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I've been looking at putting together a fantasy army as the 40k action has been getting a little decrepit in my neighbourhood.

The rub is my local club, though enthusiastic purchasers of GW figures, aren't so much fans of their rules. (one hundred Riders of Rohan mounted three to a stand, to give you a sort of mental image)

The system I'm looking for is called "Enter the Dark" I believe. It was supposed to be a quick hit on google or linked to the club site, but ah cannae fahn d'eet.

Anyone familiar with this? I've played it once or twice - it goes a bit like the OLD Chainmail battle rules - one attack per four guys or two/three per hero, armour saves only.

Thanks in advance.

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Not free but cheap -- HOTT (Hordes Of The Things) is worth a go for fantasy.

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http://www.freewargamesrules.co.uk/ is your friend.

HOTT is supposed to be good, as is No Quarter (the fantasy version of No Limits...or vice-versa). There' s a ton of good stuff there, though.

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