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It may only be of interest to a small group of people but Jack Emmert (aka Statesman), creative director behind the MMO City of Heroes was recently (maybe a few weeks ago) interviewed by MMORPG.com where he revealed that he was an avid 40k player and that the staff at Cryptic Studios have an internal tournament in which he is currently undefeated.

That article is here:


Further, he reveals that he plays Tyranids among other armies in a post on the City of Heroes boards, here:


I know Dakka Dakka has ties to the video game world and that a number of wargamers play MMOs, too.  It appears that at least one game design studio believes that in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future There is Only War!

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Bloomington, Illinois - USA

I know for a fact he (at the minimum) plays Tau.

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And Khador.


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And your m...


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Kevin Long, dude who did art for Rifts, now works at the company doing Quake, plays Tau and Necrons

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Castle Clarkenstein

Jack's a great guy. He grew up down the street from my first store, and worked for me for a number of years. Insanely intelligent person. I think he scored perfect on one of his college tests and went full ride for academics at Chicago, and then went on for his masters. In between he read a ton of comics at my shop, and worked part time. One reason CoH is so good, is the insane amount of research they put in to making it reflect a comic book style world.

He stills plays tons of games and picks up a stack of comics from me a few times a year when he is in town.

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