mono-bodied, if that is even a word (the head and body are all stuck together, rather than distinct parts)

Keep up the good work!

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/16 02:10:06

Post by: ZoBo

it's a specially-bred racing squig, clearly!...the tankbustaz would fork over plenty of teef to get bomb squigs as fast and lean as that!

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/16 02:26:20

Post by: Rawson

 ZoBo wrote:
it's a specially-bred racing squig, clearly!...the tankbustaz would fork over plenty of teef to get bomb squigs as fast and lean as that!

A little fluff goes a long way

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/16 05:21:28

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I probably will fatten him up a bit. I can't tell you how delighted I am to have inspired a discussion of squigs on my painting blog.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/16 06:48:33

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice work on the bomb squig. Liike the big orky jaw.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/19 23:18:03

Post by: stonned_astartes

5 to 1 on Mork's delight...

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/22 04:38:10

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

The little guy is finally ready for paint! 'Cept he's not really so little... that's a 40mm base he's taking up. I'm finding that the single biggest challenge I have with making anything out of greenstuff is keeping it to proper scale. Still, this has been a really fun project, and I'm looking forward to making one more, maybe next month.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/22 05:14:48

Post by: Asmodai_00

That's a real bomb-lookin squig

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/22 06:35:54

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice work on the bomb squig.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/30 01:18:21

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Finished painting my bomb squig! It is tremendously rewarding to paint a miniature that you created yourself. That being said, there are some lessons learned, and I'm looking forward to making the next squiggy sculpt even better.
As for the modeling aspect: teeth could have come out better, and you can see some finger-prints that need to be smoothed out. It's also incredibly hard to keep these things to scale (he's huge for a squig; that's a 40mm base he's taking up).
As for the painting aspect: I should have used a little more white instead of orange to lighten him up. I wanted him to look a little more fleshy and bone-y, but instead I got firey and Khorne-y. I think I'm afraid to use pink on my models, and shouldn't be in this case.
Without further ado...





Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2016/12/30 10:15:48

Post by: stonned_astartes

Nice! Like the hat

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2017/01/02 12:17:31

Post by: Camkierhi

Loving your work, great stuff, very ambitious sculpting so early back at it, but a man after my own heart, go for it. Scale is an issue, struggle a lot with it myself. As to the shading on your red, take it deeper with some purple wash, and use the flesh colours to lighten it up, the likes of Cadian flesh are slightly orange but have that balance you are looking for with the non-pink look.

Fantastic stuff, subbed to keep an eye on you.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2017/01/02 19:01:07

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Thanks for the feedback Camkierhi, I'm a huge fan of your work. Purple eh? Another color that I almost never use; it sounds like it's time to expand my pallette.

Also, thanks to Dakka for the bump, I saw my little blog featured on the home page this morning. Movin' on up!

This month I'm looking forward to converting up some Freebooterz for the Rogues and Scoundrels competition, so stay tuned...

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2017/01/19 06:39:21

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

So this month's unofficial challenge theme is rogues and scoundrels. I need more shootas, and so I figured a new addition to the freebooter mob would fit the rogue part of the theme. He's also a scoundrel... more on that in a future post. So now it's time for a WIP photo montage (Mon-tage!)
What I started with:

Assembled (sort of) front:

He's a shoota boy, see? Back:

Da blade, da grimace, and da fightin' stance:

and finally, Proppa Green (primed):

More scratchbuilt stuff using bread tabs as plasticard (check the blade) detailed w/ a bit o' green stuff... I think I'm on to something here.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2017/01/19 06:47:28

Post by: evildrcheese

He's looking great, nice work dude.


Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2017/01/21 08:28:50

Post by: Camkierhi

You most definitely are on something, I mean on to...ON TO something/

Excellent work. great detailing, love the stance.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2017/01/21 20:33:52

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

My painting table has experienced a complete takeover by Legos, and since I'm bored and can't paint, I decided to snap a quick photo. In the original post, I promised to regale you w/ pics of my Oldehammer minis, so here are some ork nobz in power armor circa '90-'95. The funny thing about these is that they were sold as ork nobz in 'eavy and in one or two cases even mega armor, but they're smaller in stature than the standard boys are these days. Certainly a big difference from the MANZ of today. Enjoy!

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I already posted some pics of this fella in the Unofficial Challenge thread, but here's a couple more just to keep the blog alive. Also, when I made my KFF big mek, I was really proud of the paint job I did on his back, and then covered it up w/ that giant backpack, and since this is kind of the same issue, here's a pic w/o the shoota on his back so you can see the detail there.
I do miss having him on a cork; it was a lot of fun to spin him around and make swishing noises for that giant blade.

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Post by: evildrcheese

Looking good. Digging the Old Hammer orks and the doubled ended spear dude is looking rad.


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Before I launch into the "We Have the Technology" challenge for February (which I already have an idea for that I'm super excited about), I had a bit of unfinished business from November's challenge. I didn't have time then to base my big mek w/ kff, and subsequently, his base was stolen for my squig sculpt. Well, I finally ordered some big bases, and since I wanted something more than just the usual dead grass that I put on every other model's base, I hit up the hardware store. I ended up using the spring and the bolt (which I sawed in half w/ a jeweler's saw) and wanted to incorporate the star washers to look like a gearbox had exploded (I think I'm stealing that particular idea from something I saw here on Dakka, so if it was originally your idea, thanks!) but I ran out of room. I do have some more mek stuff coming up, so maybe the gears will make it onto another mini. It does feel a little strange painting real metal bits to look more like real metal bits.
As for the ork himself, the idea was to make it look like he had just flipped the switch, and the KFF was opening little portals to the warp to create the force field. I think this is one of my best paintjobs to date, so here are some proper pics:





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Post by: Camkierhi

Excellent paint job, really nice style, looks very effective and outstanding detail work. Only thing I would say is possibly add a wash in patches on the base, just to give it a bit of tone here and there, maybe hint at a shadow. It looks great as is and really nice job with the odds from the hardware store, good find and great use, know exactly what you mean on the painting it.

