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Drop Trooper with Demo Charge


Hi all,

I recently had my first game of FOW and really enjoyed it. Putting the moral issues asside, I was thinking of starting an SS Panser division, including Pansers, Pansergrenadiers and some artillery.

Has anyone played with or against an army of this type? I am looking at how well they play.

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Been Around the Block

My only army for FOW is germans. Panzers are pretty amazing tanks in mid and still viable in late too. I am a big fan of .88's though the 10.5's work wonderful as well. If you are playing an SS force you will most likely be playing with less points since you have fearless veteran troops but they will be rock hard. You might want to check out the website to see if any of the army deals might work for you.

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Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper

Well I don't play SS but I have played as other Fearless Veteran rated German forces.

1st off, your army will feel tiny by comparison. The good news is you can really count on your guys to make their rolls! I'd avoid armies based around the big expensive units, as you simply can't get enough of them to be effective, like Panthers. Avoid Armored Panzergrenadiers as SS. Seriously, they are just way to overpriced and the half tracks are not that useful. German 10.5s are awesome but you may need to forgo them for a more affordable 1/2 battery of Nebelwerfers.

Check out the Operation Cobra book for some good examples of late war SS armies you can field.

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