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Made in us
Nasty Nob

Gardner, MA

I hope you can make out the pics - Im terrible with a camera.

Ultra's waiting patiently for the new codex......

[Thumb - Picture 258.jpg]
The Legion

[Thumb - Picture 259.jpg]
Command elements

[Thumb - Picture 260.jpg]

[Thumb - Picture 254.jpg]
Roll Call

[Thumb - Picture 255.jpg]

[Thumb - Picture 256.jpg]
1st Company support - Hoohah!

[Thumb - Picture 257.jpg]
HQ Stand and Deliver!

A man's character is his fate.
Made in au
Focused Fire Warrior

Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia

Im not really a big Ultra Marine fan but this is really good, how many points is it? love the terminators.


"I salute you! For though our path has been long and bloody, you have served our lord with unflinching courage and the honour of true warriors. We have seen many fall today and must remember, even as we die, that our blood to is welcome..."
Made in fi
Longtime Dakkanaut

Always a pleasure to see such dedication and effort on an Army! Thanks for sharing.

“Of the fabulous hydra it is said, cut off one head and two will grow in its place”

- antique proverb

Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Dude awesome collection! Great work on painting!

Made in us
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

Whitebear lake Minnesota.

cant wait to get out of work to paint up my marines.
very nice job.


2500pts Bretonnians 
Made in us
Nasty Nob

Gardner, MA

Thanks all. This is by far my favorite army. I still have one more Vet squad, 2 rhinos and a Landraider to paint up.

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A man's character is his fate.
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