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Made in us
Erratic Knight Errant

i really like the lizard men but im not sure if i should make something with them, i wnat a new army that is different from my HE, soft and squishy arent always fun.

also, is the battalion worth it?
Made in us
Deadly Tomb Guard

Payson Utah, USA

wow, amazingly enough, I was about to ask the exact same question.

I am a Utah man sir, I live across the green, our gang is the jolliest that you have ever seen, Our co-eds are the fairest, ans each one's a shining star, our yell you'l hear it ringing through the mountains near and far.
Who am I sir? a UTAH MAN am I. A UTAH MAN sir, I will be till I die.


Were up to snuff, we never bluff were game for any fuss, no other gang of college men dare meet us in the MUSS. So fill your lungs and sing it out and shout it to the sky, we'll fight for dear old Crimson for a UTAH MAN AM I!!

GO UTES!!!! 
Made in ca
Man O' War


I found the battalion box to be a great value, 2 of them a couple of heroes and some sallies and your good to go.

They can hit hard, they don't run away often and the big frog is the master of magic if you want to go that way, something to do (and do effectively) in all phases


Life moves pretty fast,
If you don't stop and look around once and a while,
you might miss it - Ferris Bueller 
Made in us
Erratic Knight Errant

thanks, the lizartds just look cool and are so addaptable.

hehe arion, tell me if you get it and what happens with it
Made in au
.. .-.. .-.. ..- -- .. -. .- - ..

Toowoomba, Australia

I've been playing Lizardmen since the start of the year (last played them back in 5th ed).

They are a fantastic adaptable list.

With SMP you can go magic heavy.
With oldblood and saurus scar vets you can go combat heavy.
The saurus... I now look at them as a tarpit unit that is difficult to make run away if the BSB is nearby. I rarely break enemies but hold them up for flanking units to get dug in.
Skinks are absolutely fantastic- cheap, skirmishers, can scout, and poison missile weapons. Also kroxigors can charge through them.
Kroxigor are probably the best value in the list. Give the army real killing power.
Terradons are great warmachine or skirmisher hunters.
Chameleon skinks are great at disrupting an enemy flank's advance.
Saurus cav-= thanks to stupidity probably 5-7 points overpriced. The only unit in the army I think is not worth taking.
Salamanders- Brilliant unit, but low Ld means I run them near the general.
Stegadon, probably a close second to kroxigors in the list.

I bought the batallion- well worth it to flesh out your troop choices.

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Made in ca
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

Yeah I bought a battlion just last week (and 2 salamanders and scar vet) to start playing lizardmen. The boxset is a great deal for players just starting with this army. I'm actually considering getting a second box to fill out core choices up enough for 2500 games and still having enough choices for how I want to build the army.


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