Brilliant job sir, spent a good ten minutes looking at your pics, such great work. thank you.

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Thanks for the tips Cam, it's nice to get real advice.

On to February's Challenge, "We Have the Technology"! I wanted to do an ork bussin' two gats sideways for last months challenge, so I combed the internet for the right weapons and found some Sic(k)arian weapons w/ scrollwork and curved clips coming out the handles which I thought would be perfect for an ork Freebooter. Unfortunately, they arrived and I realized that they're nothing but a bunch of grot blasters (stupid weedy 'oomies and yer tiny little gunz). So this month, I'll be making a grot w/ one mechanical arm and two flechette blasters. Since they're both left-hand weapons, it took quite a bit of X-acto work to remove all traces of the 'oomie hand so that the grot's original hand would look like he was holding the handle and pulling the trigger.

The idea behind this little guy is that he was assigned by the warlord to guard a particularly talented but absent-minded mek. Since the mek was extrememely useful, but prone to removing promising bits of enemy tanks whilst they were still in active duty, the grot was given the best weapons his little arms could carry to help keep the mek alive. If I have time this month (it's a pretty big if), I may try to paint up the mek, too.


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So here's the whole process on this gun-toting grot. Drilling out the very ends of the gun barrels was a challenge since they're so small, but it had to be done. I even broke out the optivisor to do the scrollwork on the flechette blasters since there's some pretty tiny detail there. I did greenstuff a sleeve for his right arm so that both arms matched. Unfortunately, his (Sicarian) left arm broke off when I clipped him off the wire, and I tried to layer some paint over it, but you can still see the crack in the back view picture. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the end result.


Finished Top:

Finished Right:

Finished Back:

Finished Left:

Finished Front:

March's challenge theme is Beekie Boyz, so I'm debating painting something just for fun on my own vs. taking a one month break from the hobby (plenty of stuff to do in RL), we'll see...

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Post by: stonned_astartes

Akimbooo. Thats an awesome model well done.

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Bomb squiggly bomb squiggly bomb...

So I took a month off (space mehreen comp was a convenient excuse to get some other stuff done), and now I'm back w/ a second attempt at sculpting a bomb squig from scratch (green stuff over a brass armature). I tried to keep him to a 25mm base and an appropriate scale, but he's about the size of an ork, so I've still got to learn some restraint in that department. All in all though, things are going pretty well. I just have to clean up the stikkbommz (I got excited last night about the progress I was making and forgot to remove mold lines before gluing them into his maw) and add his bottom jaw w/ teef. Oh yeah, and base him; I really want to spend some time to get the base right, because he's leaning really far forward which could look really cool if I can make it look like there's a reason for it.
If you're interested in the process, here's the play-by-play. I took a pic before starting each night, so each stage is 2-3 hours worth of time (I'm admittedly not very good or fast at this yet):
Starting point is a piece of brass wire that provides the armature for the legs. The rest is all greenstuff. Here's; the proof pic for the "Primal" comp this month (demented chicken):

Right leg done:

Left leg done:

Right foot done (this is the exact moment that he started getting big beyond his scale):

Both feet done (from demente chicken to misshapen frog, "Froggy went a corkin', he did ride, uh hunh...":

Upper jaw, teeth and nose done:

Eyes done, added a spine and some more muscle to the legs (more angles of this stage in my gallery if you're interested)::

Current status (there's only 1 squig, I just photoshopped the 3 views together):

Some lessons learned:
More armature is preferable to less; it is easier to have an existing structure and just add a little greenstuff over it if possible instead of trying to sculpt an entire appendage from a ball of green goo.
I should have put a pin in his tail to hold him while modelling. Half the reason I had to work in such small increments is that if I got one part to where I like it and tried to move on, I would mash the first part while trying to hold him and work on the next area.
Keep it small!!!! It is really really hard to make something smaller than a standard human in 28mm scale. The first step when you grab a bit of greenstuff should be to cut that bit in half and put half of it back.
Clean all standard GW parts before starting the sculpt so I don't stick them on there in my excitement and then realize they look like they just came off the sprue.
As usual, c&c welcome, and wish me luck, I'm going to need it if I want to finish this guy in the scant number of days remaining in this month.

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Finished! I was going to just fill in the bottom jaw w/ teef like the ones on top, but since the theme for the challenge this month is "Primal", I made him a bit more... tusky. Also, here's a couple more lessons learned I forgot to mention in my last post...1. Dip your tools in water often to keep them wet while working; this keeps the greenstuff from sticking to the tool and pulling off the mini. 2. Have an image handy as a guideline. I was looking at the codex bomb squigs for this one, and it came out much more traditionally Citadel squig-looking than my last attempt.
Here's the final sculpt, and the painted version:


Front (A face only a Runtherd could love)

and Painted:

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May's painting challenge is over (theme: Boom!) and I was crazy busy the whole month w/ RL stuff, so I got as far as painting both lobbas and all 4 crew, but didn't manage to base the little grotz until after the comp was over. I kinda inadvertently suggested the theme, so I feel inclined to finish what I started. Here's the final pics:
Red and Blue

Brown and Yellow

Da Gunz

Da Grotz

All Together Now

and Lobba by the Lake (I've been experimenting with photographing on reflective surfaces and I kinda like the effect. Too cheesy maybe? You decide. They're not actually on a mirror, just a clear piece of glass.

