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OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/06/15 14:52:55

Post by: osjclatchford

*please note that as with my bfg thread this is upcycled from another forum so please ignore anything that seems either hideously out of date or does not make sense as this is a collation of several posts...

"going into that droppod? droppod goes into the warzone? sharks in the warzone... space sharks..."
major Quint of the 111st Royston Rifles imperial guard

to open let me explain via two points:

first. the space marine is dead. long live the space marine.
yes primaris are here and is totally worth the wait if you ask me!

second. space sharks...
yes carcharadon astra themselves reborn in primaris marines.
ok, I've been funting around with 40k since around 96! I began with the little rtb01 marines and then went onto second edition marines eventally settling on guard forces from thereon in.
I never went back to marines as I felt the scale issue (presented by so many 40k stories) was all too apparent when you've got a guard who is sometimes taller than the marine he's fighting with...

I practically bounced up and down with joy when the primaris marines were released as I can finally field a unit of allied marines that dont look ludicrously out of scale with my guard.

so why space sharks?

to be honest I'm a sucker for moncromatic colourschemes. I practically see the world in black and white and this is evident in the dark and brooding colourschemes I've used on almost every force I've painted (aside from bfg and my doomguy themed cadians that is). it is the 'dark Imperium' after all...
also they hark back to those heady teen days of the rogue trader marines and i'm an even bigger sucker for nostalgia!

so with this in mind I set about converting a squad of intercessors from the dark imperium set (ebay)
these models are great and to be honest are part of the reason I'm back on 40k again. these models (much like the genestealer cultists set) are designed to go together a specific way in a set pose but in doing so capture all the character and design beauty that I miss from the days of white metal minitures. that's not to say that I'm against multipart kits that can be posed any way. the tactical marines and cadians have tons of character but there are too army examples of models where the plastic replacements are just abhorrent. just look at the transition between the metal 90's scouts to the plastic set. argh! horrid! all the character was lost for me. these set pose jobbies (like the spacehulk and even to a lesser extent the assault on black reach models) retain that artistry I love and most fondly remember from my 40k past.
still I digress.

space sharks... my limited knowledge of them is +/- thus: crazy-assed porcelian white skinned nutters with a penchant for chain weapons that have been lurking around in the background of 40k since bitch slapping the mantis warriors in the badab war. they prefer stealth untill they reach their objective/target where upon the set upon the enemy with barely contained ferocity all in complete silence. leaving a trail of blood and carnage in their wake and disappearing just as fast. in fact their savagery would possibly give a world eater a run for his money and they're on our side! they mostly wear corvus and heresy marks of armour and have a lot of termies too.

great! all I needed was to convert these primaris to look a bit more oldskool:

as you can see this intercessor sgt has mk6 lid and pads and a phobos pattern bolter.
the colorscheme is mecanicus grey with skavenblight dinge parts (knees, bellyplates, ankle and elbow etc..) and black pads/eagle. I took some cues from aiden daley's storm hawk primaris (wd aug 2017) and used the same highlight colours all over to better blend the mini. also did similar chips/weathering along every highlighted edge. with the pockets and kit I went for olive green as its similar in tone to the grey but adds a real tactical look to it. the savage looking combat knives handily come from the kroot sprue. these kroot bits are a fantastic addition to spacesharks as they have the tribal look and large hooks (originally used for housing kroot lunch gibs) which add to the whole shark/fishy feel. scout chest rig kit further shows off the scale and adds to the aformentioned tactical look.
you can see I have altered the chapter symbol to represent a swimming shark viewed from above. (time and ease of painting were the reason for this and in truth I much prefer the simplistic look) I have included the red stripe on the lid as on the classic scheme but I'm thinking of using that as a denotation of rank/veterancy.

this is but the first and will be followed by the other four. one will have mk5 style armour (using more of the studs and a converted centurion head) and there will be another mk6. I'll be swapping out this guy's backpack for a mk6 one from the assault marine set (I'll do the same on the other mk6 and the mk5 too) to better complete the truescale effect I'm going for. will probably try to get hold of the holstered chainswords from the mk3 hh models to add too. but they can be added any time in the future...

I lavished a lot of time and effort on this and to be honest this is the best painting I've ever done to date. as such it even got a mention in white dwarf, so, yay!, another childhood dream fulfilled!
so here, have a shamelessly over-edited glamour shot:

better images are better... and bigger...

I've not been this excited and enthused by 40k since 3rd edition! its an odd feeling and has clearly empowered me to do better...

I took this shot out of pure whymsy so thought I would put this on here too. shows the intercessor in a bit more context. standing in a ruined monastery with one of my guard from the 111st Royston rifles.

also here is a wip of the mk5 guy I mentioned above.

chainbayonets! YAY!


yep gak photography but I could care less. I'd sooner be painting/converting than taking pics...

conversion work to emulate classic stuff is quite extensive. any queries on parts/methods and stuff and I'm more than happy to answer...

and heres some wip of whats coming soon(well soon ish...)

top row right to left: mk3 guy with converted bolter (tigrus to rt-era lookalike), mk4 guy with tigrus bolter and more subtle studs, mk7 (second ed) guy with phobos bolter and holstered chainsword (totally inspired from that classic artwork by kev walker), mk7 guy with chainsword and holstered 3rd ed bolter (pose clearly stolen from gk's castellan crowe, but general pose idea came from spacemarine video game so expect a splattering of gorno on this dude).
bottom row left to right: mk7 (second ed inspired again) guy with second ed bolter (feat. 3rd ed magazine assembly), mk5 guy, with 3rd ed bolter with box mag from cawl boltfifle. also includes converted holstered chainaxe on belt (more on that later), mk6 guy tataros legs, mk6 torso and lid, sos umbra bolter, the rest is primaris. (this guy is based on the Bourne ultimatum dvd cover), mk7 guy, with knife and 'slung' bolter (using kroot strap, and 3rd ed bolter, made a week before the fancy new infiltrators did the exact same thing LOL)

hard as nails sgt with in mk3 with chainaxe and classic rt era bolter! chest plate is from tataros termies
(pose inspired by drax from gotg, as originally with two chainaxes, but swapped one out for the bolter converted from the sm commander combi-bolter, inspired from 30k era illustrations from 'the first heretic' book i recently read for the first time...)

fyi, the mk7 heads are actually mk8 heads from the deathwatch sprue as the slimline faceplates fit in with the high gorget of the intercessor plate with very little, if any, interference


went in a different direction with these. even more rt era looking! the heads are all ravenwing biker mk6 with the da stuff shaved off (for the coms aerial tactical look!), the single pad is swapped out for the classic studded pad. (this I feel keeps the more slimline look of the phobos armour when compared to the studded pads on my full armour conversions) the bolters are from shapeways and I love them! rt looking but modern detail aesthetics. may swap out the mk4 backpacks for something more rt era looking soon.
couldn't resist some cool poses like the twin pistol john woo guy and the double handed pistol guy, from the new infiltrators set (funny thing, I converted this pose and the new set came out two days later. so I logically replaced my naff attempt with this proper version of it!)

reivers, master sgt hall.
as you can see I've done a bit of painting on him already, mainly to see what the bolter painted up like and to see if the helmet-less head works, which I think it does for the sector's strongest marine...

more with actual photography soon(?)

