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So, coming out of the Necrons in BFG thread, I wanted to post the campaign rules that we used over the course of the last year. These are designed to play a "General's Compendium" style campaign, where fleet banners move from planet to planet, repairs are based on the types of planets held and renown, and there are clear end-game targets. We managed to play several campaigns over the course of a year using this system. This was the latest iteration, and wanted to put it up for comment.

These are intended to mesh with the campaign rules in the back of the rulebook.

1. Set-Up
1.1. Each player creates a fleet roster, from the BBB pdf, not to exceed 2000 points. During the course of the campaign, fleets may expand. After the campaign begins, fleet rosters may not exceed 3000 points.
1.2. Each fleet has a fleet commander as per the BFG Campaign PDF. This fleet commander does not cost any points, and comes with his own re-roll(s). Each fleet commander begins with 1 point of renown, and must be assigned to a ship, which will be his flagship. If the ship is involved in the battle, then ‘you’ are there, and fleet re-rolls may be used.
1.3. Whatever planet is considered the “home” planet, counts as a “Pirate Base” and has that designation throughout the campaign, unless it is reduced due to in-game effects such as Exterminatus.

2. Open Records
2.1. All fleet lists are made public.
2.2. All fleet moves are submitted to the map-keeper, who then posts them to the map simultaneously. Fleet moves are hidden until revealed.

3. Sequence of Turn
3.1. Movement
3.1.1. Each player controls a fleet banner. The fleet banner moves one system per turn. Additional banners are gained for every additional 3 systems taken (e.g. 2 banners at 4 systems, 3 at 7, 4 at 10, etc.). Each new banner begins at your home planet. If you lose a system, which drops you below a threshold, you lose a banner (of your choice).
3.1.2. Fleets which move into an unoccupied system claim that system.
3.1.3. Multiple banners may occupy the same system, but only one banner counts as a “full” banner. Additional banners count in support (see Resolve Encounters).
3.1.4. If you move toward an enemy that is moving toward you, the banners meet in “open space”. See 3.2.2. to determine the size of the encounter. The scenario is played in Deep Space (rolling terrain normally). The scenarios for open space battles are: (d6): 1: Escalating Engagement; 2-4: Cruiser Clash; 5-6: Fleet Engagement. The winner gains the system from which the enemy fleet originated. The enemy fleet must continue its retreat to an adjacent friendly system, if possible (see 3.1.5.)
3.1.5. If a banner is defeated, it may retreat to any adjacent, friendly system. If a fleet is completely eliminated, or has no adjacent, friendly system to return to, the banner returns to its starting location, and counts as a supporting banner for the next turn. Banners returning in this fashion take an additional turn to reappear.
3.2. Determine Encounters
3.2.1. If your move takes you into an enemy-occupied system (which includes an enemy fleet, or not), or if two fleets meet in an unclaimed system, then an encounter will occur.
3.2.2. There are two types of fights, Raids and Battles. The points value for each is determined as follows

