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Made in eg
Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

So this is a thread we revisit every now and again, what army do you want from GW that you would actually buy and play?


Space Pirates yarrrrrrr


Pirate King

Renegade Marine Officer

Eldar Pirate King

Human Pirates

Squat Pirates

Ork Warriors

Shuttle Craft (new plastic kit)

Drop Pod

Renegade Marines

Funky aliens we've not seen before

Eldar Pirates(can become troops if HQ is Eldar Pirate King)


Gunship (new plastic kit)

Human bikers

Eldar Jetbikes


Orbital Barrage

Big alien monster slave thing

Squat Thunderers


A mostly deepstriking army with few heavy weapons and a medly of 40k armies.

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Richland, WA

Made in us
Unmaker, Scion of Tzeentch

Southern New Hampshire

How about Dark Eldar that don't look fugly? Does that count?

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Thousand Sons
Renegade Astartes The Scourged

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Dakka Veteran


Genestealer Cult similar to the RT era list with demons, as opposed to the 2nd edition(?) list that was just nids with guard.

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Regular Dakkanaut


13th company, LatD. I know they're armies, but I want something in writing saying i'll always be able to use it in tourneys.


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IG fan 
Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

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Miss Piggy can have Master Crafted Power Hoves!


Made in us

Amongst the Stars, In the Night

Hmmm… I would not buy Squats, but I would buy Demiurg! Sure, they’d basically be Squats, but without all the silly v2 fluff and visual design elements that turned them into simply “Dwarves In Space!” The Iron Claw Squats were pretty slick, being more techno-friendly abhumans who, after being isolated for several millennia, had long since "evolved", or stably mutated into their stout forms. They could even have other dwarf-like fluff that has Demiurg being of extended lifespan, have a much slower reproductive rate than normal humans, and even live in massive underground fortresses/hives.

The key thing is the hokey Dwarf imagery, which works great in fantasy, should be completely absent in Demiurg. No clan symbols, no dwarfish runes, Gallic script, or any of that stuff. They can still be bearded midget truckers/rednecks with flak vests and guns, but no bikes, trikes and similar things. They would be more like high-tech miners, craftsmen, artisans and engineers that aren’t afraid to get into a fight, but definitely use their superior grasp of technology to their advantage. Perhaps to the point where all Demiurg have an innate ability to repair damaged tech similar to Enginseers and Techmarines.

Exo-suits would still be retained, but will need some serious redesigning. Instead of being eggs with legs, they could be terminator sized piloted suits (rather than worn suits), with similar armament. They could also have larger piloted suits that would be similar to heavier armed and armored Crisis suits or Sentinels. Mobility could be provided by armored drop ships (think Aliens or Dune’s mining ships) and firepower by slower moving, but better armed and armored tanks.

Other tech could grant them access to plasma weaponry that doesn’t get hot. Preferred special weapons could be melta and plasma weaponry, as well as flame throwers for tunnel fighting. Heavy weaponry would place a preference on las- and plasma-cannons, while having access to multi-meltas and heavy bolters. Standard armaments would be autoguns, bolters, storm-bolters and the like.

Las-cutters, plasma-torches and power fists would be the close combat implements of choice. Things like melta-pistols could even return, or multi-directional multi-meltas when vehicle mounted (which, in v2 days, allowed dread mounted multi-meltas to fire “focused” as a multi-melta, or “diffuse” as a heavy flamer).

Anyhow, here’s a generic list:


Battle Captain (0-1) – Would have access to exo-suits, including the larger versions.
Battle Leader – Like above, but the 2 wound guy.
Lead Engineer – Super techie, would allow more robots and other remote control gizmos. Alternately, could be an elite choice.

Exo-Suit Boarding Party - Squad of exo-suit wearing combat vets 5-10 in number.
Battle Suit Team – Squad of vets wearing the heavier battle suits, squad size 1-4.
Honor Guard – Essentially a command squad that can be upgraded to exo-suits or battle suits if the HQ character is also upgraded. Can also be taken as separately (ie: without a character). Models can also be upgraded to medic, standard bearer, and comms officer (allowing “improved comms” rolls), all of which can be broken off and attached to other squads.

Warriors – Standard Demiurg combat squad, 5-10 guys, 1-2 special weapons, the one of which can be upgraded to a heavy weapon.
Combat Drones (0-2) – Heavily armed combat robots. Restriction would be lifted with Lead Engineer, which would also allow for added variety (close combat drones, heavy weapon drones, etc..)
Mining Drones – Lightly armed and armored robots really designed for mining but pressed into combat. Would be fitted solely for close combat.

