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I am starting an Ork army and re-familiarizing myself with their rules. I noticed they are St 3. I seem to recall them being St 4, but that might be as along ago as 2nd edition.

Am I crazy?

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I'm no old ork player, but orks have furious charge, so they get +1 S and +1 I when assaulting. Thats how they get their Strength up to 4.

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nope, my old freeboota boyz were str 3, and in the last codex my ork boyz were str 3, now they are str 3 unless they get the charge.

There ain't nearly enough Salvage in this thread!


Catyrpelius wrote:War Machine is broken to the point of being balanced.

sourclams wrote:I play Warmahordes. It's simply a better game.

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Right on. Thanks

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Unless you're remembering skarboyz.....
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robertsjf wrote:Unless you're remembering skarboyz.....

This might be it. Skarboyz were an elites choice in the 3rd edition codex that were S4.

Or they were S4 in 2nd edition. I don't know because I wasn't playing that far back.


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lol The original blues brothers was HILARIOUS! I just wanted to say that, because of your avatar.
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