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Made in de
Been Around the Block

Last thursday I went to the games 2006 in Essen, Germany and had a test game of AT43 at the Rackham counter. They had a couple of AT43 boxes there and some scifi terrain and told us the minis used for demo games were straight out of the box.Here are some of my observations...

Look and feel of the AT43 minis:

- Nice, better painted than DnD minis, with a few washes and highlighting they should turn out really nice

- The fire toad and Golem(?) are hard plastic with lots of movable parts.The fire toad can open its cockpit, move weapons while the Golem can move its legs and the weapons as well. Fire toad had lots of nice decals on it.

- The human and alien soldiers are made of a DnD miniature like softer plastic, slightly bendable

- A few nice gimmicks: human soldiers have interchangable heads e.g. you could swap a gasmask head for an officers one; the human torsos can be turned to the left and right allowing you to slightly alter the poses

Some Gameplay notes:

- turnplay is exactly like in Confrontation, you roll for initiative and then alternating with your opponent you reveal your cards, moving/shooting with the unit the card displays (in the game this had the effect that everybody moved their walker first, because it had the biggest weapons....)

- all measurements are in cm, a simple "ruler" is provided in the box

- the game was fairly quick approx. 15min (each player had 1 walker, 2x 4 men squads, one heavy weapon guy which also was the leader)

- LOS is always taken from the squad leader, e.g. if your leader stands behind a corner and the rest of his troup (which have to be in 10 cm of him) stand next to the corner in the open, your troup wouldn´t be able to shoot and couldn´t be shot at by enemies on the other side of the corner because they don´t have LOS to the leader!

- there are 8-10 range zones each 10cm wide, some weapons (from the walkers) cause automatic hits while within zone 1 (10cm) or 2 (20cm) otherwise a standard to hit roll with one D6 is applied. On the small demo table with ~ 60x60 cm this meant that the fire toad walker caused autohits once you are in range of the enemy....

- some weapons have mulitple attack die to roll, no area effects though

- after hitting you roll for wounding with one D6, there was no autokill though (2+ was the lowest)

- units don´t have saving throws, a kill is a kill

- units can run and then gain (I think) 10 cm. Alien soldier base speed was 18cm

- units can shoot, move and attack in CC in one turn

- if a leader gets killed the next model takes over his leader position (leaders in our game were the guys with heavy weapons though in a normal non demo game that is not allowed however we were told)

- there is quick reference table supplied in the box from which you can quickly check out what dice roll you need if a fire toad shoots at an alien Golem within 30 cm e.g. and what score to kill.

Some more notes:

- in the demo game the aliens did win alot more times than the humies we were told, this was probably to the fact that the games were fought in very close quarters, where the aliens are better fighters and probably boast more firepower there too (don´t quote me on that though

- the game play/feel itself was not so detailed though remember this was only a demo game and had streamlined rules. We were shown unit cards which had hit zones for the walkers e.g., we just played with 5 wound points.

- there a size categories for vehicles, the walker were size 6 I think and there are sizes up to 8 so we can expect tanks/bigger walkers then the ones in the box! Yay!


All in all AT43 looks quite promising in my opinion, the minis are nice and have some nifty gimmicks (exchangable heads,poseable) and the rules seem to allow a straight forward gameplay with enough room for expansion with more detailed rules. 

Well I for myself am looking forward to see more from At43,Go Rackham ,go!






Made in us
Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

Sounds neat.  Thanks for the info.

Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

I believe the walkers are size 3 of 6, but the principle is the same, there is room for much, much bigger models that the ones we have seen thus far. Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't heard if the whole head swap thing was confirmed. Cool.
Made in ca
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions

Calgary Alberta

IIRC it is *range* and not *LOS* that is measured from the Leader. LOS is determined on a model by model basis. Did they simplify this for the demo?
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

Cant wait to get my hands on this Thanks for the info
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

So is AT43 another miniature skirmish game like the Wizkids game, or does it just scale down really well? I don't like playing 40k games of less than 2000 points, so I'd hate to see AT43 be another small skirmish game aimed at competitive players.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I wouldn't put in the same category as Wizkids (damn prepainted trend!), if you have seen or played Warmachine, Dark Age, or Rezolution then this is going to play out about the same as those. If you don't like <2000 point 40k you may not like this.

Warmachine is a game for competition. It's rules are very CCG or collectable mini's oriented, though it's not actually a collectable game. Dark Age and Rezolution play out much better, more streamlined rules and meant for more casual play. AT-43 looks like it may fit in the latter category. No worries about painting models, so break it out and play a round when you have an hour to kill kinda thing. These are all my opinions from what i've seen and heard about AT so far.

Golden Demon standard?? I can barely paint Great Unclean One standard! 
Made in de
Been Around the Block

Posted By pixelgeek on 10/23/2006 11:55 AM
IIRC it is *range* and not *LOS* that is measured from the Leader. LOS is determined on a model by model basis. Did they simplify this for the demo?

We were told by the demo guy that if the squad leader is hidden behind something he can´t and his squad in the open can´t be shot at since no LOS to the leader is possible. Looks like they changed this for the demo game...

Weapon ranges were measured from each model though, also a check was made if there was intervening terrain in the shooting line. If there was the attacked player gets a 5+ save cover roll against all attacks that hit the unit.

I don´t really know if a "2000+" game is possible with AT43, however from playing At43 I think it should be possible as the game itself is fairly quick and if Rackham brings out bigger units like tanks it seems likely to see mass battles

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