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here's a email I sent out that I thought would be good to share
Most everyone "should" be checking the FOW forum for news ,info, free downloads and many many other things. All info you need about this is found here.
This event is registered with Battlefront and will be one of the most formal events we will ever do because of that fact.
www.flamesofwar.com has a official guide line attachment you all can download and prepare with! ( at bottom left of front page) with just 12 days to go many of you should be busy with preparing .
Also next Saturday 1/6/07 would be a good time for many of you to stop by and get some practice games in before the big day I will keep the tables set up for FOW that I already set up for last Saturdays event . so please reply if you'd like to get some games in next Saturday and we will See what kind of informal group we can gather up.
Also Empire could use your support ..How you ask?
Well if you are attending it would help us draw a crowd if you would mention your showing in the above linked forums,
The crowd I speak of is not only event players but also new players. Often times with events, "new players" or those thinking of joining the gaming ranks of FOW  will show up wanting to check things out and more so when their looks like its going to be a big event with lots of players.I myself will be posting in many different gaming forums hoping to do the same.
I'm  a gamer just like you guys and I so want to promote my hobby and have a larger player base Its no secret FOW is my fav game and I'm very excited to see the recent group of new players in the store joining in on the greatest game around.and lets not forget those vet players who's help and patience have help this hobby grow Thanks and see you on the battlefront!
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