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Emboldened Warlock

Well, I'm still a bit of a newbie to the hobby, currently still collecting/building my army up to about 750 points. One of the things that's gotten me quite excited abut the hobby however, is to eventually be able to play HUGE REALLY apocalyptic scale of battles. I'm not talking about the 3-4000 point battles that they talk about in the Apocalypse book... but more 30k~40k+ range!

I'm also quite interested in games with teams of multiple players, Free for all type games, even perhaps with each player (or perhaps even race) having their own agenda, all on the same board!

I've also been quite inspired by one picture where a Dark Eldar army was all mounted on skimmers over water. (in the Dark Eldar section in the Fall of Medusa V handbook) Perhaps an all-skimmer/flier only battle over water? (Minimal terrain etc.) Or even a battle in the skies!

I'm quite interested in this sort of thing, and as such I was wondering what "interesting" battles or campaigns people have participated in, or perhaps potentially fun/viable scenarios ideas that you hav?

What 'bout my star?~* 
Made in us
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

Would love to see a "Bridge Too Far" game day report.

The Attacking Commander decides he needs to end the war in a sector so the forces can be moved elsewhere so he devises a bold strike involving both his armor and airborne/ deep striking units to destroy the enemies logistics base far to the rear lines but perhaps this time he has gone a bridge too far....

The defending Commander owns 3 sequential bridges all out of sight of each other with a logistics base just past the third bridge with fortified fixed positions that can not be taken out by light units at the end of them. The bridge can not be targeted by the logistics base with direct fire due to terrain.

You could have 4 or more players on each side with one overall commander on each side.

Attackers- 3 Deep Striking armies and 1 Armor equipped army that must use the road and the bridges to get to the final objective.

Defenders- One army on each bridge or town and a fourth with part of his army at the initial LD pulling a fighting retreat all the way to the support depot with it fixed weapons...

Attacker(s) Victory dependent on the number of bridges taken and total victory for the attacker if they take the final objective which can only be taken by the armor units that make it across the 3 bridges.

Defender(s) on Keeping all 3 towns and the bridges in them and destroying the deep striking units by attrition and running them out of supplies combat and denying them aerial resupply

Watch the movie or read up on Operation Market Garden.

It would be a fight to talk about for years and done on a table large enough to take real advantage of Artillery, Skimmers, Scouts, Deep Strikes, the full range of Tank Cannons, aircraft, shoot on the move, you name it and 4 simultaneous battles on one table with a rolling battle moving up the middle of it with the heavies..

Keep those Valkyries alive to reinforce your teams at the bridges....

If I was vain I would list stuff to make me sound good here. I decline. It's just a game after all.

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