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Hi, I dont play WHFB but I am interested in the online game (got sick of WoW).  The War Priests for the Empire look cool (except for the ass beating that one takes in the cinematic) and I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on their fluff.  Im really interested in what type of weapons and armor they are limited to and are they more like a cleric or a paladin?  Thanx

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They seem to be like a paladin. In WHFB they are a hero that wears heavy armor, uses a hammer mainly, and casts prayers.

EDIT: actually now looking at the WHFB online store the warrior priests have axes, not hammers.

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So they can use hammers, axes and swords? and wear heavy armor?.....any other cool fluff?

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As Ulric (god of Battle, Wolves, and Winter) is the deity of Physical strength, so Sigmar (patron of the Empire) is the deity of Strength of Will. Priests of Sigmar use hammers, emulating the magic hammer the dwarfs gifted to Sigmar in the days of legend. Priests of Ulric use axes, mainly out of rivalry with the cult of Sigmar. Priests of either cult can be given magic weapons of any type, wear light or heavy armor, carry shields, and may ride warhorses with or without barding.

Warrior priests of Sigmar are fearless defiers of the dark, particularly Chaos, Skaven, and the Undead. They are strong preachers, and any unit they join will Hate the enemy army. Priests of Sigmar can also pray (during the magic phase, counts as bound spells) giving buffs to nearby units or characters- healing wounds, allowing re-rolls, granting ward saves, etc. They also add a die to the Empire dispell pool, representing their patron god's protection against sorcerous powers.

Warrior Priests of Ulric despise weakness and cowardice, and units they join Hate any enemy with a low leadership (6 or less). He also adds a dispell dice, and his prayers have different effects.

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Thank you for the detailed description Fellblade

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Has anyone played the lost and the damned type PC game? Is it worth it, and how do you like it?

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