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I like the whole satellite guided artillery rounds thing.  That sounds scary good (for us, bad for them).

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The only bad thing about the guided-grenades is that they cost about 10,000 $ each.

With the galaxy as large as it is the odds of the average guardsmen seeing and fighting a marine or MEQ are relatively slim. Unfortunately the guardsmen in your (and anyone else who plays IG's) army are the REALLY, REALLY LUCKY ones that fight marines ALL the time... 
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Could be worth it. Having to train, house, equip, feed and transport soldiers isn't very cheap either. And a dead soldier never looks good at home.

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"The robotic "Non-Line of Sight" (NLOS) cannon took 400 workers and three years to build."

Pssh. Don't they mean "Non-LOS" (G)? That's some pretty amazing technology. It's too bad that they still have to roll 2D6 for it though on the scatter.

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Cool stuff.

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