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California ( again)

 Well I a advid star trek reader and  star war reader Just finished a couple of Greg Cox books about Khan Noonien Singh, Heres a few more tick  for tacks

Khan's Recognition of Chekov

Careful Star Trek observers have noted a minor discrepancy in the Khan storyline. When Khan encounters Chekov on Ceti Alpha V, he recognizes Chekov by name, stating, "I never forget a face". However, Chekov's character was not introduced in the original series until the second season, whereas "Space Seed" aired in the first, thereby necessitating a retcon of sorts. One argument intended to explain this is that Chekov was aboard the Enterprise all along (or at least as early as the events of "Space Seed" , but was simply one of hundreds of crew members not shown on screen.

Some non-canonical sources place Chekov as the watch officer in command of the "overnight" or gamma shift on the starship, thereby explaining Khan's recognition. Other sources indicate that Chekov had led an attempt to stop Khan with other crew members, an attempt that had failed. In a 2006 novel, "To Reign in Hell" (the third novel in the Eugenics Wars series), Chekov had accompanied Khan and his people to Ceti Alpha V to oversee their placement on the new world - and he gave Khan a phaser before returning to the Enterprise.

In a humorous anecdote told by actor Walter Koenig, he speculates that his character, while on his gamma shift, had a severe case of "Arcturian flu," based on something Chekov had eaten that disagreed with his system. While in the head suffering symptoms from the "flu," Khan, who was enroute to seducing Lieutenant McGivers, arrives to use the facilities. However, the head was occupied, and after a few minutes Khan became enraged at being made to wait. Beating on the head's door, Chekov finally stumbled out, pale and sickly and gasping an apology for the wait. An unsympathetic Khan pointed an accusing finger, saying dramatically before dashing inside the head, "YOU! — You! — I will NEVER forget you for this!"

In slightly different version of the story, Koenig says that Khan's remark "I grow fatigued" at the banquet in his honor was actually an excuse for a stomach upset of his own, and that, as in the other version of the story, the only lavatory Khan could find was occupied by Chekov. Koenig says that, as he did in his own quarters later in the episode, Khan forced open the locked door, dragging out the hapless Chekov by his shirtfront with his pants dangling around his ankles. According to Koenig, Khan looked Chekov in the eye, cried "You I will remember!", flung him down the corridor (still with his pants around his ankles), and marched into the lavatory, pointedly relocking the door from the inside.

Yet another version of the story indicates that Khan had gone to use one of the lavatory facilities. When he arrived Chekov was leaving. Khan went in to find that Chekov had used the last of the toilet paper, and Khan then said that he would not forget Chekov.

And the rest, Koenig says, is Star Trek history.

 But before all this there was  comic book out that  had all the   star trek members sitting arounda  table talking, and the topic came up of  Chekov and  Khan, His repely was " Well  I may have not been on the bridge at that time but i was in engine room"

which stuck for a  while with fans.....

According to Greg Cox's non-canonical novels Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars, Khan and his followers were placed aboard the Botany Bay by Gary Seven as part of a deal to stop Khan's machinations on Earth. Seven's agent Roberta Lincoln stole Botany Bay from Area 51, where government agents were building top secret technology that was based on the Klingon communicator and phaser left behind by Pavel Chekov in the year 1986 in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and inspired by Ferengi technology studied as part of the Roswell UFO Incident in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Little Green Men."


The Red shirts are dying !!!!! It's Nuthing but a Death shroud!!!(Warp11) 
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