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Manchester NH USA

I already have the small ‘Flames of War’ rule book why should I buy the new hard cover book?

- Map of the World with disposition of opposing forces in 1942 and strategic locations (Pearl Harbor, Stalingrad, etc.)
- Map of Europe in 1942 with Battlegrounds of the whole war.
- Slightly different foreword
- Table of Contents is 2 pages long
- History section (12 pages with photos)
- What is FOW?
- Organization (basic structure of an army + Table with ranks)
- Who are the Americans? (2 pages)
- Who are the Germans? (2 pages)
- Who are the British? (2 pages)
- Who are the Soviets? (2 pages)
- 600 Point Battles (Lunchtime Games)
- 1500 Point Battles
- Multi-Player Battles
- Painting your Force (4 pages)
- Fortifications (Trench Lines, Gun Pits and Tank Pits + Bunkers + Barbed Wire Entanglements + Minefields + AT Obstacles)
- Engineering Equipment (Pioneer Supply Vehicles, Assault Bridges, Bulldozers, Mine Flails and Rollers)
- Radio-Controlled Demolition Carriers (Goliath, Borg ward BIV)
- Fortification Missions (2 pages for special rules + Trench Fight Mission + The Big Push Mission)
- Street Fighting (Buildings, Large Buildings, Streets and Rubble, Breaching Walls, Assaults in Buildings)
- Street Fighting Missions (1 page for special rules + Not One Step Back Mission)
- Historical Battles (example: The Destruction of Panzer Brigade 106, Franco-German Border, September 1944)
- Battalion-Sized Battles
- Campaigns (Types of Campaigns + example: Axis of Attack - Anzio)
- Making Terrain (1 page)
- Terrain Charts (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Terrain, Desert)
- The Gaming Hobby
- Books, Movies & Websites
- Example of Play (Tank Duel - Panzer IV vs. T-34 + Infantry Action - GI vs. Grenadier)
- Index is 2 pages long
- Design Notes (from Phil)

+ some more pictures throughout the book.
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