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/06/15 17:04:51

Post by: Malika2

Hmm, maybe also fill up the gaps in the Reivers' lower legs?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/07/21 16:33:35

Post by: osjclatchford

ah, no, I like the bicycle clip look! lol.

anyway, I actually got round to paining sgt. Hall this weekend, here is a crappy/blurry montage shot:

As you can see I've changed the backpack out for a shapeways print thats more of a rt-era looking dealie. its nice and slimline and (like the bolter) adds an aura of oldskoolness that I wanted. the whole squad of five is kitted out with these and some changes have been made to the poses/loadout. (twin pistol is gone and the single handed pose is gone) I've done a nice grenade throwing pose and an 'advancing' one in their stead. the mk3 guy's got a better chainaxe now too (another print)... more on those soon...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/07/21 16:35:19

Post by: Mr Morden

Lovely work - well done

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/07/25 10:39:02

Post by: osjclatchford

so, heres some wip shots of of some of the things I mentioned above:

the new chainaxe on the mk3 guy

grenade slinging beakie

rework of the two handed pistol pose to actually use the original body. (quite tricky to get the slung bolter right but totally worth it)

this guy uses the same body as the one above, reworked to look like he's advancing under fire or something...

the next two are a couple of ideas to do mk7 inspired reivers.

this ones doing a leaping punch because lets face it, marines are pretty violent, space sharks even more so...

this one's performin an execution with his bolt pistol.

originally I was considering doing these two with jump packs. hence the death from above kinda poses, still unsure at present. if successfull would do a whole squad of five, perhaps with a flamer in there too and definitely a couple with chain weapons! what do you guys think though?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/07/25 11:20:42

Post by: OrlandotheTechnicoloured

nice work there, I like them

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/04 16:30:20

Post by: osjclatchford

so more wip!

I decided to add some hq into the mix and was thinking about something along the lines of a smash-captain but primaris.
I figured that a thunderhammer was not the typical weapon of a space-shark so I pondered awhile and played with some bits:

the 'slash'-captain was born.
ok, I went a bit ape on the studs even on the jumppack as I wanted a real mk5 oldskool look.
also the body is a mix of reiver torso with intercessor legs/arms. its a good mix imho actually...

the head is one I had previously on a regular marine but I've swapped his head out for one of kromlech's "bedlam fraternity" lids instead.

although intended for chaos noise marines the pack features some interesting archaic looking variations on beakie and heresy type lids. a bit of trimming and gs to reduce the chaotic nature somewhat and the lids look great to suggest older marks of imperial marine armour. this one especially looks very sharky with its toothy 'grin' made of grills. more soon..? I dunno... I may even get a paintbrush to some of these one day LOL

thinking of using the new palatine enforcers as scouts but still unsure about this...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/07 02:42:44

Post by: The Riddle of Steel

Cool stuff. These guys have a lot of character. I like the additions of the studs. What are they made from?


OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/07 05:42:07

Post by: osjclatchford

 The Riddle of Steel wrote:
Cool stuff. These guys have a lot of character. I like the additions of the studs. What are they made from?


Thanks Rids! The studs are 1.5mm(? I think will check) half round beads from Hobbycraft but were bought a LONG Time ago. I can't say for sure you can still get these ones but I've more than plenty so can always send some over...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/11 07:47:04

Post by: osjclatchford

palanite (tine? whatever; poor mans arbites, lol) enforcers do make nice bases for scouts!

simple job. swap out the weaps, heads and equipment and you got something!

I shaved the shoulders smooth 1, because it changes the profile/appearance somewhat and 2, the join front and back on the kit makes the ridges on the shoulders look atrocious imho.
the shotgun guy is awaiting his bit of guitar wire as on the pistol dude.

these are very wip but any suggestions are welcome.

some might say, why bother, just buy scouts but come on man, look at those poses. much more tacticool and the transition between the metal scouts to plastic was a major downgrade as far as I was concerned. these new enforcers have all the attention to detail and character the original metal scouts had and as such make ideal conversion fodder! plus that chest panel is just crying out for a chapter symbol its practically intended for it no?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/11 08:44:52

Post by: JohnnyHell

 osjclatchford wrote:
 The Riddle of Steel wrote:
Cool stuff. These guys have a lot of character. I like the additions of the studs. What are they made from?


Thanks Rids! The studs are 1.5mm(? I think will check) half round beads from Hobbycraft but were bought a LONG Time ago. I can't say for sure you can still get these ones but I've more than plenty so can always send some over...

Check eBay for “1mm half round nail art beads” and they’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper than hobbycraft!

Love the Scouts. Better than the stock models of either of their parent kits!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/11 08:58:38

Post by: Bschwi1

Wow, very nice!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/11 10:22:24

Post by: osjclatchford

@ johnnyhell, thanks for the nailbead info. will use those for sure. smaller radius ones would be ideal for my reivers and perhaps these scouts! also nice comments regarding the scouts, cheers!

@Bschwi1 cheers!

I know its a bit maniacal to get the models, convert them and post them online on the day of release but to be fair, I had pre-ordered them with this conversion intention in mind. Ive been looking at the sprues online and going through the bitzbox working out what I could do when they arrived so needless to say it did not take long! LOL

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/12 13:30:53

Post by: Boss Salvage

I've been trying to figure out what Primaris scouts would look like, using Necro Palatinites is a stroke of genius! Oh, and since I've been lurking up to now: love the project, Space Sharks are bae, especially when they're bigger and badder like these lads. Keep up the great work.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/17 14:18:12

Post by: osjclatchford

thanks bosssalvage! nice of you to say said but its not really genius in truth, Im just doing what everyone is thinking...

more scouty wip stuff:

heres the three latest, silenced bolt pistol, heavy bolter and silenced bolter.
note the holstered shotgun on the pistol guy. also note what an absolute cow-son the heavy bolter was to fudge onto a palanite enforcer (but worth it in the end?) I used the catachan heavy team pointing arm to fill the gap so-to-speak and it fortuitously features a shark-tooth trinket so all ended up well. the drum mag (and spare on belt) comes from a cadian 'nade launcher and mirrors the drum mag on the smaller bolter. the silencers were fashioned from imperial guard tank smoke launchers for a bit of a more high-techy look but regular tube/rod would have done I suppose... as with the other two I've added guitar wire detail and equipment and heads from the scout sprue to 'scout-it-up' as best I could. I'm happy and if nothing else this is proof it can be done.

yes abysmal shots but its wip so these god-awful smartphone snaps is all you get for now...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/18 09:27:03

Post by: Lord Borak

Great stuff man. I never understood the whole Silenced bolt weapons, sneaking around........ Then they stick the fat kid with the Heavy Bolter into the unit who just goes and blows their position away. Great, thanks Karl......