Process was paint on prime white (I have spray primer black but just couldn't motivate to do it once we finally got some nice days here), several washes of white primer mixed w/ black paint (with these metal minis, I try to mix in a little primer every step of the way to prevent chipping), then metallic dots and drybrush for all the (millions of) little rivets and things. I also noticed that before I started, the color change after washing these guys with a little dish soap was dramatic, so I'm going to make sure not to skip that step in the future for everything I paint.

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Post by: evildrcheese

Lovely work on the Lobby guns!


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Post by: theCrowe

I quite like the reflective surface. Makes for a very interesting picture.

The beautifully painted artillery and crews make for a very interesting picture too but the glass adds to the visual appeal.
It'd be a great technique for miniatute ships or something water related.

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Sorry I haven't been too active w/ the blog, lately it's all I can do to paint a mini and get it photographed for the monthly competition. So I did a mek w/ killsaw last month that I'm pretty pleased with, and may post more pics here if I get around to re-shooting them with a different background (got some feedback suggesting my background should be darker, so I'm going to experiment some). I made a shoebox lightbox and honestly am really pleased with the results (maybe someday I'll post some pics of the setup for it, too).

More recently, I've scratchbuilt a big shoota and cobbled together an ork boy to wield it, but painting will have to wait for another month (maybe next month's challenge "the Brutal"?).

I also whipped up some crates out of wood for objective markers which I'll be painting for this month's comp. If anyone has any tips on how to paint wood crates to look like wood crates, I'd appreciate some suggestions.

I'll probably put some bullet holes and such in them to make them look a little more battle worn. I've actually gotten a couple games in recently with a friend by splitting my ork army in half and now that we've got the mechanics down, objectives seem like a fun way to add some interest to the game.

Thanks for checking in!

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Post by: evildrcheese

You're not kidding when you say BIG shoota!!!

Looking good buddy.


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Post by: Camkierhi

Love the big shoota proper orky. The crates look good. Think stain rather than paint. And lean toward grey rather than brown.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Here's my super-budget photo setup, the shoebox lightbox:

The French dictionary is my "tripod", and I normally have an overhead lamp (ordinary desk lamp) to shine through the top too, but I just finished my project at 11:45 PM and wanted to just snap something quick without having to mess too much with the setup..

...and the results (final image for July's painting competition, "Fun and Games", my crate objective markers):

A few notes about painting real wood to look like real wood:
If you're mixing paint, mix a lot! Wood really soaks it up; I would paint one side, turn it over, paint the other side, and then come back and the first side would look faded, because the wood had just pulled the paint in along with the water.
This was a rush job but in the future, I think the method would be very very thin coat of paint on primer, wash with a dark grey for stuff to sink into the recesses, then super thin/drybrush applications of final colors (maybe 2-3 layers).
Just buy plastic crates. Carving solid blocks to look like planks is really time consuming (probably more time than they're worth), and painting plastic is easy in comparison to wood.

I am super excited to have them for games, though. My favorite video games ever were the Command and Conquer series, so to have mysterious crates on the battlefield which could change the outcome of the game really appeals to me.

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Post by: Camkierhi

I think you could do with some bigger lights!

Crates look great.

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Painting a mini a month is hard enough, finding time to properly photograph them and update a blog is more than I can consistently commit to, so I've got a few minis completed since my last post. For August's "Brutal" challenge, I finished this guy:

and had included another in my proof pic, because I was feeling ambitious and all (2 ork boys in one month, whuuuuut?) and of course it didn't happen in time. I did however, finish him a week or so after the comp ended and finally managed to photograph him:

It's kind of a shame the way that worked out, because wielding that giant mace, I think he fit the theme much better.

Then, for last month's "Armor Up" competition, I decided to try my hand at scale mail armor which was primed white and then just laid over with successive very thin black washes. I also tried some NMM (see also: grey) on his weapons:

Pretty happy with the way he turned out. The funny thing is I think I figured out the image sizing issues I was having, although of course I figured out what was going on after I had posted my final pics to the comp page and was headed out of town for the weekend just as the comp was ending. I took the photos from appropriately far away that the whole mini was in focus, and then cropped them in photoshop to what I thought was the right size, except that in PS, I was viewing them at 1/3 or 1/2 actual size, so by the time I posted to Dakka, they were blown up big enough again to make every brushstroke visible and chalky-looking. Long story short, I think I am finally getting my photography sorted out, and have high hopes for next month's images.

All 3 lads are part of a Freebooter Sluggas squad which is now half done:

Since I need to finish out the squad, and since October's theme is "Fright Night", and since giant green monsters who also happen to be pirates (or pirates who also happen to be giant green monsters) feels pretty Halloween-y to me, you can expect more Slugga-weildin' Freebootin' Gitz shortly. As always, C&C (and gallery votes!) always welcome.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Here's a quick update; October's (generally spooky-themed) competition entry was another freebooter slugga to keep plugging away at this same squad. He was done in a "headhunter" theme, and I'm pretty pleased with the results:

Then, for November's "Hold the Line" competition, I made a veteran "skarboy" for the same squad:

and now, since the squad is almost up to 10 models, for this month's challenge, I'm working on the nob for the mob (here he is assembled, primed, and kinda almost base-coated):

I offer these WIP shots as an insight into my process so that other aspiring horde army commanders might follow a completely different path altogether, given that I paint at the rate of 1 ork boy per month. At this rate, I should have my army done by the time GW releases the (11th ed.) ork codex!