Fast Attack

Armored Drop Ships - Demiurg style- Valkyries
Termites – Tunneler assault teams composed of close-combat equipped Warriors. If Lead Engineer taken, can be upgraded to exo-suits or replaced by close-combat Drones
Gyrocopters – Another of a “Forgeworld” add on, as they would be close air support flyers.

Heavy Support
Artillery Battery – Essentially batteries of the Demiurg equivalent to Thudd Guns, Tarantulas & Mole Mortars, specifically repeating artillery & heavy mortars.
Demiurg Battlemaster – heavy tracked tank, possibly one transportable by a Demiurg equivalent to a Thunderhawk transporter.
Heavy Battle Suits – The heaviest armed and armored battle suits, squad size 1-4, can be fitted with las-cutters, plasma torches and other siege-like mining implements.

(great googly moogly I can't believe how much time I spent on this!)

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Still trying to operate tape cassettes

- Space Pirates, but with a more human bent than Kyoto mentioned. Think the crews of Wolf Pack fleets in BFG.
They're not Imperial, but certainly not Chaotic, and could show how stagnant the Imperium has become, being branded heretics simply for not being Imperial.

- Eldar, but not all hippy-dippy psychic or mean and nasty bondage-y. More of a practical, technological feel. They use oil and grease instead of small spiders, and you can actually see that they use gears in their technology.

- Definitely an officail LatD Codex, or maybe a Codex Renegades. Didn''t someone throw something similar together? It would be great. A generic army list, and you then choose weaponry and cahracters from the Chaos/IG/Tau or whatever book, depending upon what your army has sided with, plus extra entries for LatD armies.

I Ate Your Bees 
Made in us

Wilmington DE

Army from the Halo of 'ghost planets' (or whatever they're called) from Macharius' campaign, at the edge of space, or some other kind of Human army that is independant from the Emperor of Man and Chaos and the Tau. Dark Age of Technology stuff, with crazy psychic powers, including something like the SM Master's ability to give everyone his LD (or a re-roll), and some kind of terrifying presence ('They're the Ghosts of the Dark Age of Technology!'). Perhaps something similar to the Culluxus assasin, though way more low-powered. Oh, and there should be thinking machines as well.

(Okay, so this is a rip-off of both the Clans from Battletech and the Orii from SG1, with a little Dune thrown in for good measure. Sue me).

Guinness: for those who are men of the cloth and football fans, but not necessarily in that order.

I think the lesson here is the best way to enjoy GW's games is to not use any of their rules.--Crimson Devil 
Made in eg
Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

For the demiurge how about limiting them to walkers?  I think they would look more steampunky and would make sense for a race of asteroid miners.


Something like these Warzone walkers

Or the ones from Steamboy.

Made in us

Amongst the Stars, In the Night

Yah, the battle suits (both the regular and heavy varieties) would definitely be walkers. The exo-suits would, in a way, also be walkers, but would have infantry stats similar to a termie suit as well as similar equipment, since they would have been designed for tunnel fighting and/or boarding actions in space. The armoured drop ships would be ala Dune's mining carriers, releasing swarms of battle suits, exo-armor clad warriors or even some sort of armored vehicle.

Demiurg not in battle suits or exo-armor would also need some sort of special movement rules since their short little legs can't carry them as fast. Or even the reintroduction of the movement stat. If fit into the existing system, I was thinking you would roll 2d6, picking the best dice (and rolling only 1d6 in difficult terrain), but having 4" be the maximum distance able to be moved. This way they'd have a relatively stable move of 4", but would occasionaly be gimped by bad die rolls. Exo-armor and battle suits would move as normal.

OT Zone: A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villany
The Loyal Slave learns to Love the Lash! 
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Still trying to operate tape cassettes

For the Demiurg movement, how about D3+1?

I Ate Your Bees 
Made in us

Wilmington DE

Nah, just give the 'urg slow and purposeful. And mount their heavy weapons on some kind of robot or tracked automaton, like a mining rig...

Walkers and giant steampunk mecha fer sure. Definitely like the Warzone look, but perhaps Maybe also some access to 'urged up tau equipment (Devilfish, skyray, drones, pirhana, that sort of thing).

Guinness: for those who are men of the cloth and football fans, but not necessarily in that order.

I think the lesson here is the best way to enjoy GW's games is to not use any of their rules.--Crimson Devil 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I misunderstood the thread, from the truncation in the browser:

Pitch an army...