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/18 10:33:34

Post by: osjclatchford

megalols! its crazy but whattayagonnado? put a silencer on a heavy bolter? (and yes I considered this but come on man, its a heavy. its gotta be loud) same goes for the shotguns, thats why i've got the guy with the slung shotty, wielding the silenced pistol. I guess the others sneak and snipe and stab their way through the unsuspecting enemies and sentries whilst the heavyweapon dude (hithrto referred to as karl...) and the shotgunners don't engage until silent cover is no longer required. and yes, I know you can, technically, also silence a shotgun but I think thats mad too.

oh, and coming soon:

please note i've put better pics of the scouts in the post above now...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/19 04:59:22

Post by: Lord Borak

That is some serious chipping and scuff marks on your hatch. Can't say it'd pass inspection in a guard army Gonna do any Markings on it?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/19 06:45:34

Post by: osjclatchford

Yeah it looks kinda ott to be honest. It's an experiment in translating my infantry colourscheme over to a vehicle. In this case a converted MK1 rh1n0! It may or may not work but will look very different to all the other tank armour I've ever painted. This will give it a bit of a graphic novel/manga style to it, I think. which is good for 1980's inspired marines.
and yes I know that primaris don't exactly fit in a rhino (and cant in the rules as primaris) but my marines are pretty much just truescale conversions, especially when you look at the war-gear they carry. so yeah, although a mk2 rhino chassis looks kinda small compared to a primaris sized infantry figure, a second or third edition marine looks kinda oversized next to an original '88 mk1 rhino chassis vehicle. yet we were stuck with mk1 rhinos for 14 years and three and a half editions!

I'm definitely out of my comfort zone painting wise but I hear that's good for you and I want it to match the marines so...

No marking on this door but the round side hatches will have the chapter logo on them.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/19 13:07:38

Post by: ghostmaker

I love all of this, keep up the awesome work!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/19 17:28:54

Post by: Lord Borak

 osjclatchford wrote:
Yeah it looks kinda ott to be honest.

What? No way! It's great! It looks seriously worn and battle scarred. Like it's been on a gruelling campaign for a while. It suits your Space Sharks great.

You can always put your scouts in the Rhino......

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/08/31 14:50:26

Post by: osjclatchford

duh! *slaps forehead* what a dinkle I am, thats a great (and should have been obvious to me) solution.

anyway, progress:

more soon...

any queries about parts and conversion or whatever, just ask...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/04 13:04:45

Post by: Boss Salvage

Love your swimming shark icon, aesthetically and metaphorically much more compelling than the derpy face-on official shark.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/04 16:07:32

Post by: Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll

Yeah that's a much better icon for sure!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/04 17:08:30

Post by: Sherrypie

Oh my, that's going to be a great looking force. Nice posing, looks natural and convincing. Always nice to see proper beakies and RT influences.

Have you thought about doing terminators yet?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/04 20:27:47

Post by: Big H

That's some really good kit bashing mate, I like what you've done, and you're right, it's what we've all been thinking but didn't do !

Do you have any pics of how the scouts compare size wise to the Primaris ?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/05 08:04:32

Post by: osjclatchford

wow! thanks be to you all, to answer your specific questions

@ bosssalvage and Gwyn chan 'r Gwwyll
thank you for the kind words regarding the logo. I've actually been umming and ashing about wether or not its good enough but you've made me feel a whole lot better now!

@ sherrypie
yes, I have thought of doing terminators. however I've a lot to get painted before I buy anything new (Yeah, sure thats gonna happen! LOL) thinking about using aggressor/terminator hybrids but that may not work as I'd like it too. all other methods will either be too costly (converting fw custodian termies? madness) or require too much skill (gs is for filling gaps as far as I'm concerned!)

@big H
once Ive got one done I'll do it, but in a nutshell, pretty short! they are taller than regular scouts/marines because they are properly proportioned but yeah, not as tall as the primaris which I think works fine for scouts.

what we need now are primaris bikes. and no not hover bikes, real bikes with wheels. (not that I think that will happen. if they do bikes for primaris you can be sure that they will do the stupid hover crap they've put on all primaris vehicles. I mean come on man the repulsor etc looks simply absurd! awful awful model and concept a tank is a tank, a landspeeder is a landspeeder not that hideous land-raider-speeder urgh!
I've always felt that the whole point of the space marine aesthetic was a certain utilitarian brutality. its blunt aggressive and, although technologically advanced, stylistically simple in design. essentially if it aint broke don't fix it.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/05 09:37:33

Post by: Sherrypie

It's a bit sad aggressors are just so derpy, not sure if they'd make good base models for termies even with a lot of surgery :/

Apologist made great termies out of the custodian ones, but they are expensive.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/05 16:46:00

Post by: osjclatchford

Yeah they dont work too well with termie bits on after all... As for apologist, he's my hero when it comes to guard and truescale marine stuff... None of my stuff would exist without his influence...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/06 12:24:41

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Some good reading and good models in this thread, subbed!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/09 17:21:49

Post by: osjclatchford

thanks, Tyranid Horde...

I really must get round to some better photography one of these days, but its raining today so inside blurry crappy shots is all you get...

get the kit here: https://www.ebay.com/str/Blood-and-Skulls-Industry?_trksid=p2047675.l2568

just fyi, the conversion lowdown is:
I already had the part constructed rhino in a job-lot from a friend
all I needed was two track sections (yes I mean two actual bloody induvidual tracklinks. thats was a wasteful and expensive purchase of a whole set of tracks...GRRR!)
The side-plates, front-plates and exhausts are the bloodandskulls kit.
the other changes are thus:
I added the grills to the door-steps (made from mesh).
I made the front lights out of missile pods from the landspeeder typhoon.
I added handles and reinforcing strips on the top-doors.
The rear door is classic plastic rhino kit with a cut down modern grill (from landspeeder?, valkyrie? I cant remember) in place of the viewport. I felt this made more sense as a vent rather than viewport due to its low position on the model
The top bolter-hatches are valkyrie missile pod backs with two of the same marine bike bolters attached, with the added cawl bolterrifle mags for a more modern aesthetic (think of the stormbolters that come with the rhino)
oh, and front tow hooks are from the leman-russ sprue...

