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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Cincy, OH


Just got the new FOW rulebook and it has perked my interest.

I am a 30 year old long time 40K player who deals with the geeky scifi insecurities that the game brings. I have heard wonderful things about FOW and have always had a deep interest in WWII, and military History in general. I think FOW may have a ruleset that can satisfy me for the long haul, and may help me with my very fragile ego when it comes to my Non-wargaming freinds.

So if you had a somewhat limited budget (wife will not allow another huge investment into my "toys" , what Sourcebook would you get? I will probably have to get into some pickup games at the local store until I can hopefully convert some gaming friends, so what sourcebook do most use?

Is it still true you can only use armies from the same time period/sourcebook for balanced games?

Old Glory seems to have a great selection of 15mm WWII mini's at great prices, especially with the membership discount. Does their line of minis work well for the game? Will people object to me using them in pickup games? Can you assemble a well rounded/sourcebook compatible infantry force using the "50 Piece" lots of rilfemen, command, etc. they sell?

Thanks everyone in advance.

Made in nz
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

I''m just getting into FoW myself but, hey, everyone's entitled to my opinion. =)

With the release of the V2 rulebook, the original mid-War sourcebooks (Old Glory Ironsides etc) have been consolidated (minus a lot of fluff) into two theatre books: Afrika (Commonwealth, American, Italian and Afrikakorps forces in, uh, Africa) and Ostfront (German and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front). There's also Festung Europa and D-1 for late-War, but mid-War is still the most popular period...and, yes, forces from the same time period are very, very much advised because of improvements in armour and anti-tank weapons and the resulting changes in points cost of armour. Mixing theatres generally works fine.

The great thing about 15mm WWII is the number of manufacturers making interchangeable miniatures. The FoW rules (wisely) don't require Battlefront's miniatures to be used (not that your opponent would necessarily even notice) and many don't. The Old Glory packs aren't a problem; just use the force organisation charts in the sourcebooks to work out how many of each type of figure you need and order the appropriate number of packs. Not as convenient as the Battlefront platoon packs but it can work out cheaper. Remember, this is historical gaming; a mid-War gepanzartepanzergrenadierkompanie platoon is a mid-War gepanzartepanzergrenadierkompanie platoon regardless of who made the little dollies*.

*Oh, the fragile ego thing, right...=P
Made in us
The Last Czarnian

The Northwest Territory

What Construct said is right on the money.  And if you're interested in a game, let me know.  I've got all my stuff in Cincinnati now, and I just started playing with some guys at Yottaquest in Mount Healthy.  It's about 10 miles away from UC.  A lot of people also play at Wexford Hills in Dayton.

I've also got a 6x4 desert table here at UC, so I can play on campus.

Just let me know if you're interested.

I play Afrika Korps Panzergrendiers (motorized infantry), by the way.

I use Battlefront minis, but Old Glory has some great stuff.  I don't know anyone who would care if you use Old Glory (Battlefront certainly doesn't - you can use minis from other manufacturers at their tournaments!), and most probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference unless they looked really closely.

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