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I'm really interested in Flames of War.  My curiosity stems from a growing interest in World War II, though my knowledge is very limited to this point.  However, I am on a budget.

Due to budget, when I get in, I plan on going heavy on Armor.  What concerns me, is the apparent shift the game is making from the Mid War period to the Late War period.  Are there any American tanks that were used in both periods of the War?

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Shermans, M-10's, priests. Tanks like the Lee were dropped in order for tanks like the sherman.
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The Northwest Territory

I'm not 100% on this (because I don't have Festung Europa yet,) but I'm pretty sure you can use some types of Stuarts as well.  At least you could in the old Late War PDF.

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Amongst the Stars, In the Night

By late war, late marks of Stuarts were use soley for reconnaissance duties, but that still means they should be in the LW compilations. Battlefront is also pretty good about labeling what blisters/boxes are used when with the E/M/L (corresponding to Early, Mid and/or Late war) tags on the actual packaging. Plenty of other US equipment that was used from their first forays in Africa and all they way into Germany itself.

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Posted By Whoopsie on 10/26/2006 7:22 PM

I'm really interested in Flames ofWar.  What concerns me, is the apparent shift the game is making from the Mid War period to the Late War period. 

Dont let the new late war book concern you mid war has been the most popular time line to play ,large amounts of players have mid war armies and its surprizingly simple to switch to late war by just adding one platoon of "cool new toys" to your mid war list. Late war is just a extention of the game not a stand alone game per say,The new book is great for us vet players cause it gives us a new gaming format to play in and a reason to buy some cool new toys for current lists.

Since I run and orginize events for FOW I dont feel late war will "take over" cause mid war will be the stable for events due to the number of players available to play in a mid war event. I hope this "inside " opinion helps!

Good luck!

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Infiltrating Moblot

Mid War is really the best 'gaming' era for WWII. By Late War the Russians are advancing and the tide is turning on the Germans....

The Landings and Market Garden are cool to play, but at Mid War it was all in the balance. The Germans were looking like they just might pull it off! Britain was badly mauled and Rommel was playing hell in the desert. Ship captains feared the open water and the allies were just starting to form together.

I think Mid War will stay the dominant timeline... especially if they introduce Mid War lists for the Pacific Theater. I look at Late War as the 'Cities of Death' of Flames of War. Interesting and fun.... but not going to take over the whole game.

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