I also have something extra special planned for the next post, so stay tuned! C&C always welcome.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

So in my last post, I promised something special, and here it is! I was digging around in my parents garage hoping to find some of my old RT stuff, and didn't find any sourcebooks (I had a first ed. Call of Cthulhu RPG, Freebooterz, etc) or troop models, but I did find my old battlewagon!!! It's in pretty bad shape, but it still has the mast with the marine crucified on it, the mastodon skull hood ornament (with suitably orky nosering), and the chrome rims on the front wheels (wth was I thinking? I guess it was the apex of the gangsta rap era...):

It's a good day to be a warlord. Maybe I'll fix 'er up for this March's "Space Marine" competition and return this particular marine "to his post".

Also, here are the finished pics for last month's open challenge, my freebooter nob w/ slugga, bosspole and klaw:

I'm pretty pleased with the results. I don't know what I'm going to do this month; don't have time to paint three minis which is the minimum for this month's comp, we'll see.

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Post by: ZoBo

the chrome rims!! ...y'know, I've been tempted for a long time now to do up a trukk or a battlewagon or something in some sort of stupid, orky "pimp my ride" style, probably as a transport for some flash gitz ...big gold wheels (preferably "spinners" ), some kind of gaudy paint job/interior, a huge sound system, loads of superfluous screens and stuff...just full-on all-money-no-taste hotrod/boyracer abomination ...I feel like that could be kinda great, in an utterly awful kinda way

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Do it!!! Transpo for flash gitz is a perfect excuse to go totally over the top. As for this wagon, I think I’m going to try and add a bunch of different platforms and levels so that it actually holds the number of models that it should in a game.

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Post by: CommissarKhaine

That's some nostalgia right there And a double-decker BW sounds splendid!

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

This month's theme was "A Few Good Men", and I tried for the minimum entry of 3, but only managed to get 2 painted. So no competition entry, but these two complete a couple of mobz so that I now have 4 complete squads of boyz (1 ea. Deathskullz shootas and sluggas, and 1 ea. Freebooter shootas and sluggas). I've been getting a few requests for full army shots, so those may be forthcoming if I get the time. Without further ado, here's what I finished for the month of January:

Captain Hook (I ran out of the arm bit that cradles the shoota, and had the thought that there was nothing more pirate-y than a hook hand, so...)

and a new Deathskullz slugga boy
The first time I saw da Goff Rokkaz live in concert, I was like:

I hope you like 'em, if you want to see them before paint, there are proof pics in my gallery.
I'm looking forward to next month's challenge, because the big shoota that I modeled up a while back is finally gonna get painted. C&C on all this stuff always welcome, thanks for stopping by!

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Post by: Camkierhi

Brilliant idea for the hook. Consider it stolen. Both boys are looking fantastic. Well done.

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Post by: theCrowe

Nice to see old black reach orks getting some love. Great job as always.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

This month's challenge is "Carry a Big Stick" and I needed a big shoota to back up my recently completed freebooter sluggas mob, so this was a perfect opportunity to put paint to a mini that I modeled up back in July. Pics:
(Lookin' down the barrel of a gun...)

(Tuffer dan Tuff)

I scratchbuilt the gun out of bread tabs, sprue, brass tubing, and a couple of GW bitz. I got a comment earlier that it was maybe too plain, but I researched machine guns before I made it, and there's really not much to them beyond a box and a barrel.
This was also my first attempt at doing the heat effect on the barrel and I still need a lot of work in that department. I think it naturally would work better on a true metallic instead of the dirty black wash I've got on there but I'm intrigued enough to give it a better shot next time.
I also wanted to step up my basing game a bit and am almost more pleased with the base than the mini. The bricks are made from the same wood that I used for the crates a few months back, and I kind of stippled them until they looked right. Still kind of new to static grass, too but I like the effect.
Hope you like him, as always, feedback is welcome.

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Post by: schank23

I like it the only thing I may have added was an Ork glyph to the gun. But other than that it’s great love the base as well.

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Post by: Camkierhi

That is looking fantastic. Great work on the gun. Those are really snazzy trousers, I want some.

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Post by: Drazaruk

Some really cool conversions. Totally inspired to get back to my ork stuff now

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Post by: ManTube

Great stuff, keep up the good work! Really inspires me to put some work into painting my boyz beyond standard "table-top ready" levels of quality.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I've mentioned it several times before, but I'm building out my ork army so that I can split it evenly down the middle and play orks v. orks with a friend of mine who isn't into the hobby (*yet!). My Deffskullz shootas are lead by a nob w/ a kombi-skorcha, so Da Mutineers (my Freebooterz) needed a similarly kitted nob to lead them. I already had the standard ork nob kombi weapon and wanted to customize one. The last time I bought 'oomie weapon bitz, they ended up being too small for even the rank and file ork boyz (so I gave 'em to da weedy grotz), but I figured with "Primaris Marines (read using a manly tone of voice)" being bigger, surely their weapons would be suitable for an ork nob right? Not so:

