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I am looking to start my major conversion project, but i need a little help with how to make a flag and/or banner. I seen a number of custom jobs here, I was just curious how they did them.

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I've seen people roll out a thin sheet of green stuff over aluminum foil. The foil lets you shape it and get the folds you want and once the green stuff hardens the banner has the rigifity to survive tabletop warfare.

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Here's what I do... it's a little bit of work but the results are worth it think.
Maybe it will help you.


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For mine I use thicker card, and then run a lighter down one side, bend it a bit, dip it in water. Repeat over and over till you get what you want. Make sure you leave one side perfectly stragiht as that attaches to the rod. I just glue the edge onto rod and its sturdy at the size i make them.

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Fixture of Dakka

Sterling, Virginia

I am thinking of making banners for my super heavies and landraider out of actual cloth. You can get cloth attached to paper in rolls that you can send through your printer. One can make the design, print it out, cut it out and done.
I know the cloth works, but I am not certain how well it will translate to the scale. I wouldn't think it would work for small personal banners, but I think for big flags it should be good.
I will be making the first for my Inquisitor's Landraider as soon as I get my ink cartridges back from Walgreens, so I will let you know how it works, and hopefully have pictures.

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For my banners I use regular printer paper which I then let get moist in water, but not soaked (don't leave it in the water for long). I then roll it and rub it with my fingers, be prepared to tear a few pieces this way. What this does is make the paper thinner and more supple. Before drying I roll and fold in the "flapping" of the banner or flag, then I leave it under a hot light. When it dries you'll have to play around with it a bit again to get it to what you want. Then I bake it under a lamp so it's harder. After that I flatten it the piece, paint on that I want, then seal it. It'll need to be manipulated again to make it look the way you want.

This isn't the best way to make a banner, the green stuff and foil usually looks best, but after it dries you can't manipulate it anymore and you'll have to paint onto a 3D surface, which can be harder for the less expierenced. My way looks more rigid and papery, but it's easy and cheap.

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Well, there are several good methods I know, and it depends on what you want.

The easiest method I know is to use decals over the top of a simple bit of paper. You paint a little free hand on it, then you end up with an overall simple and nice picture. A lot of decals now have script in them, and if you are an Imperial player, you can add purity seals to the banner.

Another method is to photocopy or print a picture that you'd like to use. Shrink it down to the size of the banner you want and paint over it. You can also draw your own pictures like this. Working on paper like this can get you some extremely detailed pictures.

If you have photoshop, you can do a little better still. You can either trace the picture (so all you get is stark black outlines) and print text on it very small. You could even color it with photoshop, then print it off at Kinkos (for super high quality prints that could look good as a banner).

If you want a wavy flag, it is best if you make the design less detailed (it will become busy and detract from the overall effect). You can accomplish a wavy flag by putting green stuff over tinfoil, or by using very thick foil. The green stuff is sturdier and offers a little more control over the outcome. You will have to either paint your banner up with freehand or use decals, since the paper drawing doesn't work at this level.

If you want the Relief Sculpture look of a lot of the newer GW stuff, then you will need to put green stuff over the top of aluminum foil. This is probably the most time consuming and difficult process you could undergo.

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