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Sneaky Sniper Drone


another painted mini of an old high elf costal army


see ya! ^^

I paint on commission!^^ send me a pm if interested 
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Scouting Shade


That's a very nice dragon. The water splashing on the rocks looks very realistic.

It would be annoying flying into the wind, that super-long pennant would whip right in the dragon rider's face.

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My own little happy place

WOW my dragon's put to shame.

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Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Standing right behind you...

Fabulous! Though i recommend you post the pics as attachments, i.e. below, and maybe make a web log of it, similar to Grey Death.
[Thumb - collagedragonvu4.jpg]

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A garden grove on Citadel Station

Or better yet, upload them to the dakka gallery.
Looks great, though it would be kinda weird to use in a game.

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Cold-Blooded Saurus Warrior

Great painting skills.
How did you get the effect of water splashing on the rocks.
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Battlefortress Driver with Krusha Wheel

That is quite beautiful. Is the water green stuff?

Made in it
Sneaky Sniper Drone


Yeah is greenstuff with the snow effect for the "bubbles"

I paint on commission!^^ send me a pm if interested 
Made in be
Drone without a Controller

My Dark Tower Of Everlasting Doom

That's just astonishing

Great water effects

Made in ie
Longtime Dakkanaut

Mini rant time, I love your work, I keep an eye on all your updates, but this pic is irritating me and I have to get it out.

You made this fantastic conversion, but it looks like you rushed the actual paintjob, and its drawing away from the model.

Your rider has amazing freehand that you obviously spent time on, but the dragon has no armor detail bar a wash and single edge highlight.
The cloth looks like you just shaded with just a heavy blue wash, the mouth has no definition, and the horns could be blended up so much better.

You have fantastic painting skill but you spent most of it on the rider and not the giant dragon which is the center piece. Another hour or so work and it could look spectactular, now it just looks a bit unfinished because of the huge difference between rider and mount.

The conversion is magnificent, so give the dragon a paint job to match, your site proves you can do it no problem!

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