Is we orks gettin' bigger, or is da 'oomies gettin' scrawnier? Next you're going to tell me that the rinky-dink weapon on the left does more damage in-game, but it is us orks whose "gestalt psychic field" makes things happen just cause we say so right?
But I paid my teef for the bit, so I had to use it, and I'm pretty happy with the result. As I model these lads, I imagine their backstory, and since this guy is a freebooter w/ a Bad Moons color scheme (first Bad Moon I ever painted), I pictured that he had the traditional "too rich for his own good and too big to argue with, so he was ostracized and became a freebooter" upbringing. I picture him using the flamer to light his cigars more often than he actually uses it in combat (if anyone out there wants to model a big ork doing just that, you would be my internet hero).
I've been focused on this one mini since April which means I haven't been able to enter the competitions, but I've been enjoying taking my time. The approach has been to start at his boots and work my way up, getting each part just the way I want before moving on. Enjoy, as usual, C&C always welcome.

There's a couple more pics in my gallery if you're interested.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2018/07/07 06:03:33

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I was actually going to put down the brush for a bit because I've been waiting patiently for the 8th ed. Ork codex and I've got my army pretty much where I want it. I'm at kind of a spiritual fork in the road about whether to continue painting or pursue other things with my few nightly hours of free time per week.
Then my brother mentioned that he's been playing D&D games, and his birthday was in June, and he consistently plays a female half-elf rogue and the Unofficial Painting Competition's theme for June was "Blades in the Dark". So yeah, I painted a non-ork and it was strangely satisfying ( Quiet you gitz! ).
I had to buy some elf flesh, some purple, and while I was at it, I got the idea to try out an ink wash on the purply parts (I've never used inks before). This model is super tiny, but was a lot of fun to paint. I even got out the optivisor (5x I think?) which I normally don't do because it was a gift and I wanted to do the sculpt justice. The hobby-related business boils down to this:
1. These models are tiny, and have atrocious mold lines, but the detail is good so they're worth the effort.
2. I built up a nice range of shades on the cloak and literally a half-drop of ink applied twice washed all that out, but I feel like there is some extra depth there when you look at it, and in the end, it's a nice looking purple. Will have to practice more with inks. Do you go back and highlight after? Water the ink down more so the stuff under it shines through more? I dunno. Needs more investigation.
3. I am happy with this model until I look at photos of it. Then I realize I probably could have added more detail; the finished product in the pictures looks cleanly basecoated but not much else. For example, I had a little rouge on her cheeks, but it got covered up in one of the layers.
4. The base is actually wood. I flayed the top layer off of some backing material (for bookshelves and such), cut it into strips, glued them to a piece of paper the size of the base, glued the whole mess to the base, poked some nail holes into the part where the boards come together, then painted it with successive washes of XV88. Super happy with everything about it except the scale. The boards could have been even thinner, but maybe she's on a giant ship or something.
5. Pics:

The cape before the wash (mini is basecoated, nothing else):

To give you an idea of just how mini this mini is:



Blades in the Dark:

C&C welcome, thanks for looking!

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Post by: Camkierhi

Excellent start, jeez that is a mini mini.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Painted up another boy. I read a thread on here about ork players quietly disappearing. It's all just stratergy; just when you 'oomies has got yer hands full with the great rift and all the horrors coming at ya, and you've forgotten all about yer oldest and greatest enemy, wham! Gee Dubs is gonna drop our codex and you'll realize we been here all along, painting more boys fer da Green Tide.
Here's my latest:

I suspect a lot of other ork players are in the same boat as me, just waiting to see what the codex has in store and what new models we're going to get. Orktober happens to be my birthday month, so I have high hopes about getting a codex, maybe the Kill Team box set, and perhaps even a box of something new and shiny for the Waaagh! In the meantime, C&C (and gallery votes!) always welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

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Post by: stonned_astartes

Nice work on the boy.

I'm still ere.

Waaagh Gulgog sez, "Get stuck in fasta!" @ 2018/09/09 08:19:55

Post by: Gulgog TufToof

One of the things you can do while (not so) patiently waiting for your codex to drop is to revisit your older stuff. I had a squad of Skullz sluggas that was comprised of a few newer-painted and based models, and 8 that were done before I cared about basing. I'm thinking about bringing the Waaagh! back to Armies on Parade this year at my local GW, so if I based these 8 ladz, I could bring another full squad and not have to make excuses or hang my head in non-based-minis shame.

It was really fun to take a closer look at these guys (I hadn't really paid much attention to them since finishing them the first time) for a couple of reasons. 1. is that each of my minis becomes its own character or personality to me, and I was reminded of how much I liked these ladz after I assembled and painted them. 2. is that it showed me how much I've progressed as a painter in the last 5 or so years. These minis are atrocious compared to my current standard; gun barrels are not drilled, the paint looks chalky and thick (I was using some old Tamiya something-or-other that I don't think was meant for individual figures), the details (like the eyes) are not cleanly delineated, etc. I'm by no means a stellar painter now, but it's a pleasant confirmation that my efforts towards improving my skills have yielded better results.

I tried at first to break the superglue bond with the base using a chisel-point x-acto, but it worked better to just grab them by the legs/waist and break them off with my fingers (although you do have to use some caution as the legs will bend and break at the ankles if you're not careful). If you're attempting this, try one foot at a time, wiggle them a bit, maybe bend the base away from the foot... you'll get a feel for it.
The basing itself was a pretty slap-dash job, but as a squad, they look a million times better now and at the very least are table-ready/presentable.

