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I have a campaign/tournament coming up and need help making a competitive list with my O&G army, the game starts at 750 points and scales up by 250 points per week. I'll list the models I own here and hopefully get some help from the community for my list as it's my first competitive tournament list. Here's what I own:

25 Orc Boyz w/ hand weapon & shields, full command.

80 Night Goblins w/ spears & shields, full commands.

40 Night Goblins w/ Bows, full commands.

10 Spider Riders, full commands.

20 Black Orcs, 2 Commands (Can be fielded two units of 10 w/ full command or one unit of 15 w/ full command).


Night Goblin Big Boss/Warboss.

Night Goblin BSB.

2 Night Goblin Shamans/ Great Shamans.

2 Black Orc Big Bosses/Warbosses.

2 Orc Big Bosses/Warbosses.

Boar Chariot (for characters or stand alone.)

6 Night Goblin Fanatics.

Please help me make a competitive list with what I have.

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