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The Planet Pharous

The planet of Pharous had been a quiet yet prosperous planet, its volcanic northern Hemisphere producing natural resources for the Imperium in its sector, the main output usually being the natural mineral formations and deposits found around in the bowels of long dead Volcano’s. In later years seems of mysterious Blackstone had been found, however any opportunity to investigate this were soon to be lost. The Inhabitants of Pharous are believed to be descendants of the Catatchan people, hardy folk who are at home in the industrial north as much as in the dense forests that hug the equator. The planet is made up of one habitable large land mass with several volcanic island chains forming sporadically in the southern oceans. Other than being formed by volcanic eruption little else is known about these islands and any attempt to investigate has usually resulted in failure due to extreme weather storms that can appear in the region. Even the largest land mass has been difficult to observe, although reports of a light source continue to stir intrigue in the official cartographer guilds.

Apart from the regular Devil Hunt (it was later discovered that it wasn’t just the people that had descended from Catachan) a Bi-annual cull of the now resident Catachan Devil population, life on the planet was fairly quiet. Its citizens had settled in to a hard working but prosperous life with the only irritations being the criminal underworld of the industrial North and the deadly fauna of the Southern Forests.

The Downfall

The arrival of Inquisitor Praxerena Julanz from the Ordo Xenos hailed the end of peaceful time for the planet. Many saw her arrival as an insult, after all why would such proud and capable people need inquisitorial help to fight a xeno species that they have been dealing with for years already?
She hadn’t come for the Devils, She was bringing warning of something much worse, a nearby Ork warboss was gathering a great horde ready to unleash a devastating Waaagh! Upon the system, her plan was to stop it right there on Pharous regardless of how the population felt.
As the planet began to prepare for war reports of a huge object approaching through the warp confirmed suspicions that Pharous would be the first target for the Greenskins. The planets astropaths began to broadcast for reinforcements with estimates of help arriving within the month. A Little over 35 hours after the first message for help was sent, the skies darkened over the Northern territories as what appeared to be an Ork Rok began it’s decent to the planet surface.
The force of the landing was nothing but devastating, millions of lives both civilian and military were lost under the enormous bulk of the Rok with the shockwave of the landing creating a 5 mile deep crater, flattening buildings for nearly a hundred miles in all directions and causing earthquakes and intense volcanic activity that lasted for a week after they started.

The Fightback

The battered and bruised Northern forces retreated and regrouped with the southern elements of the PDF and readied themselves for the coming battle. The green tide came, initially delayed by the seismic activity but no less dangerous, the main battle was centred to the west of the lighthouse city of Sostratus. The defenders found themselves hugely outnumbered but tactically they couldn’t have been in a better position, the geography of the land enabled Tank commander captain LeGuin to perform quick hit and run raids at the Orks rear formations , using the dense cover of the Orks own Vehicles smoke to strike out of nowhere. Any Orks trying to approach from the south were quickly cut down by the xeno rider’s cavalry and those that did make it past became lost in the dense forest presumed devoured by the fierce fauna that reside inside.
The defence of the city was overseen by Major Alexandra Sotor, with her son Lieutenant Colonel Alexis Sotor commanding the operations of the ground. Inquisitor Praxerena was not absent from the fight, she and her small force of Guardsmen were seen in the thick of the fighting several times and were credited for destroying a group of Kommandos believed to be tasked with assassinating the human leaders.
Although this attempt was thwarted nothing could have been done to stop their original objective, out of the smoke and haze of gunfire a massive battle wagon emerged with what could only be described as one of the colossal mining lasers salvaged from the Blackstone mine attached to it. The resulting blast tore into the command rooms of the already battered lighthouse exploding thousands of shards of glass, rockcrete and debris hundreds of meters into the city and killing the command staff within.
With upper command destroyed the weary defenders faltered and the defence of the city became perilously close to giving up, it wasn’t until Alexis picked up his Mothers sword from the destruction that surrounded him and was able to rally the defenders into an offensive onslaught against the invaders. It was later proclaimed that the emperor himself gave light to Alexis and that, not only was his bellowing rage enough to burn fear into the invading greenskins but a searing beam of light emanated from him crippling the captured Blackstone mining laser. In reality it was the sight of his Mothers lifeless body that had given fuel to his rage and the blast of light was a well-placed shot from the legendary super heavy shadowsword tank ‘say hello to sunshine’.

