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I just need to sell my Orks, buy some Tau (Or Guardsmen) and then get moar moniez.

I've been thinking of playing Flames of War for a little while, but then I saw that they were 15 millimeters tall. That almost changed my mind.

So, is it easy to paint 15 millimeter sized men? Do you think I should try it out?

And most importantly,

What team do you play as?

Whats your Faovrite tactic?



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It's a pain to paint little guys.

Vehicles and artillery are really easy to paint though.

I think you should try it out, it's a fun game.

I play as everything, but prefer Russian heavy tanks.

Just too amusing.

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Stormin' Stompa


Russian armour is the way to go.

I have to admit I only have tank-supported red infantry and pure red armour at my disposal, but neither are bad things to have. FOW is quite nice tactically, but getting clear ranged shots out of your tanks is the best general tactic IMO. Tankriders a good idea, + it's groovy.

BTW, your sig animation pisses me off.
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I play germans and have pretty much everything you could imagine for them. 10 tigers 4 King tigers, 14 panzers of various types. Lots of grenadiers, panzergrenadiers and fallschrimjager. I have pretty much bought ever army deal for the germans with some extras on the side. I am quite a fan of playing the all tiger army though it is quite tough to win with it.

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Heres a cool Fan group
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