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Fixture of Dakka

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I would like PDFs personally. I do not always have web access.

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The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Good call .. I was thinking I'd still do the PDF versions, but also the web page version would be easy enough to do since it's just copying and pasting text. I like the idea of having links to different chapters rather than saying "find this on page whatever" .. though I suppose I could do more interactive PDFs too that have links like that.

I have the fantasy supplement pretty much nailed down, but I feel like the sci fi rules are turning out to be bit too broad .. it might be better to keep the fantasy rules as the main one, and then break up sci fi into smaller themed sections .. like near future, cyberpunk, grimdark, etc. The supplements are basically just lists of skills, weapons and sample characters.. all of the actual rules you need will be in the main rulebook. The main rules also has universal skills and equipment, that you can use for a variety of different settings, probably best for more historical themed games.

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