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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Well this is the list I been testing for Ardboys.

Star Dragon, Armor of Caledor, Vambraces of Defense, Gem of Courage, Lance
Total 616

Teclis 475

Other Heroes
Caradryan 175

2 Dispel Scroll
Total 140

Battle Standard Bearer
barded elven steed, dragon armor, lance, Banner of the World Dragon
Total 196

10 Archers 110

10 Archers 110

10 Archers 110

9 Dragon Princes
Standard Bearer with Lion Standard, Champion with Amulet of Light
Total 350

19 Sword Masters
Standard Bearer with Banner of Sorcery, Musician, Champion
Total 355

5 Ellyrian Reavers
Total 105

5 Ellyrian Reavers
Total 105

5 Dragon Princes
Total 150

4 Bolt Throwers 400

2 Eagles 100

Total 3497

Teclis and Caradryan go with the Swordmasters in 3 rows of 7. Caradryan is there to protect Teclis and accept any challenges.

The Standard Bearer goes with the Dragon Princes to make a unit that is immune to Fear and Terror, Immune to Magic and flaming attacks. If I actually owned the models I would make this unit 6 wide.

The Stardragon Prince is pretty standard but with Gem of Courage just in case he wiffs some attacks. The Dragon Prince Unit has the Amulet of Light anyway.

Teclis is the magic god well maybe not so much with scenario 1 giving everyone more chances of irresistable force and mis casting but he still is immune to his first miscast.

As far as lores default lore will be Shadow for unseen lurker to get the Dragon Princes into combat quickly although other Lores like Metal are preferable against Empire and Bretonians.

Minimum core with some archers to protect the bolt throwers.

9 Dragon Prince + BSB unit is the secondary hammer unit to support the dragon.

Swordmasters are to protect Teclis and hit hard.

Reavers for flankers and Mage hunters.

4 Bolt throwers for a good amount of shooting as there will be big creatures and steam tanks to kill.

2 Eagles for march blocking and mage hunting.

Other ideas I have considered are giving the Swordmaster Champion the Skeinsliver to try and get the first turn which is huge in a large game like this with the time constraint but not sure where to find the points. Maybe drop the Reavers for Shadow Warriors to add in the Skein Sliver. What do you think? I do like Reavers though.

Possible changes
-5 reavers 105 points
+5 Shadow warriors 80 points
+skeinsliver (on Sword Master Champion) 25 points

Any ideas for improvements. I played a few test games and this was the final list I had after making some changes. I started out with a Dragon Mage but he was under performing. I put in Caradryan to protect Teclis as I found I ran into a problem with killer characters killing Teclis off. Caradryan is pretty good at killing characters as well.

Has some serious issues with Empire just get shot to peices and 2 steam tanks, karl on a dragon and an arc lector are too much to deal with. Managed to get a win against chaos although I lost another game with another Chaos army. Won against Tomb Kings.

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Your list is illegal at the moment. You have 7 rare, and are only allowed 6. I think you put in one too many eagles.

Swordmasters are going to be such a juicy target that I don't know how you expect them to survive, the Dragon Lord can only be in one place at a time.

You have almost no anvil for your hammers. Without an anvil you won't be able to position the hammer for greatest effect.
Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Do White Lions count as an anvil since they can take a
charge and they have decent saves vs. shooting?

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Thanks for the catch on the eagle thing. Switched from 3 to 4 Bolt throwers over the last weekend also as I felt I needed more firepower.

Sword masters are vulnerable to shooting but if they shooting the swordmasters they are not shooting the dragon or the dragon princes. As long as its not a gunline I'm alright but I have a serious problem with gunlines

I usually play all star dragon prince + mounted bsb + scroll caddy + calvary + chariots + 2 bolt throwers + 2 eagles in 2250 and it works great. Unfortunately don't own any White Lions or Phoenix Guard as I played calvary for 6th edition. Have 20 silver helms I rarely use anymore also.

I think Phoenix Guard are the usual Anvil unit but unfortunately I don't own any and not sure I want to buy any for just one tournament since I normally play a calvary list.

Tried buying some White Lions on ebay but the went for more then I was willing to spend. Caradryan is the only unpainted model since I just bought him. Hopefully can paint him tonight or tommorrow. Don't want to rush it either so might just leave him unpainted. since painting is not required for ard boys.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Just thought of something since Teclis gets shafted by the scenario 1 and is vulnerable what about going 2 Star dragon princes and going all calvary with just scroll caddys for magic defense?

Second Prince would have
Star Lance, Talisman of Loec, Guardian Pheonix, Helm of Fortune, Dragon Armor, Shield.

That might be a bit too character heavy though.

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