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Well I kind of moved near Toronto, actually.

can someone more experienced with the 5th edition edit this part, under Boyz.

Keep him within 2" of as many Boyz who are in B2B contact as possible! The secret to pulling this off is the order in which you move your models when charging. Per the rules, you move the closest model in B2B first, and then the rest are up to you, so long as you get as many models in B2B who can make it there as possible. The trick is to move all those models first, and then the rest move up to pad the killzone with the Nob in it, while at the same time keeping the Nob within 2" of as many models in B2B contact as possible. This prevents your opponent from pulling models in B2B as normal casualties and denying the Nob his chance to swing the Klaw.

if it no longer applies, you can even take it out.

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