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Excellent article on building a competitve base, stolen from GW

Finished work:

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only advice i would give is to shy away from using the foamcore and hole cutter as they advise in that article. It is tremendously tedious and i found it difficult to get a clean cut using the hole cutter. I saw another user on this forum use the thin mdf board and a holesaw instead. A better idea by far in my opinion.
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Just wondering but what size of magnets would you use for a conversion on a marine? I just found a magnet site and their prices are interesting enough to prompt me to buy them.

Tabletop quality Orks for Sale. Plenty of converted vehicles. Moving and don't want. PM for details.
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OK, seems good, by why go through all of that work so you can turn it upside down?
If you failed at making it then bye bye models.
If you done it right then you have an upside down army.

good ideas, just dont really get why its needed.

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I like the 1/16" x 3/16". Small but strong.

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