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prince- lance, Magic Gear- 5+ Ward Save/ 2+ Armour Save-206 pts
Star Dragon- 370 pts

10 archers-110 pts

10 archers-110pts

1 bolt thrower-100pts

1 bolt thrower-100pts


Tell me what you think

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Regular Dakkanaut


That's pretty....low model. I think it won't make it against any shooty army. Nor a skirmishing one. Nor a heavy assault. Basicly you're saying that a prince on a dragon is going to clear the field, with a little bit of cover fire. I'm sorry, but I'm really not seeing this work, too fragile, too focussed on your general. No doubt that he will be opening a lot of cans o'whoop-ass, but still...
But considering that i've heard high elves mostly won't do it on 1000-, it's a rather intresting list. I'll give you brownie points there.
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Team tournament list.... With what other army? If you knew their list this may make more sense. What are your armies composition rules, since you have a prince in a 1k list?

Agreed with Vidar, it lacks any real substance. Without your partner I fail to see the list killing anything. You get more use out of the dragon by pairing it with other fast or choppy units.

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drop the dragon and take spearmen and other stuff

"evil prospers when good men do nothing"
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Made in us
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the game is to small for a dragon and a prince.
take spear men and drop one archer and bolt thrower. add heros with extra points
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