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Made in us
Charging Cold One Rider

Out of curiosity, what did any of you peeps use to make them? A miniature has never been produced, and there are no pictures of them.

What did anybody make them out of? I was going to try Rippers, but they seem too small. Maybe use a full Gaunt body?

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nickle-diameter snail shells with green-stuff and spawn tendrils.
Oriented like a nautilus.
Made in gb
Drone without a Controller


40K/Warhammer Tzeentch Screamers. They are a little large, but look the part.

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Made in us
Charging Cold One Rider

CyberShadow wrote:40K/Warhammer Tzeentch Screamers. They are a little large, but look the part.

Too big, and not nearly as armored as they should look. I see a Kraken as a big series of overlapping armor plates, with a small area representing the weaponry.

27th Member of D.O.O.M.F.A.R.T.
Resident Battletech Guru. 
Made in gb
Highlord of Terra

Adrift within the vortex of my imagination.

I have seen them made from symetrical pairings of weapon biomorphs joined together at the 'armpit'. Just flatten off the rounded shoulder socket glue together and mount on a base.

Easy done. Its good because extra nid weapons are commonplace.

Sorry. I cant provide pics because it is not my fleet.

n'oublie jamais

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Dark Angels Neophyte Undergoing Surgeries

I used the escort drones (the one that looks like a 40k devourer) with the head crest part of a warrior on top, and other doo-dads as needed for weaponry.

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Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

New Bedford, MA USA

I sculpted my own out of epoxy putty. They are beefier than standard escorts. They are composed of a 5 segment carapace with an exhaust port behind it. Using dorsal weapon mounts made from the gaunt gun sprue.

I haven't made any with feeder tentacles, but I plan on doing so out of green stuff and wire.

I'll take a few pics and post them.

Made in us
Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper

MY fleet is a mix of the actual Tyranid models and ships I've made using parts from the 40K Tyranid models. I try to make each "class" of Tyranid ship/monster look the same. This way I don't have a fleet made up of entirely unique models that confuses myself and my opponent.

Cruises use the body of a Termagant as a base to start with for the "hull". Escorts are made using either spore mines or weapons glued together as the base, Devourers are really good for this.

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