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I'm looking into getting an Army Transport and a bunch of trays.  The thing is, that I need to order a large amount all at once in order to get free shipping.  So I need to know what size trays to get, sight unseen.  I'm hoping that some of you who use Army Transport foam already can help me out.

What do you all use for various 40k figs from Nids, IG, Chaos; as well as for Warmachine?  And how many can you fit in each tray, about?

I'm assuming that the 1" trays will work fine for IG and Chaos infantry, as well as most Warmachine infantry.

I found a thread here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/Forums/tabid/56/forumid/7/tpage/1/view/topic/postid/91254/Default.aspx#91341t
which talks about fitting tanks in.

I'm mostly wondering about is the Warmachine light and heavy jacks, medium to large Nids (Raveners, Warriors, Zoeys, Fexes, Tyrants), Dreadnoughts and Greater Daemons, swarm bases etc.  ie would a swarm base fit edge-down in a 2.5" tray?  What size do you need for a Fex, and how many can you cram into a tray that size?

Thanks for any help!


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Anything on a 40mm sized base it's best to use 2.5" foam Anything on a 50mm sized base or bigger it is best to use the 4" foam.
For swarms like rippers or scarabs I'd use the 1" foam. They'll take more space on the tray itself, but will save you space in the case overall.
Dreadnoughts, Carnifexes, etc. it is best to use 4" foam. There may be piece of the model that protrude and having the deeper foam will protect those pieces from breaking. Depending on the size and shape of your Carnifexes, I would think that you could get 2 of them in the 4" tray with no problems...3 if they are more compact shaped like a dakkafex.

Hope that helps

Capt K

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The 1" trays will only work with some warmachine infantry.

Easy stuff such as pistol wraiths, mech thralls and bile thralls willl fit in the 1". While 1.5" is better for infantry such as bane thralls and knights.

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Good summary. I use the 1" foam for 20mm-30mm based infantry. You can use a six square rectangle for a guy with few protruding elements like a basic bolter marine or guardsman, though you will probably need to go nine square for a more dynamic model.  For significantly bigger or more dyamic guys like Banes and Ire Fang Pikemen you'll need 1 1/2".

2 1/2" works well for my Cryx chickenmechs and other 40mm base stuff. I also have a Slayer laying down on the same tray, but I tried to fit a Seether and found that the spikes make it a big pain. The 4" foam is definitely the better way to go for heavy jacks or tall light jacks.

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For the small nids you'll need a 1.5" tray for the spiky bits, raveners and warriors should fit ok on the 2.5" trays standing on the base and you should be able to fit about 10-12 per tray  depending on claws and fangs, maybe only 8 if your minis are really  "active", i fit about 17 ogre kingdoms ogres per 2.5" tray (standing) but they are quite small if you take in consideratron that the have little "movement". Also you can fit 2-3 vehicles per tray, usually with the turrets separated from the body for predators and the like (the 3rd vehicle has to be something small like a vyper or a land speeder.

For the basic infantry you should be able to fit about 25-28 IG troopers (or marines or eldar, chaos marines with horns take a little bit more space and you can fit only 20 or 22 ) for each 1" tray.

If you need more info maybe i can make some photos of my trays to orientate you
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