all in pretty happy with it.
to be honest I prefer the fw side door details more but the blood and skulls engines/exhausts are much more satisfyingly oldskool...
the front plates of both are both equally as good as each other to my mind.

also I lent towards this one because I thought it would be cheaper, in fact it was until I got butt-funted on the import charges at this end once it came through the post... but meh, all in all it cost +/- the same as a fw one but then, remember, i had the tank chassis already so it actually works out more? I dunno. its great quality none the less but took a LOT of reforming in hot/cold water. not an amateur kit by any stretch. you really need to know about resin to do this and be comfortable with hacking and slashing/filing/filling etc... luckily. I am... ;D

only noticed the sexie classic landraider style "liberator" (rhino compatible) tracks in the B&S store after I ordered the replacement standard issue ones from ebay. otherwise I'd have gone for them 'n' all...

the other consideration is that the plastic SoB's are on their way and GW have teased some mk1 style rhino doors with ecclesiastical iconography included but who knows what that might mean? its not like horus heresy era mini's have not been re-imagined in plastic before (mk3 and mk4 marines?) so why not the rhino too..?
yeah, shan't hold my breath on that one...

Still considering adding a 'grab-rail' as on the classic one.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/14 15:58:59

Post by: osjclatchford

lumix g1 with 14mm-45mm lens - I love you

rhino revisisted

first scout "neophyte Jace'tat" done!

with brother "Cissero" for scale (as this was asked for)





reiver sgt Hall AKA big Ed!

finally you can see what they all really look like now!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/16 12:03:17

Post by: Machinator

I have to say that is one beautiful Rhino

The minis are excellent too. Great job!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2019/09/23 14:04:50

Post by: osjclatchford

 Machinator wrote:
I have to say that is one beautiful Rhino

The minis are excellent too. Great job!

Thanks machinator! You're kit was a real inspiration for me to actually do a rhino at all. The fact I had a chassis knocking about is just fortuitous! I'd not have done it otherwise. It's that oldskool look and those damn sexie exhaust systems that made me do it!
Excellent kit really. Not just saying that but the pics speak for themselves! Thanks for getting it to me so fast too...

I've also done some more conversion work with the scouts, tweaks to the weapons/equipment and general character of the existing models and two new neophytes entirely!

bolter guy. now with silenced tigrus bolter and visor head.

shotgun guy. now with bald scout head, these feature a lot in the artwork so I figured one would be good to include (taken from the spacewolf sprue; the mohawk head with the hair removed)

heavy guy. now using the African looking head from the deathwatch sprue because variety is nice and, imho, rather lacking in 40k!

sneaky pistol dude, now with nvg head, because why not?

and these are the aforementioned new guys. I figured that the heavy has big-ass arms so why not other scouts (always appears in the artwork too) here we have a reloading guy (catachan hq arm, mag from primaris kit, and nvg head) and a shotgunguy (another spacewolf head and the shotgun arms are grenade launcher arms from anvil industries, because full stock shotguns are tasty AF!)

believe it or not I'm still not 100% done on thee guys. I'm out to make a sniper (because, why not!) and I feel a melta would be fun. yes I know, not standard scout kit but, funt it, i'll play 'em as wolfscouts to use it if I have to...
also have the pockets etc from the deathwatch sprue on the way to play about with on them.
more soon I'm sure but Ive more guard and bfg ships to get done and I've recently nearly lost an eye at work the other day so I'm nursing a rather nasty eye-concussion involving headaches, blurred vision and a lot of disorientation and general nasty hangoverness... hopefully my vision will repair itself back to normal (or close enough) over the next week or so and I can get back to painting stuff. till then this will have to do!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/20 09:04:30

Post by: osjclatchford

ok. its been ages I know but rest assured I'm not dead yet!

truth be told I've been in perpetual crunch mode at work and all non work time for any hobby has been filled up with trying to finish this: https://www.moddb.com/mods/osjcs-doom-major-crisis
its my other hobby that i've decided to wind down this year so thats done now...

which means I can get back to some real hobby!

Ive had a go through my model cabinet and found myself wanting. there is an awful amount of grey plastic staring back at me and as such ive got to get back on it.
saturday I had a commission to do (some roman centurion figures, sigh they were a challenge and so far from what I was used to doing detail and theme wise but whoever said "its good to stretch yourself and try new things" is not a model painter... ) to be honest it was a grind and im not doing stuff thats not mine anymore. im sure that sounds selfish but at the minute it feels like the only free model time im getting is for evryone else. at this rate i'll die of old age before i get all my stuff done so funt it, my stuff or bust from now on!

not much to show at present. time away from the brush has bought a different perspective to some of my work as such some stuff is gone before the brush even touched them; 'slash captain' is gone.
some of the 'experiments' have gone. Im cutting it down to bare essentials until i get more stuff done.

as such i have:
squad1 = 5 intercessors/marines in quasi mk6 armour
squad2 = 5 intercessors/marines in quasi mk7 armour
squad3 = 2 intercessors/marines in quasi mk3 armour, 2 intercessors/marines in quasi mk5 armour and a quasi mk4 marine/intercessor.
squad4 = 5 reiver/infiltrators? in the phobos/rt-esque sneaky beaky gear with the classic bolter and backpacks
squad5 = 7 palanite enforcer/scout hybryds (may end up 10)
a rhino

much simpler to get this done and then start expanding instead of all these side projects and experiments spanking it all up...

that being said:

a new lt.

I knew I wanted a real charater-full commanding figure and im a sucker for good at-ease poses.
the other command figures ive made have been so ott or "too-converted" if you know what I mean so this guy is much more subtle but its obvious hes a guy in charge.
just to complicate matters his armour is both phobos and intercessor at the same time and also features mk6 lid and a real archaic looking mk3/mk4 hybrid backpack for some oldskool flavour.
this way he can command prettymuch any unit i choose and not look out of place but for the moment I cant un-see him as the master of the scouts.
like he's assigned to teach the neophytes and as such has phobos armour and a cape to allow him to infiltrate alongside them.
his bigass boltrifle (the first I've used in this army) helps to make him seem even bigger against the scouts too but to be honest thats not the reason hes armed this way. its just because it fits the pose so well. originaly he was to have a chainsword/axe but this just looked right.
to me a command figure should scream badass and that is better articulated by silent menace and the threat of force rather than overt and excessive drama.
which imho this guy has got right, he oozes cool and collectivness. he knows hes a badass he doesnt need to show it. you already know...

sorry the wip pic is so poor quality but i did it in low light on the smartphone again.

oh and im thinking of spinter camo for the cape as one it will look nice against the grey armour and two its simple geomtric style should fit the marine asthetic nicely...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/20 10:50:13

Post by: DalekCheese


OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/20 11:39:08

Post by: tzurk

The weathering on that Rhino is incredible - and the beaky helmets look great on Primaris marines. I had missed this blog up until now, glad I caught it this time around!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/20 12:12:52

