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Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Here me out first ...

I'm currently running the gay apothecary, cleanse and purify drop pod list w/ a few landspeeder tornados. I have one melta squad and three plasma squads. I do not use dreads or termies, btw. I have a 1500 point list of command squad w/ mektas, 3 tac squads w/ plasma and one tac sqiuad w/ meltas and two speeders. Everything drops in. Now I want to add at least one dev squad to get the list up to 1700 points. The questions I have ...

1)  Well they cannot shoot the turn they arrive. I can hide them with the pod but they have to come out and fire sooner or later, lol ... now I can place them near apothecaries from other units and use the pods to screen out half my opp[onents forces so it can still work as long as drop out of assault range.

2) I like heavy bolters but taking four might be a bit much as I do lack anti-tank. They have some range though which is good. Should I try three HBs with one Plasma Cannon or with one Missile Launcher?

3) I was thinking six man squads ... would you go six or eight?  Would you add a vet sarge w/ pf.

4) I know Whirlwinds might work but I do not want them alo0ne on the table for two turns. On the other hand, in cover they might bait some troops forward. Are they better than a dev squad?

5) Do not suggest terminators or dreads please. I know they can be effective but I prefer troop heavy or whirlies ...

Made in us
Ancient Chaos Terminator

South Pasadena

Look, if you are sure that you want a devastator squad in a drop pod, make sure that it has some long range weapons, I mean 48" not 36" so that means (4) missile launchers at least and put tank hunter on the squad. As for squad size, no less than 6 and 8 is optimal.
Try to drop it FAR from your opponent and in cover, then start killing vehicles. You won't have alot of turns to do it so make the most of your shooting. You will have 4 turns of shooting max.


Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut


Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

i have tried this for fun with multi meltas.

i learned a few things:

1.) dev squads are much better firing all 6 turns, starting on the board. if you want them to be more versaitle, take infiltrators.

2.) like assault termies, everythingn that can shoot at them the turn they come in, will. This is good and bad. MM's scare people because you can drop them in close and they aren't seen that often. The squad will draw a lot of fire, which is good to distract from the rest of your army. But, obviously, its bad for survivability. Therefore, make the squad 10 deep to withistand the punishment. if they do get to shoot, anything close with an armor value or toughness 4 is toast.

3.) If they don't come in turn 2, the odds of getting their points back really starts to diminish.

honestly, you are better off with more tac squads. if you have to have a dropping dev squad, i would either use them as a big fire magnet supported by as many apothecaries nearby as possible to keep your tacs healthy, or follow darrian's advice and play the range game with them (in which case, again, they would be better starting on board and shooting all game.)

Made in au
Cutting stuff up and bunging it back together in new and interesting ways.

Under the couch

"I can hide them with the pod but they have to come out and fire sooner or later, lol"

Actually, they have to come out as soon as the pod lands...

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Plano, Texas

devvies in drop pods is just a bad idea, IMO.

At best, you will get 3 turns of shooting, assuming they show up on turn 2 and don't scatter out of LOS of their primary targets.

Now if devvies could take special weapons instead of heavy weapons, like Havocs... then it would be a great idea! Alas, no such luck for the loyalists.
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

well - i guess its another melta squad .... still two meltas are not too shabby.

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