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3500 Empire for Ardboys critiques please.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I decided I am going to go with this Empire list most likely for Ard boys since I have a better win percentage with it.

Emperor Karl Franz
Imperial Dragon
Ghal Maraz
Total 700

Arch Lector Altena
War Altar
Hammer of Judgement
Armor of Meteoric Iron
Van Horstmann's Speculum
Total 305

Battle Wizard Isabella
Level 2
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll
Barded Warhorse
Total 160

Battle Wizard Celes
Level 2
Rod of Power
Ring of Volans
Barded Warhorse
Total 160

Battle Wizard Camille
Level 2
Doomfire Ring
Wizards Staff
Barded Warhorse
Total 150

5 Knightly Orders
Total 123

5 Knightly Orders
Total 123

5 Knightly Orders
Total 123

5 Knightly Orders
Total 123

5 Knightly Orders
Total 123

10 Handgunners 80

10 Handgunners 80

Great Cannon 100

Great Cannon 100

Great Cannon 100

Great Gannon 100

5 Outriders
Hochland Long Rifle
Total 134

Steam Tank 300

Steam Tank 300

Hellstorm Rocket Battery 115

Army Total 3499

I been playing a dragon and calvary high elf force for 6th edition so this list reflects that.

Explanation of Unit Selections.
Karl Franz on a Dragon is just mean. He kills characters well and destroys units with a little help.

Arch Lector Altena - decent at killing characters with the speculum I might go with Mace of Might instead, although if they fail their leadership auto wound, not so good against high leadership characters though. Provides prayers for healing the dragon if necessary.

Battle Wizard Isabella - 2 dispel scrolls for magic defense

Battle Wizard Celes - Rod of Power for storing extra dice I don't use and Ring of Volans for a bound spell

Battle Wizard camille - the offensive wizard with Wizard Staff to use another dice to cast big spells easier. Doomfire ring gives a magic missle.

Have 3 mages for a decent magic phase. Considering the Staff of Sorcery because I am a little worried about Vampire Counts. the +1 to dispel would help dispel their one dice spells.
Don't want to go to heavy in magic with a wizard lord because of Scenario 1 is risky with miscasts.

Knights - in groups of 5 for MSU to attack and support Karl, Arc Lector and Steam Tanks. I feel that artillery will be shooting at karl, altena or the steam tanks so I keep them to small units.

Handgunners - guard seige weapons.

4 Cannons - I love cannons I am really good with cannon sniping Smiley

Outriders with Hochland rifle - mobile firepower to snipe champions and characters.

2 Steam Tanks - against some armies steam tanks are terrible and get shot by seige weapons, against others though they are terrors.

Hellfire Missle Battery - provides more long range firepower.

Been doing fairly well with this list so far 4 wins 1 Loss Beat High Elves, Chaos, Lizardmen, Bretonians. lost to thorek dwarven gunline he went first and I got wrecked. Karl Franz was walking and he blew up the war alter pretty fast.

Not to sure how to deal with the dwarven gunline it really comes down to who goes first in that case.

I am a little worried about Vampire Counts. Thinking of putting a Staff of Sorcery on one of my Wizards to help defend against it but not sure where to find the extra points.

As far as the Scenario's go

Scenario 1 - I have baby wizards so will just cast small spells that I can.

Scenario 2 - Karl on dragon and arch lector with knights and steam tanks will try and hit them hard and try and take their table corners.

Scenario 3 - same as 2 only have them go for the loot.

Please don't suggest getting a 3rd Steam Tank, I only own 2 and this army is fully painted. Don't feel like buying a 3rd Steam Tank I will not use again.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Considering dropping some Knights for block of Halberdiers to sit on my loot in Scenario 3. Not sure if its worth it since I could just hold back a steam tank to charge whatever tries to take my loot. placing the loot near my hand gunners and cannons.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Painesville, Ohio, USA


Just some quick thoughts while I work up the review:

1) I don't think you can cast "Healing Hand" on the Dragon. The Prayers can only be cast on character models or champions w/in 12" of the Priest. (Empire Book, Page 53). If you want to cast healing spells on your Dragon, you'll have to get the Lore of Light's healing spell.

2) To me, the Ring of Volans is pretty costly, for its one use. You might be better served to swap it out, and use the points for musicians for your handgunner units.

3) I've found that the Rocket Battery isn't very effective or reliable. You have 4 cannon, 2 tanks, and 20 handgun, so you have pretty good anti-unit missile fire as well as anti-character artillery. What might actually work better is the Bronzino's Galloper Gun regiment of renoun.

Gives you a 5th cannon. It is a light cannon, yes, but it's 16" of movement means that by turn 2 it can be doing enfulade (through the side of a unit) shots. And, with 16" of movement, your opponent has to send one of their mobile units to deal with it... even if your Galloper Gun plays "Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man" the entire game, you've disrupted your enemies plan. And, you can also be bolder with the Galloper Gun, as Bronzino has LD 8 (making the crew braver), and you can use him as a sacrificial hero.

More in a bit.
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

San Jose, CA

No Regiments of Renown in the 'ard boyz, sadly.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

To my mind 2 scrolls isn't nearly enough for a 3500 point game. I love the blitz nature of your list, but even Brets in a 2250 game usually bring 4 scrolls. I'd make one of your other chump mages into another scroll caddy.

All in all, fact is that Warhammer 40K has never been as balanced as it is now, and codex releases have never been as interesting as they are now (new units and vehicles and tons of new special rules/strategies each release -- not just the same old crap with a few changes in statlines and points costs).


New Codexia's Finest Hour - my fluff about the change between codexes, roughly novel length. 
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Thank you for the replies.

Lt Craigs
I thought it worked on the dragon. Have to double check with the judge. The units are good by themselves but I find myself putting out the Karl on foot model more often then I would like and the healing spell would be really nice. Although likely to get dispelled.

Actually Lore of Life healing spell heals all wounds while the light one only heals one. I used that in a high elf list in 6th with a mage with seer and channeler was quite effective.

Rocket battery has been alright for me. I would have a 85 Point Dogs of War cannon here if dogs of war were allowed and I actually owned one. I might just drop it for some more magic defense or to squeeze in some Halberdiers to guard the loot.

I could have a 5th cannon but I don't own the model for it. two of the cannons are actually the ones I use as dogs of war cannons for my high elves.

I was thinking that the magic defense was a little lacking but what should I cut for the other dispel scrolls? The Rod of Power helps with getting my own things through and I like the Wizard Staff and Doomfire Ring mage for offense. sort of reminds me of the old channeler from high elves.

Wait a second Karl's dragon doesn't count as a hero does it? so I could have a 4th chump mage with 2 scrolls?

Made in ca
Man O' War


I agree with the LT, drop the hellstorm, to many chances of bad things happening. You need more scrolls, any list with an even half decent magic phase will blow you away. Musicians for the handgunners just makes sense. Drop the level 2 on your scroll caddies, they're there for defense not offense so spend the points saved elsewhere.

you really don't have an anvil unit that you can smash things against, lots of MSU knights are good but they need an anvil to smash against, unless you plan to use the stanks as such, sorry that makes sense ignore the above

If you drop the outriders you can take 6 pistoliers with a musician and add a champ with hochland and another rifle to each handgunner unit. Pistoliers have basically the same range as outriders and only lose one shot each (move 16 fire 8 as opposed to move 16 wait a turn then fire 24) and they are better in CC

Dropping the Hellstorm lets you take another scroll caddy and dropping the level 2 on all but one wizard, taking the +1 dispell staff also makes sense

hope that helps


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