Post by: osjclatchford

 tzurk wrote:
The weathering on that Rhino is incredible - and the beaky helmets look great on Primaris marines. I had missed this blog up until now, glad I caught it this time around!

why thank you. tbh i was unsure about trying the same weathering as on the infantry on the vehicle but its has worked to some effect. if not exactly realistic or entirely sensible in its application as it does look a little cartoonesque, it does match the troops so overall I'm happy with it.
it was really an excuse to buy the b&s kit! it is a nice conversion kit and ideal for a rt-era themed army afterall...

as for the beakies. you've got to be careful... the neck gorgets on primaris marines can get in the way, resulting in derpy-spacko-marines, as such, I find the beakies are a lot easier to apply to reivers or other phobos armoured troops.
on the regular intercessors it will work if the head is in a more upward position (the sgt conversion for example) but i'd strongly suggest shaving the cones down somewhat with a stanley-knife or whatever on others (as is done on 'cissero' and 'L'yden') you may not have noticed I've done this but it is vital in order to get the marine to look down or angled naturally. Just look at 'Tay'lar', if you're a little more critical, you can see i've not done this and he looks a just a little spazzy, not terribly, but his head is a little off-centre and now I cant unsee it. as such i'll never do another beakie without shaving down the lid or using an alternative
the said other alternative is to simply get the heads from the raven guard kit as they are already short enough to fit within the gorgets, bit expensive though so alternatively you could get these: https://bitsofwar.com/home/742-legionary-heads-raven-pattern.html#idTab1 which seem to be the right size too, though i've not tried these as of yet but may well do in t'futre...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/29 12:18:11

Post by: DalekCheese

Have you considered painting shark mouths onto the “beaks” (as seen in rogue trader)

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/29 19:52:02

Post by: osjclatchford

You got a reference pic of one of those beakie helmets painted then? Or even some art representing it... Can't say I've ever seen that and I've been at 40k since... well, let's just say, a lot of hair ago...

Sounds like something I'd like to do but I'd like to do it 'right'...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/30 13:55:00

Post by: DalekCheese

 osjclatchford wrote:
You got a reference pic of one of those beakie helmets painted then? Or even some art representing it... Can't say I've ever seen that and I've been at 40k since... well, let's just say, a lot of hair ago...

Sounds like something I'd like to do but I'd like to do it 'right'...

It was just artwork, I’ll try to find it. It was very reminiscent of the nose art on the P-40 Tomahawks, Mustangs, Spitfires etc.

Edit: I can’t find the specific picture right now, but here’s basically what I meant:

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/01/31 16:59:03

Post by: osjclatchford

Oh yeah... Like this: https://images.wikia.com/warhammer40k/images/7/7d/Jaws_of_Doom.jpg

too derpy for me i think...

must just correct myself from above re. the raven guard sprue.
just got my hands on one in the flesh and the beakie on that sprue is no different in length of "cone" as a regular marine beakie so don't buy that sprue on the strength of that. get those ones from kromlech or shave the cones down on regular beakies if you want them to fit within the neck gorgets.
what an absolute cheeky-sneaky-cheat of gw to do that though eh?
deliberately take the picture of the completed model from an angle that made the helmet look 'sleeker'.
tbh i think its kinda stupid to make a conversion upgrade kit that is not actually fully compatible with the models its intended to convert. and its not like its a third party kit either is it?
as I said before, they'll be fine on reiver or other phobos armoured primaris but only good on intercessors looking up! LOL
I personally think they've really missed a trick there...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/02/05 09:12:19

Post by: DalekCheese

Oof, really? That’s not good, I would have expected better of GW. My hopes of an all-beaky primaris have been dashed! Dashed!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/02/16 18:32:42

Post by: osjclatchford

nope, nothing else painted but lo and behold ive gone and done something actually worth posting though.

so i was thinking about our prior conversations regarding primaris termies. I figured that the aggressors were primaris's answer to both devastators and termies all in one. lets be honest. the models aren't the best eh? obese-marines. far to many pies and not enough bad-assery all round. so what next? converting custodes termies? funt that. too much effort for something thats ok scale wise but just a bit meh in the end. so i went down to brass tacks.
what is a terminator? its properly defined as "tactical dreadnought armour" when I properly think about that definition I dont really feel that a terminator model looks at all that tactical to me. nor is it impressively sized enough to bear the name 'dreadnought' either (well they were back in the rt days of models but not since second edish, even less so with primaris stuff) so I felt a bit at a loss of what to do.

you all know by now that I like the tactical function-over-form utilitarian look of the new primaris intercessors and phobos armour. its reminiscent of the old rt clean asthetic i remember so fondly. so i wanted a model that looked suitable to bear the name 'tactical' and 'dreadnought' in its title. so centurions... yeah I know stubby little fatso suits right?
well not now:

centuridevinatornought, Master Obedia

Yes I know its not a terminator. nor is it a devastator. nor is it actually a centurion. its a combination of all three that as of yet ive no idea how to field rules wise (simply as CA cents? I dunno or care really)
at one point I toyed with the idea of outfitting with termie weapons but be honest. if you could actually build a suit this big you'd put heavies on it. its just that simple.
I was also going to back fill all the legs and change the backpack too but i actually found thatafter I "fixed" the proportions (removing the hurrianebolter sections, refitting the arms, and legthening the legs) I liked the idea of a marine that can put on his extra veronica/ampsuit/powerloader battlesuit to show tau what battlesuits really are!
I mean come on man, its a spacemarine inside a space marine so that I can spacemarine whilst I spacemaine...
loads of shaving required to remove the excessive overuse of honorifica markings and loads of studs for oldskoolness but the head raising, leg-stretching and chest re-gigging has done the job for me. the rear of the legs was tricky but I found a pair of inverted cut-down reiver pads (with the rims shaved off) covered a multitude of sins. also got rid of the ott cabling and arm rigs. as on this interpretation the pilots arms are actually inside the arms. not crossed across the chest.
please bear in mind that the pose is not final as the bluetack is all thats holding it together at present. it'll look better painted

and yes, I'm a madman to even attempt this...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/03 14:09:44

Post by: osjclatchford

so.. between working, avoiding nurgles current "curse of unbelief" and trying to buy kahzi roll, I've managed to find some time to get my l.t done:

i'm real pleased at how the camo on the cape came out. wanted it to be real subtle, its a bit of an homage to the us military "duck hunter" camo as worn by marines in the south pacific during the war...
im becoming real fond of these phobos armoured marines. especially when kitted out as beakies...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/03 14:18:07

Post by: amazingturtles

Yeah, i think they look great with the beaks!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/04 07:06:43

