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Longtime Dakkanaut

Registration for AdeptiCon 2007 Now Open!   

On March 30th-April 1st, 2007, AdeptiCon returns to the Chicagoland Schaumburg Marriot for our fifth year, and this year our schedule of events is bigger and better than ever.  Online registration for this amazing weekend has opened at www.AdeptiCon.org.  You can purchase your weekend badge online ($25, required for admission to all AdeptiCon events) and sign up for the events of your choice. 


AdeptiCon offers something for everyone in the Games Workshop hobby, including tournaments, seminars, painting competitions, and more.  Previous AdeptiCon attendees have come from across the nation and the globe to attend, play in one or more of our tournaments, and learn from our respected slate of hobby seminar instructors.


“It was, without a doubt, the best time I’ve had at a convention anywhere in the world.”

– Paul Sawyer, former Editor-in-Chief of White Dwarf Magazine



AdeptiCon signature events such as the 40K National Team Tournament and the Fantasy Escalation Tournament return in 2007, as will the 40K and Fantasy Championships, 40K Gladiator Tournament, and Fantasy Team Tournament.  New this year, the AdeptiCon Battlefleet Gothic Championships and the AdeptiCon Lord of the Rings Team Tournament provide new and exciting challenges for everyone. 


All our tournaments feature AdeptiCon’s signature missions, amazing terrain, and unmatched competition and prize support.  Find out more about these events and register online at www.AdeptiCon.org.


Hobby Seminars:

Our hobby seminars proved to be a huge hit with attendees in 2006, and this year’s seminars cover topics from introductory painting to advanced weathering techniques. These seminars offer something for everyone from raw beginners learning the basics to experienced hobbyists looking for a new technique to add to their arsenal.  Our seminar instructors have won dozens of awards in such prestigious competitions as the Games Workshop Golden Demon, AdeptiCon’s own Rogue Demon, and many more.   To see the full lineup of hobby seminars and register online, go to www.AdeptiCon.org.  


Rogue Demon Painting Competition:

The Rogue Demon Painting Competition returns, and all AdeptiCon badge holders are eligible to submit entries in all of the Rogue Demon categories.  Bring out your best work and see if your can join the respected ranks of Rogue Demon award winners such as Dave Taylor, Liliana Troy, Mike Butcher, and many others.


And Much, Much, More!

The 40K Codicier and Fantasy Loremaster Challenges return on Saturday night, giving AdeptiCon attendees a chance to display their knowledge of Games Workshop trivia.  Nightly bitz trading, access to the AdeptiCon Vendor Hall, and exclusive previews of upcoming Games Workshop releases all combine to make AdeptiCon the event of 2007 for the serious Games Workshop hobbyist.


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to attend the “Can’t Miss” Games Workshop hobby event of 2007.  Last year, many of our tournaments and seminars sold out well before the actual weekend, so don’t delay!  Register online today at www.AdeptiCon.org.

"I was not making fun of you personally - I was heaping scorn on an inexcusably silly idea - a practice I shall always follow." - Lt. Colonel Dubois, Starship Troopers

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Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

Battlefleet gothic! Now thats cool.

Thanks for the pre registration heads up!

 I am having problems with the linking. it says" You cannot access this file directly".

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Madrak Ironhide

I think I've only got about 500 pts of Wood Elves painted and I've yet to get a game in.

/sigh. 2008 here I come!

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"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
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President of the Mat Ward Fan Club

Los Angeles, CA

You can do it Malfred.

And remember: this year turn the cell phone off (or just "accidentally" let it run out of batteries).

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Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

I probably could, but I have Warmachine stuff that needs to get done, too!

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"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
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