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Sinewy Scourge

 Da-Rock wrote:
Drager wrote:
 Peregrine wrote:
 Da-Rock wrote:
You guys reaffirm it to me every day on the forums as to why I don't play with Tourny players anymore.

It is so good to not have to worry about dbag players pulling out mathhammer to abuse a game.....A Game! How bought you guys just play for fun and learn how to control yourself so you don't build lists like above?

Don't you think this is a bit excessive and insulting considering you're talking about people who just enjoy playing the game in a way that you don't enjoy?
Pretty much just +1ing peregrine's comment. For most of us we ARE just playing for fun. Learning and understanding a system in detail is fun for me and others. The same thing that makes me interested in deconstructing a list also drove me to understand DNA and genetics. If that's not fun for you, that's cool, but for some of us, it really is. Playing with these lists is also fun, but not to dunk on noobs. It's fun to test against someone else with a deeper understanding because that's how you learn new things and get better. That process of getting better and levelling up your ability is a strong draw for some of us.

If so, then why whine so damn much?
You seem to be the only one whining here. We were just having a chat.
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