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Annoying Groin Biter

Battle Ground, Washington

I'm new to Warhammer but not to strategy, I'm a complete nube without even a single game under my belt with all of 12 painted Dwarves. Still, I'm excited to begin playing and after a few days trying to come up with a decent army list, I ended up with this.
I'm slightly disappointed that I was unable to fit an Anvil or the master rune of Challenge into the list, but overall I'm satisfied with the build. I'm looking for criticism (Constructive or not, I like the abuse ;-) and/or ideas-oh! and if I'm missing something completely obvious that's likely to get me slaughtered (Or DQ'd) please, let me know.
Here goes...

Runesmith: w/t Shield, 2xRoStriking, RoStone, MRoDismay & RoSpellbreaking. *General*
Thane BSB w/t Oath Stone, MRoValaya, Strollaz's Rune & RoStoicism.
20xLongbeards w/t Shields, Full Command, Master Rune of Grungni **BSB**
20xWarriors w/t Shields, Full Command. **Runesmith**
21xWarriors w/t Shields, Full Command.
14xSlayers **Dragonslayer**
14xSlayers **Dragonslayer**
10xMiners w/t Full Command

1999 Points, 119 Dwarves.

After posting this I realized that the above build doesn't really mach my playing style and it doesn't include all of the elements I want in an army.
What I really want is a competitive (Dwarf) army that most wont consider cheap (there are always a few willing to call anything broken). I want to avoid a complete gunline strategy because I want movement, tactics and options to be important to every game. I like Bugman, but for a handful of petty reasons I don't want to use any special characters. Whatever build I end up with with should have options during every phase, I want it to include an Anvil of Doom, The Master runes of Challenge and Dismay, A gyrocopter and some kind of extra Anti-Magic tool.
I thought this forum was a little more active than this. I was expecting at least an opinion or some advice by now, I'm new to forums in general so if I broke forum etiquette in some way or came across as rude I apologize.

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I used to dream of being a great writer,
last night I dreamt that the house burnt down. 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

New Orleans

I would be concerned with your lack of firepower. Slayers are awsome in hand to hand but will probably die horribly to enemy artillery especially bolt throwers (multi shot), crossbows, bows, handguns, etc.

One of the Dwarfs strongest assets is their ranged weaponry. I would suggest at least dropping the gyrocopter in favor of an organ gun. Possibly even making some points from your core choices to allow 2 organ guns.

Just a thought, I compliment you for your ambition in making an all HtH army, I just think without armor saves, the slayers are never going to make it, if they don't have some support.

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Made in us
Crazed Savage Orc

Minneapolis, MN

Also, I would start at a smaller points value and work your way up. Start at 500 or 750. Then 1000. Then 1500. Then 2000.

I know it seems fun to just jump right in, but you learn some fundamentals, and at 500 points if you read a rule wrong or something there isnt as much to do to start over.

Stay Alert! Trust no one! Keep your laser handy!!


Made in us
Annoying Groin Biter

Battle Ground, Washington

Sorry for the delay, I was without internet. It was rough.
Thanks for your advice (Both of you) I appreciate it, that list was just my attempt to put as many slayers as I could in one place. I took your advice and designed a more balanced force which I'll post later.

I used to dream of being a great writer,
last night I dreamt that the house burnt down. 
Made in ca
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

There is also a nice banner rune that gives all units within 12"(or 6" I forget) a 5+ ward save against all missile weapons including magic missiles. Decent if you want to give some protection to your advancing naked dwarves and in general its great help vs warmachines of other armies. Nothing better than laughing at a blocked bolt to the flank because you made the ward save against the first wound.

Rune of Grungni or something, I didn't have my dex handy but now I see you are already equipped with it for just this reason. Nice

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Note: D+ can take over 12 hours of driving in Canada. It's no small task here.

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