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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

hey everybody,
I am looking to start fantasy and i was looking for tips on making a low model count empire army.
I love the look of empire and big guns are always cool.
Now, I already play 40k and i play orks so i am used to huge horde armies, but I would like to try something new.
A gunline (if there is one in fantasy) would be fun for me.
so any help would be nice in creating this new list.
thanks a lot
Made in eu
Infiltrating Broodlord


If you want to go gunline, you should either go Empire or Dwarfs. Sdaly my knowledge of Empire is from 6th edition, so I'm not the best guy to ask.
One thing to consider is that Greatcannons, Hellblaster, Mortars and Handgunners can just bring you that far... Remember that shooting units in fantasy are mainly for weakening the enemy, not destroying them. And even weakened Infantry will probably destroy your shooting units in hth. So you need some fighting units who can bounce the puny survivors off.

I'm not quite sure what units work as bouncers in an empire army (Greatswords? Knights? Or just some footsoldiers?)

Hope that helped a bit!

Schepp himself

Fantasy: Skaven, Vampires  
Made in us
Charging Bull

Rochester, New York

IF you want to go gunline, go dwarves. Empire gunline isn't that good. Take a mix of thunderers and quarrelers with the organ gun and a cannon or two and win. Your troops shoot better than empire and can take a charge.

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- Abadabadoobaddon

Albatross wrote:I don't game in GW stores very often, but I must say that last time I did, most of the kids were much more pleasant and less annoying than some of the smelly, socially slowed ADULTS who frequent the stores.
It's a company which specialises in the selling of plastic representations of Elves, Goblins, and 9 foot tall superhuman soldiers from the future - have you ever considered that, as adults, it is US that is intruding upon THEIR world?
Made in us
Savage Khorne Berserker Biker

Ya gotta gimme a points cost... then I'll make you a list. But for empire gunlines... remember this... take cannons, the hellblaster sucks now... and you want wizards as your heros

Angron- crushing the theme and fluff of armies one horde at a time.

-The Trooper 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

im thinking of aiming for a 2000 eventually. but to start probably pretty low 750-1000
Made in ca
Man O' War


Try this out

Warrior Priest - General (150)
HA S BWH Sword of Might Icon of Magnus

Battle Wizard - Lvl 2 Scroll (125)

11x Handgunners - Musician, Marksmen w Hochland (118)
12x Handgunners - Musician, Marksmen w Hochland (126)
12x Handgunners - Musician, Marksmen w Hochland (126)
5 x Knightly Order - Full Command (155)

Great Cannon (100)
Great Cannon (100)

Exactly 1000pts

35 handgun shots, 3 of which can choose their own target, 2 cannons, 2 spells + 1 prayer, 4 dispel dice + 1 scroll

50 models

Knights can move rapidly to cover your gunline and priest makes them deadlier and can make a unit unbreakable, musicians to help with break/panic/rally tests


Life moves pretty fast,
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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

ya that sounds like exactly what i want. thanks
as i am just starting I am not quite familiar with the magic phase. And i would like to have a good mage. is the priest gonna kick some ass or help out my units?
Made in us
Unmaker, Scion of Tzeentch

Southern New Hampshire

In larger games, the Priest is more likely to serve only as a booster for your units by giving them Hatred. Stack the Priest with a unit of Knights and watch them roll enemies. At 2000+ points, there are enough dispell dice to easily dismiss his magic.

In a smaller scale, where there's less magic, his power level 4 Bound Spells are harder to dispell with fewer dice kicking around, especially if you're also packing a mage.

As an Empire player myself, I have to agree on one point: If you want a pure gunline, play Dwarves. Dwarven missile units can still handle themselves well in combat, unlike Handgunners. I tried the guns and magic thing once in a special cheeseball tournament with minimal success. A successful Empire army tends to be a balanced list with multiple facets.

"There are no problems that cannot be solved with cannons." - Chief Engineer Boris Krauss of Nuln

AoS - Fires of Change : "The Everchosen stole my destiny. Soon, I shall return the favor." The Unmaker, Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch

Thousand Sons
Renegade Astartes The Scourged

Made in us
Rampaging Chaos Russ Driver

Madison Wisconsin

empire really do need to do the whole big block unit thing like most other armies, like greatswords, and spearmen, or they do crumble, so for a pure gun line do dwarves since they have good Ld and T4 Ws4 are the best saves you can have in the game (less hits, and less wounds taken on the unit) empire have neither and don't have good armor on top of that!

for a less frustrating army past the gunline and sturdy things empire is the way to go with lots of things to boost the list in all of the phases of the game. they have good fast cavalry (really good), good heavy cav, good shooting, decent magic, decent combat, and tons of unit choices. for more fun IMO go with empire

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