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Finally finished my Warhound Titan Cerberus Warning 56krs  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
GW Public Relations Manager (Privateer Press Mole)

I had posted this before with a missing arm and no banners. I finally finished him (for the most part) so thought I would post the new images. I included the interior pictures again as well. The banners were done by ZandrasIV. On to the pics:

[Thumb - Interior1.jpg]

[Thumb - Interior2.jpg]
Interior 2

[Thumb - Interior3.jpg]
Interior 3

[Thumb - 100_3125.JPG]
Warhound 1

[Thumb - 100_3129.JPG]
Warhound 2

[Thumb - 100_3133.JPG]
Warhound 3

[Thumb - 100_3130.JPG]
Mega Bolter Banner

[Thumb - 100_3132.JPG]
Inferno Banner

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Made in us
Sentient OverBear

Clearwater, FL

Fan-TASTIC. The banners REALLY make it look good.

Excellent work!


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Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

Baltimore, MD


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Made in ca
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

Wow. I really want one after seeing it fully assembled and painted like this.


Note: D+ can take over 12 hours of driving in Canada. It's no small task here.

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Berwyn PA-US

Awesome pics. The banners are a great addition.

Made in us
Battleship Captain


Very nice - the banners are spectacular!

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Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

that thing is sweet and those banners are just awesome.

Made in gb
Been Around the Block

LOOKS AMAZING! Well done .are the banners hand painted ?

Made in us
Dangerous Skeleton Captain


The banners were made in photoshop, printed on decal paper, applied to a plastic banner and then finished by hand.


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Z4Miniatures - The Terran Diplomatic Corps

Made in us

North Carolina

Looks great. I would personally like to see a bit of weathering all around. But personal taste there.

Illustration and Design

Made in us
Infiltrating Oniwaban


I agree with Grey Death about the weathering. That's a nice next step, should you choose to accept it. But even if you don't, it will look great. The banners rock.

How's that huge flamer template working out for you in games?

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