Post by: JamesY

Stunning conversions, and great paintwork.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/04 10:52:49

Post by: Viterbi

Nice subtle camo, but the pose really does it. A gorgeous mini, perfect conversion and paintjob!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/04 11:34:18

Post by: osjclatchford

thanks guys, theres this 'un too that I forgot to post yesterday.:

been done a while now but i forgot to take pics before as i was waiting on drying.
an experiment in goreno effects. (I know, bout time right?) tamiya's red x-27 clear is the answer...
this guy formerly had a box-mag bolter but ive since decided that he would be ideal candidate to +/- match that bit of spaceshark artwork (on the op) all he needed was the chainaxe.
the axe arms are actually the frost-axe blade from the spacewolf sprue and the head of the weapon is swapped out for one of them tasty shapeways prints I love so much!
as you can see i've also elected to use one of the new plastic sob bolters as his stowed weapon.
the sob bolters are a little smaller than the standard astartes gear but this makes them a good component for stowed weapons. just like how the hh stowed chainswords are about 10/20% (?) smaller than the 'in-hand' versions these work out about the same. if its smaller on the waistband it looks less bulky and does less to damage the silhouette of the model but still shows all the wargear you want the character to have...

and yeah, yet another model posing up a storm but whattayagonnado.
its also badass as well as cheesy so i don't care!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/06 14:26:29

Post by: Boss Salvage

"This Is My Axe I Call Her Madeline' pose is brilliant as well as menacing The marine looks superb, probably one of my favorites of yours. Also sweet af to revisit your Sharks, so damn good

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/08 11:56:26

Post by: osjclatchford

thanks Sav, the axe is now officially named 'madeline'

so no, I've not had the time to paint much recently but now ive just been given another day off ( ) ive gone and run out of humbrol matt black spray (my undercoat of choice, much better than chaos black tbh)and getting any from anywhere is impossible with this bleedin' lockdown.( yeah first world problems, i know, with the world succumbing to nurgles-rot around me at that's what I moan about!? ) so ebay to the rescue and its on order for now...
so instead of getting more painting done I've decided to finally revisit the scouts and create the final three that was needed to fill out the squad roster to ten.

this one uses one of the new sob bolters that seem just the right size for scouts tbh...

I disregarded the idea of a melta in the end in favour of this 'slayer' pattern double barreled shotty from the gsc set... ideal for ripping and tearing heresy...

the remaining parts I had left made the final conversion a bit of a bitch (was the other 'hunched over' guy) but with some anvil industry rolled-sleeve arms and some re-positioning of the waist the remaining crouching legs were relatively easy to fudge on to make for a good sniper pose...
note the bedroll as a 'stowed' cape and the addition of piss-poor sculpting on the scarf/scrim...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/04/08 14:44:50

Post by: Boss Salvage

 osjclatchford wrote:
thanks Sav, the axe is now officially named 'madeline'
Happy to help

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/05/22 10:33:48

Post by: osjclatchford

honey I shrunk the space-sharks!

made from vanguard's Novan Elites – Affray Squads (B).

I've never seen so much detail and character on 6mm minis that I have in this range! These are actually the first 6mm infantry minis I’ve ever painted. It was a real fun and surprisingly easy process. Basecoat, wash and highlight. Simple! These certainly have a 30k vibe to them. Featuring aspects of MK3 Mk6 and Mk5 in there but to see all the different advancing, aiming etc poses is the real kicker here. Never seen that in this scale. So nice to have stands that feature troops doing more than just standing! Lol
who did these 'sculpts anyhow, was it Malika?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/05/25 08:33:20

Post by: osjclatchford

so i got a trio of original white-metal mk1 rhinos that had never been painted before from ebay for less than a tenner with delivery!" I'm havin' that" says I and got to work on them asap:

now, don't get me wrong, I lke the novan elites spartam apc's fine but they just don't scream "rhino" enough for me. Maybe its the round top doors or the lack of side doors, but i just feel they look more guard than astartes to me. plus i want these to match my 28mm where possible so yeah, rhinos!

here's a (pretty blurry) shot of all the troops with the transports:

whats next? I found an old (original) metal epic thunderhawk in that joblot of stuff my old bud gave me (with the bfg ships ages ago...) alas its missing one of its side heavy bolter rigs so I might just take t'other one off and have none altogether so at least it will match...

Automatically Appended Next Post:
yeah, so I did it:

come out pretty good all told...

but in truth, I've my eye on one of these:

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/05 11:01:28

Post by: osjclatchford

got some more work done on old obie! more like I originally intended him to look now...

gone are the old pads and lid and in place are mkV inspired alternatives.
also note a heavy guy I threw together...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/10 10:44:23

Post by: tauist

Just wanted to bump this fine thread! I'm a big fan of what you're cooking up here. Just in the middle of designing/building my own RT-era influenced BA army, and your work is very inspiring.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/10 13:51:08

Post by: Boss Salvage

New centurion is the business, those old pads in a totally different style had to go

Digging the heavy guy, nice weight to the gun. Also those are some SERIOUS studs across these two!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/10 16:45:44

Post by: osjclatchford

Thanks guys.

The studs are the same size on the other marines I've done...
Might just be the pic...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/10 17:21:38

Post by: Boss Salvage

Not a complaint, I think it might just be how many there are between the two of them in that shot (blaming the chonky boi)

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/11 08:37:16

Post by: Malika2

 osjclatchford wrote:
honey I shrunk the space-sharks!

made from vanguard's Novan Elites – Affray Squads (B).

I've never seen so much detail and character on 6mm minis that I have in this range! These are actually the first 6mm infantry minis I’ve ever painted. It was a real fun and surprisingly easy process. Basecoat, wash and highlight. Simple! These certainly have a 30k vibe to them. Featuring aspects of MK3 Mk6 and Mk5 in there but to see all the different advancing, aiming etc poses is the real kicker here. Never seen that in this scale. So nice to have stands that feature troops doing more than just standing! Lol
who did these 'sculpts anyhow, was it Malika?

The sculptor is a fella named Olivier, he did some cool Epic scale stuff on the French Epic forum.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/11 11:24:44

Post by: osjclatchford

He's great! Thanks

While I'm back on here, can anyone tell me the basis of the torso piece in this conversion please?

Buggered if I can figure it out. Used to have a great kit and sprue knowledge back in the day but there's too much for my brain to keep track of these days...

But that is a beautiful price of converting going on there and I want in!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/11 16:18:25

Post by: mcmattila

It seems to be a front from the Venerable Dreadnought:

I've always loved that model as well, I wonder if it ever got painted..

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/11 19:21:19

Post by: Spoons71

I am new to all this but in terms of really capturing a theme and being unique these are by far the coolest Marines I have seen. Has a very 1960s sci-fi feel to it.