One of these days I still plan to take proper photos of all my squads, but here are the 8 I re-based along with a grot (who got moved from infantry to artillery duty) and Maxwell the Mek, both of whom got the same treatment:

(^Holy Flock Batman), and... Finished:

If I base 8 more grots, my whole army (except for some Oldhammer metal ladz that I don't use for anything) will be based. So yeah, still here, still tuning up the army, still waiting for just the right moment to unleash the Waaagh! and remind humanity that their hold in this 'ooniverse is tentative at best.

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Post by: Camkierhi

It is funny how a little effort on the bases makes so much of a difference. Also agree totally that going back to old mini's we painted long ago really does show us what really matters in the painting game, our own improvement.

BTW It's funny, we collect the army with a million faces and we treat them completely as individuals, I have several dozen Zogs and Nobby's, but they are all individual as I paint them, adding tiny little details that no-one else will ever notice, but to us they are special. I think it has to do with orks, we have way more models than anyone, but Marines are just a mass produced tin can and have to have special characters to make any individuality, but orks are different somehow. I used to have a grot meat shield back in the day, 80 gretchin with autoguns, can get more "the same" than that, but every one was different in my eyes, I had the lucky bugger who shot at serious range and killed a SM Captain, the unlucky sod who died first shot evey game he ever played. and the small group known as the undefeated, who managed to survive every game I tabled them in. Ah those where the days. Anyways great work carry on.

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@Cam: Yeah, I like the P&M threads about speed painting rank and file troops because of the range of times quoted by ork players. I’m getting “faster”, but a single ork boy from sprue to finish still takes me at least 8 hours and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I agonize over every bit and position choice trying to imbue the model with a theme of sorts that gives them personality and makes them unique. If you take the time to pick out every buckle and don’t let any two adjacent items (eg boots and pants) have the same color, an ork boy becomes a real commitment, but this is what I enjoy and do to relax. Thanks for posting, it’s nice to know others out there feel the same.

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Finished my basing project, now my entire army is on bases that are at least passable for say, Armies on Parade. The last holdouts were actually the box of grots that got me back into the hobby after a twenty year hiatus. I only broke one foot in the process and discovered that those chisel-point X-acto blades work better upside-down (put the bevel side against the base and the flat side under the foot, and the minis break off relatively easily). And I have the first grot sniper model ready to go (it's happening GW, whether you put it in the codex or we have to homebrew our own rules for them). The funny thing is I'm getting better at basing the more I do, so now the best bases in the entire army belong to the lowliest troops.
I turned this:

Into this (rabble):

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Post by: CommissarKhaine

Lookign good! I prefer a more neutral brown for the base rims though, but that's up to personal taste, of course. Have you expeirmented with rhinox hide or something similar?

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Post by: Camkierhi

Nice work on the bases bud, looking a lot better.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Thanks for the feedback. The black on the base rims is intentional; it’s just the aesthetic I’ve settled on. To me it keeps the idea that the minis are still individual sculptures or works of art.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

My October/November project was this guy. It's a good day when you post a pic whose tags are Ork, Slugga Boy, Kilt, Mohawk. Happy with my greenstuff work, proofs:

and painted:

Comments, criticisms, and (especially) gallery votes are always greatly appreciated.

I also went a little crazy (for me). I know some of you drop a ton of teef on this hobby regularly, but I usually buy a few bits at a time. At the end of October, I bought my ork codex, got the index off eBay the same day for $5 (gotta keep my KFF Big Mek, lobbas, and kannons, dontchaknow?), aaaaaand bought the Kill Team starter set. Painting the terrain alone in that set will keep me busy all winter (I'm about half way through assembling it all), but now I've got AM and GSC to build/paint, too! It's fortuitous timing though, because I've recently discovered that another friend of mine is just starting 40k, so this should be a good intro for both of us, since I've only played three times (all 7th) in the last 20 years. Still here, gonna pause with adding boyz for a while though, until I get my Kill Teams up and running.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Since getting Kill Team, I've devoted all my hobby time to building the terrain. It's a pretty amazing set; fit-up was clean and easy, and it looks great, particularly if you stack it up like so:

There's even enough to use for a normal game of 40k if you spread it out a bit. I finished assembly last week, and got a game of Kill Team in with a buddy of mine who plays Eldar:

Neither of us had played before, and it was late on a week night, so we made it through army listing, one complete round, and a little bit of the second. Now that we know the rules, I can see how you could get a game in in not too much time, so I'd definitely recommend Kill Team to anyone (like me) who doesn't regularly have time for full-blown 40k. Also, I'm excited to build up the Admech team that came with it, and once I finish the GSC too, I'll have 3 factions (counting my orks) to choose from. Those are pretty much my priorities; now that the terrain is built, even thinking about painting it is a bit daunting, but at least I can put it on the table and use it.

First game was a blast, and afterwards, I kept thinking about what I would change to my list, tactics etc., but the only takeaway I kept coming back to was, "That was awesome!"

I can't wait to get another game in, and now that I'm more familiar with it, maybe I'll do a proper batrep next time.

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Post by: Camkierhi

Sounds great bud.

As to the terrain, bit at a time bud. Spray the whole thing dark grey throw a drybrush over it and wash with black. Will look good enough for now and you will enjoy the feel in game as well. Big difference playing on proper terrain and stuff just not quite there. Later you can add all the details.