D6 Roll Raid (1-2) Battle (3-6)
Base Value of Fleet 550 points 800 points
Each Banner Present +150 points +300 points
Each Supporting Banner +50 points +100 points Any number of banners may provide support. If a system is “enemy controlled” but no banner is present, they defend themselves with the Base Value against the attacking banner. These points must be filled with ships from the Fleet Roster. It may be the case that all of your assets are deployed elsewhere. In that case, you may concede the system.
3.2.3. After the types of encounters are determined, fleet assets are assigned to each Battle or Raid.
3.2.4. Planetary Defenses are determined as per the scenario.
3.2.5. After fleet assets are assigned, then the scenario is determined for each encounter. Roll a d6:
1 = Escalating Engagement (Victory Points)
2-3 = Cruiser Clash (Victory Points)
4-5 = Fleet Engagement (Victory Points)
6 = Planetary Assault (Scenario Victory Conditions)
3.2.6. A Player may choose to conduct an Exterminatus before rolling for Scenario, if attacking an enemy-held world/system.
3.2.7. In all cases, the scenario should be modified so that there is at least 60cm between fleets at set-up (as much as possible).
3.3. Resolve Encounters
3.3.1. Resolve encounters as per the BFG Scenario PDF. It is entirely possible that a player may lose the game (and a system), even though their opponent disengaged from the game (when victory points are calculated).
3.3.2. If a ship is destroyed, it is removed from the Fleet Roster and not replaced.
3.4. End of Turn Resolution
3.4.1. Ships can be requested by making an Appeal for Reinforcements during the turn resolution. Ships which arrive via Reinforcement begin the game with Ld6 (or whatever the Racial minimum for that fleet) Turn resolution only occurs when you have fought a battle or battles.
3.4.2. After a battle, un-crippled capital ships and escorts (as long as there are at least 2 remaining in the squadron) roll against Ld. If the roll is higher than the Ld value, LD is increased by +1 or the ship may roll on the skill table.
3.4.3. If a capital ship is crippled, or an escort squadron is reduced to 1 ship, the ship must roll equal to or higher than their current LD value to avoid losing a point of Ld. No skills may be gained by passing this roll.
3.4.4. Once you add a ship to your fleet, it behaves as part of your roster. If you wish to replace a ship, you may “decommission” a ship, and remove it permanently from your roster. Decommissioning of a ship occurs before you roll for Appeals. Remember that your fleet roster cannot exceed 3,000 points.
3.4.5. Repairs: Repair points are generated each turn based on the systems held (and renown), as per the BBB (see Planet Values, below). These points can be used to affect repairs on your fleet each turn.

4. Planet Values
4.1. Planets/Systems generate repair points based on the campaign system in the BBB. This value increases as Renown increases, as per the chart below:

This is the chart from page 154 of the rulebook (repair points by type of planet and renown)

5. Victory Conditions
5.1. If an Admiral gains 61+ renown, then that Admiral is the campaign winner.
5.2. If an Admiral gains 12 systems, then that Admiral is the campaign winner.
5.3. If you take an enemy homeworld, the campaign will continue for two additional turns. That player will be the winner if they can hold both homeworlds.
5.4. In the event that two or more conditions are met in the same turn, then the Renown of the Admirals is compared. The highest Renown is the winner. In the event of a tie, both Admirals may claim victory.

I apologize for the formatting, which looks better in Word

Feedback, comments, questions welcome.

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Daemonhunters 1000 points (painted)
Flesh Tearers 2000+ points (painted) - Balt GT '02 52nd; Balt GT '05 16th
Kabal of the Tortured Soul 2000+ points (painted) - Balt GT '08 85th; Mechanicon '09 12th
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The Netherlands

I think this is a very good looking system.

Am I correct in assuming that Banners do not contain a specified fleet? Only when enemy fleets/systems engage (and this all happens at the same time as they are moved) you determine the point value of the battle(s) to be played and then assign ships/squadrons from your pool.

One quibble, couldn't rule 3.3.1 not be abused by canny players, especially those with mobile fleets?

Any recommendations on how big to make the nr. of systems and would you change the campaign victory conditions (12 systems to win) because of this?

Thanks for sharing!

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@BAWTRM: correct, the banners do not reflect a specific fleet. When all of your battles for the turn are revealed, you allocate your ships as you see fit - spread out to fight them all understrength, use full points for some, and give up others, etc.

I guess it could be abused by canny players, but we didn't really see that happen. At least in our group, no one was able to figure out the VPs for their fleet and the enemy's fleet in their head. I guess if you wanted to gamble.

Here is a map we used for out campaign. This was for a 4-player game. You can, of course, change numbers and types easily to make it play faster, slower, etc.

[Thumb - Slide1.JPG]

Daemonhunters 1000 points (painted)
Flesh Tearers 2000+ points (painted) - Balt GT '02 52nd; Balt GT '05 16th
Kabal of the Tortured Soul 2000+ points (painted) - Balt GT '08 85th; Mechanicon '09 12th
Greenwing 1000 points (painted) - Adepticon Team Tourny 2013

"There is rational thought here. It's just swimming through a sea of stupid and is often concealed from view by the waves of irrational conclusions." - Railguns 
Made in nl
Nimble Pistolier

The Netherlands


You've even got an uninhabited system with 7 warp paths leading up to it!

Pants come optional 
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