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Made in us
Quick-fingered Warlord Moderatus

I miss shooting into combat, all of the truly odd orky weapons (hop-splat in particular - 3 rockets chained together and firing boosters randomly.. because Orks?) that would likely do more damage to YOU than your non-Ork opponent but were just tear jerkingly funny. I was also a huge fan of the result on the Predator's damage table that would cause the turret to be launched into the air and come down a place determined by the scatter dice. Possibly injuring a random squad in the process.

Edit: I just googled ablutions and apparently it does not including dropping a duece. I should have looked it up early sorry for any confusion. - Baldsmug

Psiensis on the "good old days":
"Kids these days...
... I invented the 6th Ed meta back in 3rd ed.
Wait, what were we talking about again? Did I ever tell you about the time I gave you five bees for a quarter? That's what you'd say in those days, "give me five bees for a quarter", is what you'd say in those days. And you'd go down to the D&D shop, with an onion in your belt, 'cause that was the style of the time. So there I was in the D&D shop..." 
Made in us
Ultramarine Librarian with Freaky Familiar

Commisar Marbh wrote:
The_Real_Chris wrote:
Seabass wrote:

I miss terminators saving on 2d6. lol.

That was awesome.

And your friends would lose it when they failed and you killed one with a grot All praise snake-eyes
That was one of the things which made it awesome! For us it wasn't a Grot, but a Guardsmen who shot a Lvl4 Librarian in the eye with a Lasgun. I still remember it!

And They Shall Not Fit Through Doors!!!

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