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Post by: CommissarKhaine

Lovely ork, and nice going on the killteam

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...<|Enable Skitarii Kill Team Photo Dump|>...Commencing...

It's been quite a while since I've posted, but I've been busy, and actually doing hobby-related stuff to boot! I now have a regular MtG night every other week or so, managed to get a game of Gloomhaven in (the most awesome game evar), and got my second game of Kill Team in too.

On the p&m end, I've been working my way through the Skitarii from the Kill Team starter set I bought last year. The theme for my squad is that a small, elite group of rangers who call themselves the Ghosts of the Machine God have been clearing the horrors that now infest the streets of Vigilus for quite some time now. They have gotten quite good at sniping from afar and setting up ambushes, but nonetheless are down to only four remaining members. A squad of Vanguard including an alpha eager to prove himself and expand the size of his command has volunteered to find and reinforce their fellow Skitarii. Since the rangers are veteran snipers, they long ago learned that the red of their coats gave them away too easily, and so they now wear theirs inside-out. This conveniently separates the rangers form the vanguard in-game and I think it adds a nice thematic touch. I got 2 rangers done before January's painting comp, 2 done for January's painting comp, and was trying to get 3 vanguard done in time for February's "Into the Breach" competion, but I just finished them this weekend. I took a proof pic on February 4th:

and finished March 24th, meaning that I'm still keeping pace (exceeding, even!) my mini-per-month goal. Here's the rangers:

The Vanguard (front and back):

...and the squad as it stands:

I've been trying to up my basing game, so I've started experimenting with things like cogs and chain:

Now all that's left is to finish 2 more (Alpha and Plasma Caliver-weilding gunner), and I'll have a whole new faction to play in Kill Team!!!
If you're interested, there's more pics in my gallery.
Comments and criticisms always welcome, thanks for stopping in.

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Post by: Camkierhi

Disgusted to see this, but they are excellent work bud. Love them bud, really are great work. Like the scheme, and the basing is very well done, not to much, just about right.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Got my Skitarii Vanguard Alpha done in time for this month's competition. The super zoomed-in pictures reveal every flaw in my paintjob, but at arm's length, I think he looks really good, and he definitely stands out as the leader of my almost-finished AdMech kill team. I picked the weapons because I thought they looked the coolest, and once I read what they did, I got enamored of the idea of lighting someone up with the phosphor pistol as the charged and then clubbing them with the arc maul once they got in range - it's a nice visual. Pics:

On the Battlefield:

The lack of decals in the Kill Team box set is kind of a let-down, but it gives me a chance to practice freehand and pin-striping I guess. I took four or five stabs at that stupid cog and then said feth it, this is as good as it's gonna get. Plasma-caliver weilding heavy gunner should be done in the next couple days, and then I'll try to post pics of him and the whole squad together, since he's the last model I need to finish for it.

C&C always welcome, thanks for stopping by!

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof


So I finished my plasma caliver-weilding Vanguard gunner:

That blue plasma effect is a lot of fun to paint. He was also the last troop I needed to paint to finish an AdMech Kill Team.

In December, I started painting Skitarii 2 or 3 at a time; 6 months later, I have a completely new faction to throw down with. This is so exciting! And now I'm looking at other AdMech models thinking, this could be the start of a whole new army (well played Gee Dubs). Here's the completed squad:

I'm feeling the need to get back to making orks, but I still have all the KT terrain to paint + a whole squad of GSC. Decisions, decisions. Whaddy'all think?

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Back to painting an ork 'cause I needed a big shoota and I'm done wiv painting 'oomies. Finished in time to actually post to the competition this month too, which I'm particularly proud of given how crazy my life/schedule has been lately.
This was a fun little conversion/kitbash of a heavy stubba I've been wanting to loot for my orks ever since I saw it, and since one came with the Kill Team box set, the GSC lads will just have to choose the other heavy weapon options.
I tried some Spellcrow legs for the first time, and the fit and details are really nice. The "Death Guard" shoulder pad is something I cobbled together from the shoulder pad I clipped out of the Mark whatever rocket launcher from way back when, the tusk of some beastie, and a couple of spikes from the giant orc mace that comes with the fantasy boyz.
I really like the feel of this guy; the running pose is more dynamic than the usual hunched over footsloggin' GW style, and this mini just has the feel to me of the artwork that got me interested in orks back in the day in the first place. I hope you like him as much as I do, C&C always welcome.

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Post by: theCrowe

Nice bioniks. Pretty mean lookin' big shoota too. Another great individual for da mob.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

I'm working my way through painting the Killzone: Sector Imperialis terrain that came with the Kill Team starter box. I normally shy away from painting anything bigger than a Nob which might explain why I've had this stuff built but not painted for months now. This month's competition theme is Wild World, so it's a perfect excuse to overcome my fears and paint an actual part of the wild world of Vigilus.
To prevent myself from overthinking this and taking forever getting it done, I decided to follow the Warhammer TV video on YouTube as closely as I can (Duncan gets his painted in under 10 minutes on YouTube, how hard can it be, right?). The only downside is that whenever I see "Killzone: Sector Imperialis" (I watch the video every night before and after I paint a step), I get the Dead Kennedy's song, "California, Imperialis!" stuck in my head.
Rather than paint through all the steps on a couple pieces at a time, I am painting all the pieces at the same time, and I have had about enough time each night that I paint to finish one step per night. Without further ado, here's the pics and a little commentary/lessons learned for each step.

