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Plano, Texas

So I'm starting Warmachine, and I chose POM. I love the models, and the theme behind the army.

I really have no clue as to how the rules work yet, so most of my choices are based purely on what I have read on forums, and how the minis look

So, here is my 500 point list:

Grand Kreoss (Can he even be taken in a 500 point list? I know the Epics are meant for 750... if not, I'll just use him as normal Kreoss)

+Devout (bought the model on Wednesday just because it is so freakin cool looking, and seems like a really great caster bodyguard)
+Guardian (The Guardian seems kind of disliked on some forums, but I just love the model)

Full Choir

Knights Exemplar

Exemplar Seneschal


For 750 I was thinking of adding a unit of 8 Exemplar Errant, and the Avatar of Menoth. Alternatively, a full unit of 10 Errant, and a second Devout. I just can't decide, because the Avatar is nice and huge, and super stompy... while the Devout is sleek and sexy...

Any thoughts or advice? I should also mention that I can't afford to spend a fortune on the army.. I'm looking to spend no more than $170, preferably, and also don't really want to do lots of infantry, aside from the Examplars.
Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Grand Kreoss (ruleswise) is for 750 pt. games.

For regular Kreoss, I don't think you need both the guardian and the revenger. They're
both arcnodes, but Kreoss's most-often used spells are range:caster. You may or may
not want an arcnode for immolate and cleansing fire, but you will not need two (especially
in 500 pt. games).

How to decide which one? Well the Revenger has some nice defensive and offensive
abilities and the Guardian has a nice array of options as well. However, the Guardian
is also bought not only because he has reach and an arc node, but because he
can make troops fearless. This can be important in a High Reclaimer army where
none of the troops can use his command rating. Since you are running Kreoss and
Exemplars, you're going to want the Revenger instead.

To replace the Guardian, you'll either want the redeemer or a heavy warjack. The
nice thing about the Redeemer is Kreoss's feat (known as the pop and drop). You
pop the feat, and everything in his ctrl area is suddenly DEF 5. The redeemer will
get to shoot with 3 rockets, and with 3 focus you're going to get to boost damage
or fire 2 shots and boost damage on 2. These are POW 14 hits, enough to worry
any warcaster on the field. They are well complemented by Holy Zealots (I know
you're avoiding infantry, but they are good infantry!)

For a heavy warjack option in place of the redeemer there is the Reckoner, the Crusader,
the Castigator, the Vanquisher and the Avatar. The Avatar might be too many points
in a 500 point game. But if you wanted to avoid buying infantry, then that would be
the way to go. Just know that once he's disabled (and the enemy will go out of his
way to neuter such a large target on the field) you're out 147 pts. The Avatar gives
you some options like extra focus for Kreoss to run around with (it generates its own).

The Castigator is also focus efficient because of choir and two fists for beating thinigs.

The Vanquisher gives you a short-ranged anti-infantry gun which will hit on feat
turn, but the other fun thing is circular striking on feat turn (the only issue is that the
Vanquisher does not have reach, unlike other circular strikers).

The Crusader is a slow, but inexpensive and solid melee jack.

So here's one suggestion:

Remove the Seneschal and the Guardian, and get 10 Zealots with monolith bearer, and
a Crusader.

Remove the Guardian and get 10 Zealots with Monolith Bearer and a Redeemer.

If you go for the Avatar, you'll only have room for a Paladin, and I think you'll have trouble
with a strictly melee army.

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