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Made in us

Pittsburgh, Pa

Looking for the scale size for the Battlefield Evolution game. If any knows please let me know. I know Mongoose didn't put any for the WW2 game and I figure to use 1:72 scale for them. Thanks.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Mongoose isn't doing minis for WAW (World at War) the WWII version of Battlefield Evolution - most of the fan base is going 1/72 scale / 20mm - a few of us are going 28mm

Modern Combat - the updated Modern version of Battlefield Evolution won't see any new minis releases for at least a year (if ever - my $ is on never) - so most of the community is going the 1/72 scale/20mm route with a few going the 28mm route & still a third section playing with the minis released for the original Battlefield Evolution

The Mongoose prepainted plastics for Battlefield Evolution are still available mostly - but you may have to hunt for them

- they stated the scale was 'true 28mm' meaning guys measured 28mm & they said everything was scaled at 1/64 (a scale compatible with nothing else) so the infantry are between 1/72-20mm and 28mm (markedly smaller than other 28mm ranges - and not really compatible with any other infantry

- on the upside the 1/64 scale vehicles are oddly enough close to perfectly the same size as other 1/72 vehicles

there is a great fansite www.evocommand.com which is pretty active and committed to all versions of the game

Hope this was helpful
Made in us
Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper

A problem with the original Battlefield Evolution game was that the soldiers and vehicles were in two different scales. I don't know why in the hell they did that. I don't remember the exact scales but the vehicles were a smaller scale than the figures.

You can't fix stupid. 
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