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Here is an image of the campaign map I'm developing for a naval campaign.

Some Info

The campaign system is called Struggle at Sea.

The Campaign is based in WWII and pits the Kriegsmarine against the might of the royal navy. It will allow for two players (or teams of players) to re-create the early and middle parts of the war in the atlantic.

The focus of the campaign is on surface convoy raiding. Strategic submarine warfare is not a part of the campaign (although some submarine interaction will be possible).

Operational scenarios with a limited scope will also be possible using this map (such as the Bismarck's ill fated sortie into the Atlantic).

The map is designed to be printed so that chits representing the naval vessels can be moved around strategically (alternatively you could use your actual ship models depending on how small your models are and how big you print the map). Once two opposing forces are in the same sea zone (and have located one another) tactical combat can be resolved using your favorite miniatures system.

The campaign system will include rules for:
-Repair (both at sea and in port)
-Air searches and attacks
-Random events
-Fuel consumption
-Tanker Re-fuelling
-Convoy scattering
-Fog of war

The picture above depicts the start of the Operation Rheinubung (Bismarcks sortie). You can see the square chits representing the Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine units on the map. The square boxes along the coast of France and Germany are the port boxes. The British ports are represented by holding boxes at the top of the map. Up in the top left corner you can see Force H in Gibraltar.

The map is not finished yet and there still a bit of design work to do. The sea zones may get chopped up a bit so that they are all relatively similair in size. I need to add some more off map holding boxes for Newfoundland and the grand banks (which will allow convoys and ships to move to/from these areas). I will probably add search modifiers to each sea zone (much easier to find your opponent in narrow seas as opposed to the open ocean).

Here is rough outline of the campaign turn order
1) Random Events
2) Ship Movement
3) Air search
4) Air combat
5) Naval Search
6) Naval Combat
7) Repair/re-fuel

Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.
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Somewhere in southern England.

Very nice.

If you are going to chop down the sea areas would it be possible to use the original Kriegsmarine overlay?

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