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Been Around the Block

Hello all,

I run a personal (that is, non-commercial) website dedicated to modeling, conversion, and painting aspect of the hobby:  WeeToySoldiers.com.


I've been a member here for a while, and have posted some threads here and there.  But I thought I'd post an "official" hello and introduce myself and the website.

Probably the feature most accessed on my website are the two Scale Comparison galleries.  It's right now for 25-35mm sci-fi miniatures, with fantasy section coming down the road.  There are two flavors to this: The first shows six figures in a line-up against a background of grid measurements (both cm and inches). 

The second shows a list of individual photos, and clicking on a link opens a pop-up window showing that figure.  You click on as many figures as you like, and manually align the windows (all figures have the same scale background) to see how they compare.

There's also a growing review section, mostly with out-of-the wrapper reviews (that is, hige resolution scans of sprues and box contents).  Then there's a "Hobby Tips and Tools" section that discusses various aspects of the hobby, such as priming with gesso:

... or building a display/storage cabinet with old CD-ROM cases:

... and finally, there's the "Hobby Projects" section, where I detail various projects that I've completed or am working on (or have neglected), such as my 1/35 scale Tamiya Tiger conversion to IG super heavy tank, about which I've posted here before:

So, please stop by and take a look.  The latest update is today, a review of three Urban War miniature blisters:

Thanks for reading!
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Madrak Ironhide

The site's lovely. I am one of those who references the comparison charts, thanks!

My favorite part of your site:


Awesome. Truly.

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Stitch Counter

Rowlands Gill

I appreciate your hard work. Those scale reference shots are an invaluable resource to many of us!

Made in us
Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

I have always enjoyed the scal comparisons.

This is the first time I have seen the cd case storage though. Neat cheap idea for keeping WIP's in safety and out of the way.

Made in us

Wilmington DE

Have been enjoying your site since I discovered it on the TMP. Awesome and kudos.

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I think the lesson here is the best way to enjoy GW's games is to not use any of their rules.--Crimson Devil 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Those are some of the best-written hobby articles I've seen in years. Nice stuff.
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