Sort of giving me some confidence to try and rearrange a few of my guys with diff parts, etc

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/12 07:47:39

Post by: osjclatchford

oh ,yeah, tis isnt it!
you know i thought it was dreadnought based but when I looked online at that kit it showed another chestplate but ive forgotten that it has optional chestplates, but then ive never owned a venerable dn kit so, well, there it is!

thats a real nice comment!
i was trying to replicate the sci-fi aspect of the 70's and 80's stuff you'd see on books and album covers. which in turn was inspired by the 60's clean line aesthetic.
thats why i clear off most of the 'honorifica-clutter' off my marines to keep those clean and sharp lines that most of the primaris line shares with the original rt models. do please get on with some conversions and share them with us!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/18 16:21:36

Post by: osjclatchford

got that sharkscout sniper done:

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/26 15:34:09

Post by: osjclatchford

and one with bolter...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/06/30 00:34:54

Post by: Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll

Great looking shark on the chest there!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/17 12:39:24

Post by: osjclatchford

heavy done:

god this phone camera is so gak. its not doing the paintjob any favours at all. on this screen theres almost no colour definition of the variation of skintone, or anything really whatsoever... nevermind the lack of focus.

must dig that luminex out again for some real pics soon...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 14:31:16

Post by: osjclatchford

ok slightly better shots of stuff:


and the epic gear:

and some scenery i made over 15 years ago now!

based off stuff from wd back in '97!

god I'm old...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 14:48:13

Post by: ElAntiguoGuardián

Good painting job and cool bases.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 15:15:06

Post by: Boss Salvage

Great skintones across the scouts, let alone how much better those kitbashes look than the short, tired official scouts.

ALSO I'm still patiently waiting for you to drop that Shark Dread you've been working on

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 15:56:16

Post by: osjclatchford

Thanks guys...

And just an FYI I don't own a dread.... Thinking of someone else?
Or d'you mean that centurion conversion?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 16:10:27

Post by: Boss Salvage

Whoops, I meant whatever you've been tinkering on that involves that ven dread bit. But also I'm excited for any dreadnoughts you might eventually get to

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 16:50:22

Post by: osjclatchford

Ah. Alas I've not bought one of those or anything of anything much really. No job at present and not a priority purchase. So it's finish what I got at the min. :( However I've the second centurion converted up with some real cataphractii/tatauros vibes. The third is still WIP but is in a much more shooty pose; foot on a rock and assault cannon and chainfist loadout...
Also converted three scout bikers from the atalan jackals (my sis got them as a birthday pres back in June so that was great!) And some leftover palanites and scout bits I had...
Perhaps I'll take some WIP shots or save em till they're painted now...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 18:50:51

Post by: brushcommando

Just gave this blog a quick scroll through. You've done some fantastic work! I'm excited to see your take on terminator armor if you ever manage to get the parts you need. And looking forward to seeing those scout bikes

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/22 23:02:30

Post by: Malika2

Love the Epic scaled ones!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/07/26 11:24:28

Post by: JoeRugby

Beautiful stuff dude

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/02 10:01:08

Post by: osjclatchford

no no more painted... :( too busy taking pics of stuff I did years ago for the other threads LOL!

so wip shots!

the other two cents:

a couple of rejigged scouts:

and the aforementioned scout bikers:

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/02 19:06:39

Post by: 416_SpaceWolves

Terrific Scout Bikes. Did you also use palantite enforcer's for the bodies?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/03 07:11:27

Post by: tauist

these scout bikers are superb! These have a great feel of movement to them. Kudos!

Are scouts with meltaguns a viable wargear choice btw? Never knew that

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/03 11:54:51

Post by: osjclatchford

Thanks guys. Yeah palanites Just like my regular scouts. Just a bleeding cowson lot of work to get to gel together with the gsc arms and legs... Well the legs mostly... Utter cowson in truth hence the huge amount of kit but it doesn't look at odds with the other scouts I've done as they're pretty kitted out...

And , no scouts can't use meltaguns usually but meltas, plasmaguns, power swords and plasma pistols can be taken by wolfscouts. So should I want to use that second squad that's how I'd field it...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/23 15:17:41

Post by: osjclatchford

shotgun-guy_scout done

and the full squad:

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/30 07:16:25

Post by: osjclatchford

so here is the first primaris battle-suit done:

I went in a different direction altogether on the back in the end, swapping the archaic looking chunky-dread-powerplant out for a sleeker looking tartaros backplate. these rear shots also show you how the legs were 'stilted' using the mining drill parts from the kit and how I've used reiver pads to not only cover the join, but to continue the armour around the heels and round-out the look of the legs more. like how it is on a redemtor dread or kastelan droid.
All in all, the added height along with the lack of cables and un-needed struts everywhere has led to a sleeker primaris-esque design that fits in rather well with the rest of the marines, the mk5 references adding to the continuity with the troops.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/30 19:24:07

Post by: Ragsta

Dude! So pleased I got first comment on this - that is a fantastic result! Th epaint work and the conversion skills are awesome, it spits on anything GW can attempt to create

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/08/31 19:56:51

Post by: JamesY

Definitely the best centurion conversion I've seen. He looks mean as hell.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/09/04 16:17:25

Post by: osjclatchford

thanks for the kind words guys.
its gee'd me up to get the second centurion done:

as you can see he's got elements of mk3 and cataphractii/tataros about him to really play up the 30k vibes.
the back shows where I used bits of gsc suit and a mk3 backpack to create a funky-tubey-venty bit not native to any specific armour but akin to it nonetheless...
the shoulders are also reinforced with ogryn pads for an overall chunkier feel.
oh and studs because. Studs!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/09/04 16:30:40

Post by: Eeps

Really lovely conversion work and paintjobs - Really enjoyed this thread

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/09/08 15:10:15

Post by: Boss Salvage

Didn't expect to see the second so soon! Love the gravitas and solidity of the pair, and that they aren't identical. I don't care at all about the official Centurions, but you've really crushed the concept - twice now!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/09/14 16:31:38

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Love those centurions, you've made them look so much better than what GW have put out!

The scouts too, excellent work and feel like proper aspirants of the chapter.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/09/14 17:48:01

Post by: Sherrypie

Hot damn, a centurion model that isn't ugly as sin. Now that deserves a hats off alone, never mind they're also pleasingly menacing to look at. Well done.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/09/24 18:17:21

Post by: osjclatchford

Thanks a lot guys. I can't complain about how these came out so far.
rather pleased with the end result.
just glad I got some added height and reduced girth. less obese more obscene!
this things should inspire terror in the enemy not laughter.
these look like they might actually be capable of walking about without having to stop every six steps to pant the meat-sweats out...

but seriously Im having real trouble on the third. I need good pads for it. ones like the mk5 one wont work with the arm config and the standard pads now look inadequate on their own, next to the mk3's ones with ogryn bits under them. but again, they cant be added either as they'd get in the way...