Ready for Priming:

I used some old pieces of wood I had in the garage and covered one side with two-sided carpet tape, leaving enough space on the ends for "handles". This way, I could pick up all the pieces and manipulate them to ensure good spray paint coverage on all surfaces. If I get the bug to paint up a number of orks en masse, I will definitely buy some green primer and hose them down rather than my usual paint-on per individual model primer method.


All of the pieces stayed on the tape except for the big guy which took a nose dive when I tried to turn it almost upside-down. The primed models look so much better than the plain plastic that if you have a set of terrain assembled but haven't started painting it yet for any reason, at least prime it, you'll be glad you did. I almost called the project finished right then and there because I didn't want to screw it up, but I soldered on.

Heavy Drybrush and Basecoated Flooring:

My heavy drybrush is a little heavier than Duncan's heavy drybrush, probably because I didn't have any paintbrushes big enough and had to appropriate a couple from my kid's stash (the ones in the picture below literally say "Crayola" on them, the hallmark of true quality brushes). In fact, I was worried that it was a little too heavy and wasn't going to look very good.
Heavy Drybrush Close Up:

The spot where the floor met the walls and pillars looked crummy, too, but the next painting night, I tidied that up and was back to feeling like this just might work.
Cleaned Up Lines Where Basecoat Colors Meet:

Last night I did the first wash of Agrax Earthshade:

At this point, I would say these buildings are "battle ready" or whatever GW is calling tabletop quality these days. The shade tones down the drybrush contrast nicely, but my advice would be to check on it every few minutes as it dries, because it continues to puddle after you stop painting. I sucked up anywhere it was puddling with a brush and then went to bed. Today there are obviously places where a little more continued to run and collect in certain recesses, but it's not super-noticeable, and I'm still happy with the overall progress. Notice too, how much paint is (not) left in that bottle; that was a brand new pot, and the whole set so far has used over half of it. I think there's another step that requires even more of it, too. The heavy drybrush used about half a pot of Ushabti Bone.

Next is picking out all of those little mechanical bits with metallics. Thanks for looking, I'll try to post more updates as I get nearer to completion. I even have my first game of 8th ed. scheduled for this Sunday, so these ruins may have even more bullet holes the next time you see them.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

After a couple of skirmishes on Vigilus, the fighting between the Aeldari of the Rimas Nadir and Waaagh Gulgog has intensified into raging battles.
That is to say, after playing a couple of games of Kill Team, I finally got my first game of 8th ed. 40k in. Both my buddy and I are still learning the game and time was short, but we got two glorious complete rounds in. Not only that, but between his scenery and mine, we were able to cover the table in some pretty legit and painted terrain, and his army is getting closer to fully painted, too.

Both armies face off across the battlefield:

Aeldari Deployment:

It was 1100 points which for my footsloggers is a stoopid amount of models on the table.
Ork Deployment:

There was tankbustaz and bomb squigs holding objectives:

Da Big Boss himself, da dok, and a couple a meks leading da shoota mobs:

Slugga squads waiting for Da Jump:

(the headhunter behind the statue is my proxy Weirdboy)

A buncha weedy grotz:

and Big Mek WarpRokka with his SAG that my 15 year old self converted and painted, and my current self still gets a laugh out of:

I'll be back with more terrain updates as I'm still working on it (metallics are finally done!), and after that, my next project is gonna be somethin' speshul...

Thanks for stopping by!

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Finally 100% finished with my Kill Team terrain!!!
If you're just tuning in, I mostly followed what Duncan did on Warhammer TV for this. The only change I made was substituting a vallejo silver for the highlights on the silver bits (instead of the Necron compound he used) and instead of retributor armor for the eagles and such, I used a base of brass scorpion with a layer of skullcrusher brass over it. If I had it to do over again, there is one thing from his method that I would change, and that is to not waste time with a second wash of agrax earthshade over the silver bits. Maaaaaaybe it makes them look a tiiiiny bit more rusty/weathered, but if so, it's extremely subtle, and counts for a wasted evening in my book. It does help with the bronzy/brassy bits, just not the silver ones. Really, the best sequence of operations would be to do both kinds of metallics before even the first wash of agrax earthshade, because then they'd just get covered in it along with everything else.
Sidenote: I still can't drybrush for beanz. I was way too heavy handed with the screaming skull for the last highlight and now my whole buildings are lighter than I would have liked, but whatevs; I'm done and it will still look killer on the table top. There are photos of each stage sprinkled in my gallery if you're interested.
For a big project like this, it definitely felt like a slog at times, but ultimately, it was a lot of fun, looks amazing now, and upped the scale of what I consider doable.

As always, C&C (and gallery votes!) are welcome.

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Post by: Camkierhi

Nice work. Looks great and nice little catch up with the blog. Great stuff sir, please continue.

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Post by: Gulgog TufToof

Remember when I said I'd be back wiv somefin' speshul? Remember when I found that old 2nd ed. battlewagon in my parent's garage? Well, just look at 'er now! I wanted to remake this thing and use it in games as a Trukk so that it would actually carry a dozen orks plus the big shoota it's supposed to have as standard equip (that'll be the topic of a later post). I stalled out a bit because I couldn't figure out how to make the back end work (the main hold can easily hold 9 orks, 10 is kind of a stretch, so I have to have more capacity somewhere). This is still definitely WIP and has a loooong way to go, but my goal is to get the modeling done before the Pacific NW rains return for fall/winter so that I can spray primer it while the weather is still nice and then spend the winter painting and detailing. As usual, comments and questions, and suggestions are welcome!