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Heya dakka ive started a renegade army blog and wanted to make a background, more for practicing my writing skills then anything else, im not sure if this is the right place to put it though so apologies if its wrong (SANDOLIAN LIBERATORS INITIATE)

It was particularly hot for Sandolia today due to both suns being up and the nonexistent ozone layer, the commissar mindlessly spouting words of faith and war was sweating profusely in his oversized greatcoat. Jagang couldn’t stand any more of these lies and he knew his brothers felt the same way.

They just needed a leader.

As Darken Rahl pushed through the crowds of young men he could better hear the nonsense and gibberish the grizzled commissar was spewing from his mouth, “he must have rehearsed this meaningless speech all the way over here” thought Darken Rahl. As he reached the stage the commissar recognised the look on Darken Rahl’s face as the face of a non believer.

“You there, boy! Come closer to me, you seem like you are having trouble understanding the words I speak, is it because your not listening or perhaps its because you are stupid?”

Darken Rahl silently walked up the stairs to meet with the commissar who was about a head smaller than him and said, “how could I be stupid for not believing that a dead man in a chair could possibly protect ships from falling apart in warp travel”.
A hundred guns were levelled at once, all aiming directly for Darken Rahls handsome face. (SANDOLIAN LIBERATORS END)

if you guys like it i can create more would really appreciate feedback and/or ideas ofr the characters (also preps for whoever can guess where i got my names for the characters from) the painting blog link can be found in my sig

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I can tell your all excited about this by all the comments i am receiving. (SANDOLIAN LIBERATORS INITIATE)

When the commissar walked up to young man he looked directly in to his face as he reached for the Bolt pistol that had made an example of countless youths on countless planets just like this one, but before he even touched the familiar grip of his pistol a great bull of a man slammed into the commissar, killing the fragile old man before he even hit the ground, seizing his chance Darken Rahl ran for one of the stunned guard closest to him and slammed a knife in to his neck, lasbolts whizzed through the air and past his head, he would have been dead were it not for the young guard he had just killed acting as a shield from the deadly guns, he glanced over at the man who had just killed the commissar and realised it was none other then Jagang, that man had saved Darken Rahls life many a time but this time it was he who was in trouble. (SANDOLIAN LIBERATORS END)

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Well, I think it's very good so far so keep at it!

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terribletrygon wrote:Almost no one has been killed over video/war games. Except for MMORPGs, but that's just natural selection.

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No ozone? with 2 suns?

Thats not just heat thats MASSIVE amounts of UV radiation that would kill any soft skinned creature in the light...

Its ok otherwise.
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corpsesarefun wrote:No ozone? with 2 suns?

Thats not just heat thats MASSIVE amounts of UV radiation that would kill any soft skinned creature in the light...

Its ok otherwise.

What am i a scientist? anyways i figure seeing as its a forgeworld which will be explained later polution could make a sort of shield that keeps the sun and stuff out, plausible? iono (SANDOLIAN LIBERATORS INITIATE) Darken Rahl searched for a way to help his friend that that wasn’t a suicide mission he scanned the area where the imperial guard had landed their dropship but couldn’t find anything of use.

But then he saw the dead guardsmen had frag grenades on his belt.

Jagang was acting on instinct alone and the only thing fuelling him was adrenaline, no sooner had he broken the neck of a terrified guardsmen had he moved on to the next and then another, and another not even thinking to pick up a dropped weapon instead relying on his brute strength to get the killing done, he was sure that he had been shot but no idea how many times or how badly he was hurt but he was sure he couldn’t go on much longer, and he was right. Another bolt hit Jagang square in the face and sent him howling to the ground, blood covered his hands as he tried to keep himself from falling apart, he was sure he had gone blind as the world went black, he heard a loud bang and then silence. (SANDOLIAN LIBERATORS END) hope ya like it =D.

Made in au
Yellin' Yoof


comeonn theres gotta be someone who has something to say (SANDOLIAN LIBERATORS INITIATE)

“Yes! That had done it” thought Darken Rahl as he saw the drop ships engines explode, claiming more then eighty guardsmen in the fireball, the rest of them running away from the seemingly invincible men being chased by inhabitants of Sandolia that were inspired by the combat. Darken Rahl searched the platform for his friend Jagang and finally spotted him, covered in dust and rubble.

When Darken Rahl and several others from the crowd dug Jagang out of the debris he didn’t recognise his friend anymore his face was a mangled wreck he didn’t even have two eyes anymore, Darken Rahl didn’t know how many times he screamed for a medic before he passed out.


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