I need ideas guys?

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Post by: osjclatchford

got that heavy done:

went for a different heavybolter in the end. the 30k ones that are slung low-like that just look plain weird to me.
I chose the sternguard one because I feared issues with the beltfeed and this has the added bonus of the ammo hopper actually on the gun matches in with the centurions a trreat.
in fact these sternguard heavybolters arent bad. had to remove that rediculous ornate cross it had on the front, replaced by the simple skull (a purity seal/honourmarking from the centurion set) but other than that It took very little effort to get it on the primaris... the guy is a bit of a hybrid model though. sternguard bolter and backpack, reiver torso and intercessor legs and head. perhaps its the slighter phobos armoured torso that made it easier to add the weapon, but in the end it needed only the slightest bit of gs ball under the left armpit to fit true. the lack of chain-feed offers more freedom in positioning too...

however. the sternguard kit is not without its issues. the hoppers both on the bolter and the backpack have some ferocious join-lines when constructed and required a good filling and trimming to get to look right, see here in this wip shot:

you can see where Ive HAD to fill it.
no prob for me to be honest but someone with very little experience using gs in this fashion might be put off...

as you can see I went for a mk10 lid to further extenuate that this is a a primaris model holding that heavybolter, and simply cos id not painted one yet and fancied giving one a go...
all in all, a solid proof-of-concept model and I'll tend to disagree with anyone that says the standard arms will look silly on primaris and that primaris with devastator weapons cant be done easily.

so, any thoughts on suitable pads for that cent then?

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Post by: Malika2

No clue for the Centurion, perhaps some Adeptus Mechanicus robot bits or even crazier: Primarch shoulderpads?

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/09/29 18:11:24

Post by: osjclatchford

primarch pads! bit pricey for that, no?

here's the last two scouts done (aside for the bikers) only done seven in the end as I'm getting sick of them now:

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Post by: osjclatchford

OK! back to the cents!
quite a few changes on this-un in the end.

the pose is now less outrageously action-packed and much more stoic and static. its like; "yes I'm slow and cumbersome but my assault cannon isnt..."
the observant of you will notice the darkangels terminator body on the back (I just really liked those arched vents).
in place of a Tartaros top-plate (as I did not have another and wanted a distinctly different look) I'd recently been torturing myself trying to get hold of either an aggressors frag-launcher or a redemptor's icarus pod to sit between the plates.
no-one's got one and the usual bitz stores are perpetually out of stock of both.
I ended up using a tau rocket pod in the end and I think it actually works ok as a generic gl/rl or even smokelauncer. the way it sits reminds me of the missile pod on the invictor suit (stupidest dreadnought ever* )in fact its a nice nod to the tau battlesuits that centurions originally attempted to emulate.
as you know already, the pads were a bugger for me on this conversion from day one as I wanted something significantly different. At one point I even realised that knight armiger pads would technically fit and would have looked kinda saturniney. alas, same problem getting those as the rocket/nade pods... sigh. So you can see I copped out and it simply uses the ogryn underpad idea as on the mk3ish one. ok though.
I kept the studs and gold/bronze finery to a minimum as i wanted a streamlined no-nonsense look that fits the pose and general functionality of the model. also there were so many purity seals already sculpted on the chest eagle and the pads had those little eagles on so i figured that was enough. however I found myself adding a couple of
purity seals to hide a nasty bit on the chaingun-arm join but it works as extra blessings to guide his gun-hand I suppose? whatever!
I'm sure you can tell the chain-fist is clearly made from ork chainswords but was originally a second assault cannon.
it had to go. looked too long and harked back to the gawky-clumsy-ugliness of the original centurions that I was steering desperately away from. the single cannon works fine for me and does not look oversized or impossible to wield.

so thats cents done! a real fun but surprisingly complicated conversion process. learnt a lot doing these. not doing any more though! LOL

*what were gw thinking with the invictor? it looks like a childs first idea of a "cool" conversion. rediculous!

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Post by: osjclatchford


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Post by: Boss Salvage

I was hoping you'd toss a group shot our way <3

What. A. Squad. I like that you went with matching pads on the last guy, helps the sarge (?) in the middle stand out with the mega pads. Back when you were asking for reccs, I thought about suggesting helbrute or daemon prince pads, but they'd be both hard to get and WAY big

Anyway, amazing work!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/10/14 16:10:58

Post by: osjclatchford


got these rtb01 inspired phobos armoured guys done over the last couple of days:

bit too dark to get real good shots of them so you'll have to make do with this montage for now.
I've another one planned to do (with more rt inspired bits to do) so there'll be a group shot of the five when he's done.
I feel this squad has turned out even better than originally planned. ive tried to add a bit more colour and interest on the grenades and kit too, so its not just gray and black.
oh and for those new to these, the bolters and backpacks are shapeways prints... they, along with the ravenwing corvus lids totally make the squad scream Roguetrader era!

as the guy with the pistol is now the Sgt., I've promoted big ed from Sgt. to Lt. and my big-sexie phobos Lt. has now been promoted to captain.
well done them I'd say...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/10/14 16:13:32

Post by: Malika2

Hmm, was kinda hoping you'd fill up the thin parts of the lower legs, but that's just a personal taste thing.

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/10/14 16:23:05

Post by: osjclatchford

yeah, never said I would do that. I like the feet tbh.
they look like the super-sneakie-freakie-beakies that I want them to be.
I suppose just don't get all the phobos leg-haters...

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/10/15 07:08:20

Post by: Malika2

Tastes will always differ, but you did paint them amazingly!

OSJC's [40k] Primaris / truescale spacesharks @ 2020/10/17 15:50:25

Post by: osjclatchford

thanks M!
here's the promised fifth member of the squad:

as you can see he's sporting a heresy era missile launcher. the one from the mk4 plastics.
weirdly this model has an oddity where the backpack fits in. rather than making a space for the righthand adjustment thruster on the backpack, it's simply missing. necessitating the need to trim the 3d printed one down (a bugger to get to fit neatly) why they've opted to do it this way is odd as I believe the resin ones from forgeworld are simply shaped to fit the jet bit under it... meh, it matters not really. one thing I'll say is that the way the plastic one is cast (three seperate peices) allows for a much more detailed transition of magazine to weapon join. go get one and look down the top, you can see the missile within the gun casing, a real nice feature that makes the whole thing look better (if painted in sub-assemblies). Also the left hand on the sight is a nice sculpt too...
I added a few extra rockets for flavour and decided that I'd simply put the small reiver pad on the left side instead of the right. the reasons for this were twofold. one, I didnt fancy hacking out all the mk4 pad and two, i'd no more mk6 studdies left...