The end and the future

It was the fourth day of fighting that signalled the end of the battle, its cause was as brutal as it was lucky. The imperium nihilus the so called great rift burst forth across the galaxy causing the planets smoke filled sky to turn into a purple haze. The destructive energies caused by it wiped the reinforcement fleet, barely two days away from Pharous, out of existence. Before the planets astropaths could deliver the cataclysmic news to the defenders, the onrushing psychic power exploded every psykers head on the planet resulting in any communication off planet impossible.
What would seem to be the end of everything turned out to be a small victory for the planet. The immense psychic display routed the orks into retreat, completely spooked by the huge storm above them they promptly fell back to the shelter of the North leaving the stragglers to be picked off by teams of imperial snipers.
With sporadic fighting becoming more of a nuisance than a real threat, the imperial forces began to regroup and assess the situation. Losses were critical; any hope of retaking the Northern territories was almost suicidal, the planet was now completely isolated from the imperium any form of help would not be forthcoming. This worked both ways however, the Orks may have control over the industrial north but they are also unable to receive any reinforcements which prolonged their ability to mount a second offensive. Alexis Sotor now found himself in charge of an entire world as well as an entire army.
Gathering his commanders and remaining councilmen, Alexis began the long and drawn out process of rebuilding and repairing the damage caused in the past few weeks. It took four days of arguments, deals and general squabbling over property to come to the plan known as the settlement agreement. This agreement saw each remaining counsellor given a right to settle somewhere on the planet in a bid to help rebuild the planet in such a way that if or when a link to the imperium returns Pharous will be in a position to continue to support its neighbouring planets once more.
These agreements came with certain conditions such as areas to settle, trade and government but also to swear to keep true to values of the rebuilding the planet.
Exactly three months after the orks made planetfall, enormous snake like caravans could be observed heading out to start new towns and reinforce existing ones each accompanied by a military force lead by one of Alexis most trusted officers. Most of these caravans would find their pre agreed settlement site and go on to become prosperous centres of civilisation a few however never made it to their destinations, some simply vanished with no explanation whereas others had been destroyed by marauding ork warbands.

Alexis remained at Sostratus as commander of the settlement defence force there with his cousin Sheti becoming the leading councillor. Sostratus has become the capital of Pharous, it has the ability to govern over all settlements that make up the southern collective. It is also the defensive lynchpin against an Ork attack, if Sostratus was to fall there would be very little left to stop the Greenskin tide sweeping over the rest of the planet.
For now Pharous is at relative peace, the devil hunt continues but now only when it is called for, a new respect for these creatures has grown out of admiration over the amount of Orks they kill. New seams of mineral wealth have been discovered around the southernmost settlements and prosperity is returning to a previously battered and bruised populace.
The planet is still cut off from anything outside its own atmosphere but it is far from beaten everyday it is prepared for the next war with the Orks in the north, everyday it is prepared for its glorious reunion with the empire of man, everyday its citizens send a prayer to the immortal Emperor finishing with the unquestionable line:

Pharous lives!

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Inquisitor Praxerena Julanz

Born on a feudal world into a family of swordsmiths, Praxerena was educated by the local temple ecclesiarchy she is a devout follower of the emperor as any, with faith as strong as the steel she arms herself with.
When her planet was attacked by an Ork warband there was little she could do except hide and watch as her family and friends died at the brutality of the aliens, it was at the local temple, where her fellow villagers made a final stand and call for help that she witnessed the Murder of her own father whilst he battled a huge armour clad warboss - buying time for her to hide away hoping she would go unnoticed.
Hours after the slaughter had finished she re-emerged from her hiding place only to be seen and cornered by stragglers of the main warband looking to loot the bodies of the dead, offering up a prayer to be saved she waited for the killing blow to arrive.
She was still alive when she opened her eyes, greeted with a scene of xenos blood, dead bodies and a group of heavily armed women from the Adeptus Sororitas. In the weeks and months that followed, Praxerena travelled with the sisters soaking up their teachings and knowledge like a sponge, she would often be found with a sword in her hand practicing sweeps and sparring with the warriors using the experience she gained whilst duelling with her familys combat droid Koine She would later return for Koine in the years that followed to recruit him as one of her acolytes.
The arrival of Inquisitor Dimitri Hayle signalled the end of her time on the planet, the inquisitor was determined to stop the destruction caused by rampaging orks and had arrived on the planet searching for new leads. Dimitri spoke to Praxerena to try and collect as much information as possible about the orks even going as far as having her accompanying him on hunts to destroy what was left of the greenskin menace. After it was realized the remnants of the warband had got what they came for and left Praxerena joined the Inquisitors host as an Acolyte saying goodbye to her homeworld and to the battle sisters who had become a surrogate family to her. Before she left she attended a vigil with the sisters’ canoness who gifted her a suit of battle armour and an ornate power sword, original crafted for the canoness herself by Praxerenas father.
Praxerena would accompany Dimitri for many years both vowing to find and destroy the Orks responsible for the system wide destruction taking place. Praxerena eventually succeeded Dimitri as inquisitor after he was fatally wounded fighting a splinter ork warband that was leading them to the location of the Warboss who had started it all.
His death was not in vain however and after revisiting her homeworld to recruit a small taskforce it was certain, the information they had gathered revealed the next target for the Orks

