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Not sure if this has made it here, from TMP:


Finally, someone finally came out with just heads for 28mm heroic scale 'infantry'.  I'll be interested to see how they scale with GWs stuff, and whether they'll do gasmasks


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Very interesting indeed. Can't wait to here how they match up to IG or Marines.

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Sweet! No more buying cheap guard/fantasy models to decorate my Chaos bases with heads!
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Posted By supabeast on 11/30/2006 8:47 PM
Sweet! No more buying cheap guard/fantasy models to decorate my Chaos bases with heads!

Yeah, now we need just skulls.
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Cool to bad they didnt have any heads with Turbans.....
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Posted By MR.B on 12/01/2006 3:55 AM
Cool to bad they didnt have any heads with Turbans.....
Indeed- could make some cheaper Tallarn conversions.

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A new head system? Sounds like a good thing!

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Woot!  I'm going to be all over this like marinara on my grandpappy's chin.

I'm constantly doing head swaps on my miniatures.  This is freakin' sweet.  West Wind, where do I send the check?  Rock on!  I haven't been this excited about a miniatures product in months.

I didn't get much sleep last night and I'm skating on a sugar/caffee high... but I still think that some measure of my excitement is genuine.  I do plan on picking some of these up.

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