(But I'm going with it anyway.)

I think they should pitch Dark Eldar. Send them to Squat land!

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Kid Kyoto, I actually like your idea!  I think of it in a different historical context though, albiet very similar.


I thought the almost central theme to the original hardback was ROGUE TRADER not Warhammer 40K.

A rogue trader was a space faring Commodore operating with support from the imperium to colonize worlds, open trade lines etc.  Who could also be called on in a military capacity, like a blockade runner proffiteer etc, but in space.

In the old fictions Rogue Traders imperial writs granted them the power to control the arms of the imperium in certain capacities and made them immune to some of the regulations normally imposed on imperial citizens.  Therefore a Rogue Trader could have access to a wide variety of followers/henchman/mercenaries/conscripts etc.

Why not have a (doctrine style) CODEX ROGUE TRADER with rules for allying and drawing troops from most of the other codices, except Chaos, Tyranids and Necrons with a mandatory HQ choice of "Imperial Rogue Trader" who had human like stats but basically has access to almost all of the wargear items in all the armories?

Made in eg
Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

Posted By Augustus on 08/28/2006 2:25 PM

Kid Kyoto, I actually like your idea!  I think of it in a different historical context though, albiet very similar.


Y'know that is a better way to go with them.

But I reserve the right to say 'yarrr' while playing.

Made in de
Dominating Dominatrix

Piercing the heavens

arrrr, shiver me timbers. send him out the airlock.

love the idea, especially "Big alien monster slave thing".
Rancor, anyone?

hmm...Squats? an army where everbody is slow and purposefull? and everybody can repair stuff?....I LOVE IT!

the rouge trade idea souns nice, but I prefer something not-imperial, but still human.
Made in eg
Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

here's a site full of retro space suit art for demiurge inspriation


Made in us
Battlewagon Driver with Charged Engine

Murfreesboro, TN

An all-Dreadnought army...

HQ - Ancient Dread (like the Space Wolf one), Psyk-Dread (why can't a Librarian be entombed?)

Elites - Venerable Dread

Troops - Dread, Scout Dread (lighter armor, kinda killa-kan-ish)

Fast Attack - Tread-Dread (can move 12" like a tank)

Heavy Support - Siege Dread (can have move-or-fire ordnance gun), Gun Dread (like the Mortis pattern)

There's actually a local guy who wants me to field as many Dreads as I can, regardless of FOC restrictions, so he can fight them.

As a rule of thumb, the designers do not hide "easter eggs" in the rules. If clever reading is required to unlock some sort of hidden option, then it is most likely the result of wishful thinking.

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Made in au
Furious Raptor


how about adeptus mechanicus

a ton of ridiculas wargear

Tech preists straight form the spacmarine book

mechanicus marines

mechanicus guardsmen

fast attack
land speeder

Heavy support
Leman russ
with crazy new weapon




They would get one more heavy support choice
and they would have insane wargear.

also you could rejigger the story around a bit and tie it all into the ordo xenos codex that keeps on popping up.

stratergy ratings in the 4th ed rule book anyone

The Purple Patrol
Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

In your house, rummaging through your underwear drawer

The Rogue Trader codex could broaden the 40k universe even more than the books of the Inquisition did, i.e. they're not all evil aliens and they don't (all) want to kill us. Mine would be a primarily human list, with just a few aliens added to the mix, Kroot and Tarellians would be my first choices, Kroot because they already have rules, and Tarellians because I've always wanted to see them fully fleshed out. It would be led by the Rogue Trader, a Priest/Businessman/Conquistador figure, equal parts Errol Flynn and Scruffy looking Nerf Herder that is looked upon with a combination of loyalty and slavish devotion by his men. Add to that real mechanics that know the difference between changing the oil and performing a pagan sacrifice on the air cleaner to provide better weapons and vehicles.

Yeah, capitalist pirates would be cool.

"Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow"~Oscar Wilde 
Made in eg
Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

How about the Anti-Imperium Alliance? Just a bunch of funky alien races from the Galactic North by North-West who've allied together to stop the evil humans from overrunning them?

GW could put out a dozen units for this army, see what sells and then that race gets expansions.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Planet Funk-O-Tron

Tau variant list: Crisis Suit Wing. Practically every army has an option allowing you to field the signature unit as a Troops choice, or at least in multiple FOC slots. Let Tau use Crisis as troops! Itd be uber KEWL plus it is probably going to happen within one or two iterations of the Tau 'dex.

Party on, dudes. 
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