- The Planet Pharous

Road to 5k Points current standing - 3,672

Astra Militarum army thread: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/801034.page

Army fiction thread https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/801004.page#11222210 
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Suspicious of the lack of Ork activity, Inquisitor Julanz and Commander Sotor each accompanied by their personal retinues boarded a Valkyrie to head north to observe the state of the Ork army.
On the approach thick plumes of black smoke could be seen rising from ramshackle and crudely built factories and Mek bays, swarms of Orks could be seen building weapons, vehicles and vile instruments of death. After investigation it would seem the rich fertile volcanic soil thrown up from the Ork spaceship provided a perfect breeding ground for the alien reproductive spores resulting in a force that had regenerated faster and larger than previously predicted.

On the return to Sostratus immediate plans were put into the defence of the city, drills and combat procedures were simulated, reviewed and rewritten – some from the ground up where necessary. Vox calls to the southern settlements went out bringing re-enforcements to the fight and warning to those who couldn’t, concerned for the ones that didn’t reply at all Alexis tasked Inquisitor Julanz to investigate the silence fearing Ork infiltrators had struck.
Alexis, unfortunately was right to fear the Kunning of the Orks, the first three settlements had been devastated, both human and Ork bodies lie everywhere any survivors left were patched up as best the team could and told to head north.
Upon arrival of the settlement of Teresh fighting was still ongoing , keen to get into the thick of it and save as many fighting bodies as she could Praxerena ordered her flight to land so she and her force could disembark. The fighting was close and brutal and the loss of every life was felt across the battlefront, Praxerena had fought in similar situations many times before and co-ordinated her forces to provide support fire to critical locations whilst she battled her way to the muscle clad leader of the Ork warband.
Her first shot took a huge chunk out of the side of the Nobs torso the second went wide and she couldn’t afford a third, tossing her plasma pistol away she began a desperate fight with the greenskin rolling and parrying, dodging every blow from the Ork axe but she still couldn’t land a blow back on the xeno. Praxerena could feel her energy draining out of her but she also noticed the Ork was slowing too, she feigned a roll to left which the ork followed with a vicious sweep of its axe instead she rolled forward between the Orks legs and thrust her sword into the already injured side of the beast.
In pain the Ork sent her flying backwards with a savage backhand, she landed against a stone wall breaking her arm in the process and watched as the huge green warrior strode towards her Axe in hand. Visions of her father fighting the greenskin menace swam in her head as she prepared to meet the Emperor, then the Ork fell it’s head landing inches away from her feet – the bio toxins she had implanted into her sword had done their job killing the beast from the inside out.

With their leader dead the surviving orks fled the battle chased by soldiers the inquisitor had brought with her, Praxerena wiped the xeno blood from her blade and went to find the towns councillor and work out how the Orks were able to rampage this far south undetected.
The answers were all the same: nobody knew where or how the Orks came from to get this far, angry that she had no answers, Praxerena met with the returning hunting party that had been perusing the retreating orks for the past few hours.
Their findings still didn’t add anything to solving the mystery of how the orks got this far but they did throw an entirely new complication to the war on Pharous.
The team had encountered already dead Orks on their hunt and discovered the wounds suffered were not from standard Astra Militarum weaponry, 6 of the bodies clearly had bolter shots to the head – not unusual as the bolter was a favoured weapon of sergeants on Pharous, but none of the team had carried that kind of weapon. The second set of wounds was much more horrifying to behold, huge holes punched through the torso of the green beasts like they were wet paper, in some places the skin and muscle had dissolved away into nothing.
It wasn’t until the next morning after scouring the countless xeno entries in Koines database that an answer was forthcoming.
Praxerena flew into a state of activity; she ordered all able bodies including some of her own men to aid and escorts the population of Teresh and any stragglers to make for the safety of Sostratus.
When asked about her plans Praxerena looked longingly over the sea towards the misty Islands and simply replied

‘There is more to investigate here, it would seem we are not alone in this fight, I believe these mysterious Islands may hold some explanation to who or what killed the greenskin scum. However there is one thing that I can be certain of :

- Necrons dwell on the Planet Pharous –‘

As the Gaggle of Survivors made their way north Praxerena boarded her Valkyrie and headed out to the misty island searching for answers…

Road to 5k Points current standing - 3,672

Astra Militarum army thread: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/801034.page

Army fiction thread https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/801004.page#11222210 
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Drooling Labmat

Pretty solid stuff here. You have a few SPAGs and maybe you can drag out a bit how the father of Julanz fought before his death. Or at least adamentum instead of steel as that is the word in 40k. Other than that I liked the read very much.
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