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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Latest commission:

Grey knight army im working on:

Made in us
Monstrous Master Moulder


Beautiful work! I really like the purple with the grey knights.

Made in gb
Stalwart Space Marine


Yeah, GK do look good in purple. Loving the conversion work on the dreadknight (pose + enclosed pilot) as well as the nemesis greatsword carried on top of the land raider.

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Blood Ravens - Building Bigger Rhinos 
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

The OSL on that LR is awesome!

Made in gb
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws


Fantastic work,i'm pretty much speechless.

Made in us
Huge Hierodule

United States

Everything looks phenomenal. I'm especially fond of the posing on the Dreadknight. My only complaint is I think Angron's skin tone looks a bit unnatural.

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Thanks for all the great comments!!

Here are pictures of my 2nd dreadknight!

Made in us
Steadfast Grey Hunter

Orlando, FL

Amazing commission work!

Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Finished Blood angels landraider today for a customer!

Here are the pictures:

Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Small update:

Currently im working on 5 sternguards and a drop pod to add to my clients BA army!
This weekend he will coming to pick them up and he will bring the full force i painted so far for him so i can take some pictures of the army in its full glory!
Stay tuned!

Made in us
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions

some very cool stuff. But I guess a little nit picking is in order on Angron, the paint is excellent, however Angron had the red "Spike" tattoos on his face, and Deathguard had a green center piece on their shoulderpads

I love the Dreadknights and the purple you used, much different from the typical red and silver. Posing is perfect and I love the dirt tracking from the one sliding to a stop on his foot. Your lettering is top notch. I just started on some free hand work with a few infinity minis I painted.

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Made in nl
Esteemed Veteran Space Marine

the Netherlands

the tracks on the GK LR are too muddy imo but im loving the BA LR really like the osl on the lights which colors did you use for the green light and what order did you use?

Made in us
Morphing Obliterator

San Francisco, CA

those dreadknights look great. I normally don't care for the model, but your choice of pose and paint make them look awesome here. loving all the lettering work you've done. any tips on how to do it? it's something I struggle with.

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Made in us
Boosting Ultramarine Biker

Lowell, MA

Sorry to criticize beautiful work. that DreadKnight looks like it's cranking 80mph instead of being a lumbering war-machine. I found it comical, I just cant see it moving like that.

sorry mate, I do appreciate the amount of work you put in though!
Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Thanks for all the great comments guys!
6^: Np! Not everybody's taste is the same!

BA army i painted over the past couple of mounts:

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I'm a big fan of how dynamic your grey night dreadknights are arranged. They look fantastic. So much better than them just standing there looking lame. Your Angron is excellent is excellent as well. Cheers.
Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz

These truly are amazing! But the thing that caught me the most was your lighting. (headlights eyes ect) how did you do it? that is something i would love to apply to my grey knights! If you would want to share any secrets as to how you did that please do so!
Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Thanks guys!

Currently im working on a nurle chaos army for a client.
First batch contains:
76 cultists
12 chosen
1 lord
10 raptors
1 fiend
1 forge master

When they are finished ill post some pictures!

Dubd797: It is done with an airbrush

Made in us
Blood Angel Neophyte Undergoing Surgeries

Love that BA land Raider, the mud looks so good! Also the dreadnight pose is super rad.

Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Hey all!!

Thx Vivalabuffalo!

Well here are some pictures of what i painted this week!

Fiend and raptors for a client:

This army is a bit nurgle themed but not all the way so he can play whatever he likes.

Here are 33 scarb bases i did today for one of my clients im going to take pictures of the army tomorrow ive painted around 3000 points for him so far.

And here a some of my own stuff Pre Herresy Emperors Children!!
Contemptor dread:

And my Proteus Landraider WIP:

Im thinking if i should go with battle damage on them what do you guys think?


Made in la
Quick-fingered Warlord Moderatus


These are great. A definate yes on battle damage from me.

Made in nl
Dakka Veteran


Hey all!!

Thanks Barksdale!
I already started with some battle damage on the contemptor!

I decided to buy a decent camera after making photo's with a friends camera tonight!

Anyway Here are 2 pictures of 2 projects i finished in the last weeks/months.

This necron army is done on low Quality and i painted this in about 2 months
The army has the following models in it:
3 Lords on foot
1 C'tan
2 Crypteks
1 Imotekh the Stormlord
1 Vargard Obyron
2 Destroyer lords
1 Command barge
3 Annihilation Barges
1 Doomsday ark
1 Ghost ark
40 Necron warriors
20 Immortals
6 Wraights
2 Night Scythes
10 Deathmarks

Next army is a chaos army i have been working on last couple of weeks and up coming month it will grow even bigger!
This army is done with low, medium and high quality painting.
(Cultists low, Marines and vehicle's medium and Characters on high)

The army has the following models in it:
1 Chaos Lord
1 Master of the Forge
12 Chosen
60 Cultists
10 Raptors
1 Hell brute
1 Mauler Fiend

Upcomming month i will paint:
2 Monoliths
1 Forgewold pre herresy Predator
1 Forgewold pre herresy Rhino
16 cultists
6 Khador Iron Fang Uhlans
5 Death company
5 Sanguinary Guard.


Made in us
Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Sweet work there. Especially like that Emperor's Children dreadnought.

Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise.
>Raptors Lead the Way < 
Made in nl
Dakka Veteran



Here are some more finished models:



Automatically Appended Next Post:
Hey all,

Ive finished 2 monoliths for my necron client here are the pictures:

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran




Made in gb
Drop Trooper with Demo Charge

kent uk

Love ur paint jobs mate all ur work is amazing

1500 wip
1000 wip
200 on the backburner
next project
warmachine khador 9 points current project

Made in gb
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot


That Dreadknight reminds me of when you burn stuff as a Pyro in TF2 and they run around screaming :

FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so enjoying himself with those flamers lmfao. Look at him prance!

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Or cut out the middleman and just flush some money down the toilet.
Made in nl
Dakka Veteran



Shenoanne: LOL

Please vote!

Made in us
Humorless Arbite

Outside the DarkTower, amongst the roses.

So much good stuff, it hurts my eyes...and my pride.

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Made in nl
Dakka Veteran



Here is todays work!
I must say this sorcerer was a pain in the ass to paint lol so many little details and mutated skin...
But im happy with how he turned out and so does the client!

And here the display to go with them!

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