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few years ago when i was around the local hobby shop i used to play FoW once in awhile.

i have collected a decent size german army , but here is where the issue start.
my local gaming always let me do what i want, they have no issue about me painting my germans white ( like U.N color )

but, if im to sell my army painted german army, will the wrong color ( not matching historic ones ) be trouble?

grr :"<

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Anyone wanting to buy it will be thinking of the work involved removing the paint and redoing it. Even if it was painted in historic colours, they may still strip it down to redo it themselves to match their specific theme or style.

So as long as your pricing is for the value of the models as pieces and not the value of your work painting it, you should be OK.

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There's a market for anything. I would imagine you could sell this stuff.
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Yes, it could be a real problem. Strip them.

Now this is speaking broadly, but this is based on my experiences with other FoW and Historical players and how they differ from players of "other" games such as Sci-fi/ Fantasy games.

You don't see nearly the high level of skilled painters as you see painting for games like 40K. Most historical guys don't have the time to devote to it, so their skills are not as up there. So the standard of what is considered to be a good or acceptable paint job are lower.

Because it is historically based, players can get really bent out of shape at oddball color schemes. White tanks will definitely be a problem even if they are painted extremely well. If you paint your tanks in non-historical color schemes you have turned off all of your buyers except for those who are willing to strip and repaint the models, which means they will want to get them for very cheap.

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How far off is the color? Pink? Strip them.

I dont see why anyone would paint Fow off-history enough to make it a turn off for buyers, they would have to be red or some other color other than dirt and metal..
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I'm not sure what white "U.N color" tanks look like, but if they look like they are white-washed for winter battles then you might find some buyers.

In general though, I doubt you'll find many buyers for non-historical paint schemes.

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Actually in hindsight, I would try and get what you want for them in the state they are in. THEN if they dont sell strip em.
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I painted mine in sort of a winter UN color back then.

Grey vest, white attire on my german troops.

I thought the color was wrong till i looked up ww2 german uniform colors, it works . Thats a relief

no stripping for me!

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Why not say 'undercoated' or part painted?

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Nasty Nob

Don't strip them. Let the buyer do it. It is up to him how to handle it. Stripping is a ton of work - why do it when you don't even know whether you have a sale yet? At least this way, the buyer can decide whether he likes them as-is or not.

That's my take.

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A simple wat to strip paint is soaking in simple green for a week then rinse and rub of with a old tooth brush..
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