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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

4k Lizards vs orcs. Wow, I admit I am just starting Fantasy, but even I can see how messed up this report was.
First off, the Lizard list wasn't even legal. A Scar Vet can not be a BSB if a Slann is present. And speaking of the Slann, you'd think in a 4k vs 4k game, he'd be nicely pimped out. Nope, a 5th gen with no plague, no diadem of power, nothing. He literally had no upgrades. And then there were 3 level 1 skink priests each with a single dispel scroll. I guess the points to give him a decent magic phase were earmarked for the 6(!!!) Jungle Swarms and the trio of 25 skink skirmishers. I guess the 5 blocks of 15 Saurus(FC, 3 had spears) was decent. In the specials, the only thing there was a 3x2 block of Korxies. No Cold Ones, no Terradons, just a single overly expensive block of Kroxigors. Rare choices was limited to a single stegadon and 3 Salamanders.

The orc list seemed good, but I don't really know them well enough to say for sure.

The report itself didn't show any keen strategy used. But that 5th Gen Slann miscast. Twice. The final score was 3605 to 2218. This battle report was just as bad as the Tau vs Dark Eldar one when Tau Empires was released. They should really make these things less staged. *sigh*
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