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Ok my friend is thinking about selling his tyranid army, and im going around trying to figure out how much it is worth for him, so here it is
40 gaunts (32 fleshborers, 8 spinefist)
33 hormagaunts
6 warriors
1 ravaner
7 rippers (1 modeled with wings)
34 geneseelers
1 tyrant w/ wings, but only has 1 scything talon
1 tyrant with scything talons, lashwhip and bonesword, only primed
1 tyrant guard, only primed,
carnifex w/ scything, crushing claws

eveything is assembled, unless said other wise, all painted with various color schemes. most common is black with red edges on units. flyrant is purple and slightly detailed, and carnifec is blue with black carpace and weapon. 10 genesteelers are pretty good lookin, blue body with black fleck, making a sort of snow camo, and that scheme is on broodlord. 1 genesteeler is older generation, and is painted in a desert theme.probably about 5 genesteeelers are missing limbs.

How much is this worth?

The_Dude, Warseer
My thoughts exactly. The first 4 posts are like the 4 stages of evolution of a rumour thread.

1 - Rumour

2 - Sarcastic rebuttal

3 - Sensible discussion

4 - Wishlisting 
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New York

It's worth whatever you are willing to pay for it. Consider your friend put forward a good deal of time as well as money for those minis. First reference the same list on the GW site, or go to one of the third-party game stores who discount and see what the cost would be if you bought it outright. Then add about $3 per painted model for the work in assemblying, painting and the sort...

By the way, the $3 was an arbitrary figure based on the capability of an individual to assemble, prime, paint and base to a able top quality 4 models an hour.

I know personally I would pay $150 and not think twice about it.

IT is lacking in some ways. There's only 1 fex, no lictors, no zorothropes and not much shooty options. So if you buy it condier also you'll b e spending at least aother$100 just to augment it with another 2 'fex's and the lichtor.

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Nothing personal, 2000... but you don't seem to have a lot of experience in online trades/sales.

Tacooo, the following assessment is presuming that (a) the models are well assembled (b) you can provide pictures that prove it and (c) the paint is acrylic.

First off, in selling online, a safe presumption is to take your FULL retail value of the models and multiply by .8. This will give you 80% of their retail value. Online, that's the standard for NIB miniatures, since there are SO many retailers that sell for this amount.

Your models are all assembled, however. *IF* they're well assembled, you MIGHT get lucky and find someone willing to up their value based on that. It's not likely, though, as most (or MANY, at least) gamers want to choose their own poses and worry about how well you've posed and assembled yours. Unless you take some DAMNED good pictures, you're probably not going to get someone to give you even 80% of retail for assembled. A safe guess is 70% to 75% (at best), at this point.

Then, we get to the paint. How well are they painted? If it's "average" or (God help you) WORSE, you're going to lose another 10 to 25% of their value, which could pull you down as far as 50% of retail. the fact that you say the army is painted in different schemes will only hurt you, if you're trying to sell it as an army and not as individual units.

Selling an army will get you less $ than piecing it out. Selling an army that isn't cohesively painted will get you even less.

Most gamers don't want to buy an army that
-isn't maximized
-is only partially painted,
-is painted in different schemes for different units
-has incomplete models

I think that, as a group, you'll be lucky to get 50% of retail or so. If you divide the army by unit, you might get as much as 60 to 65%.

If you find someone willing to give you 70% retail or more for the lot... JUMP at it.

Just my opinion, based on my trading history over the last 7 or 8 years.


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I agree with MM above, but I think if anything he's being overly optimistic. If you're selling for cash, most people don't pay over 50% of retail for painted job lots like you've got. Maybe more if there are metals (easy to strip) or vehicles (easy to paint over).

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I've always traded at 50% of retail for minis that are assembed and painted. You may get a better price if you strip the paint before selling and do so well, but you may just waste your time doing so. I think 80% of retail is way too high, since there are plenty of online retailers selling NIB product at the same discount.
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