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 Sunsanvil wrote:
Price increases in general, unless they are egregious, can always been summed up as inflation. We all get uptight about it be the reality is, unless you are still in your 20s, you probably remember when anything from gas to a BigMac combo were less than half what they are now. Thats just a fact of modern economic paradigms.

What troubles me is how this hobby continues to get away with pricing hard good (models) based not on production cost, but rather on points or "in-game" value. A quick scan of the price hikes seems to only further exacerbate that.

I'm pricing based partly or mostly on in-game value is quite reasonable. People don't nessessarily buy models to have plastic sprues, they buy them to use in the game.

Inflation isn't some fact of life, it's an overt central bank policy. I suppose you can listen to macroeconomics lectures if you want to learn why, but it's pretty clear that a high inflation rate reduces the value of loans over time, benefiting debtors at the expense of creditors, and governments are the biggest debtors around.
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